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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

129) Learning to become lucid with signals


To give a little background, I am currently reading a book about lucid dreaming that, despite my familiarly with doing so, teaches me more about how to ‘become aware’ while dreaming. The author talks about ‘dream signs’, which I call ‘signals’, and in reviewing my account below, realize that there were many, many signals that I did not pick up on. This makes it more likely, IMO, that should certain repeated signals occur anytime again, I should hopefully transition my awareness to the fact that I am within a dream and can take control!

My first recollection as I lie on the couch, thinking I was still awake, was of my dog Buddy (who has recently passed over to the other side) coming up to me as I lie there, nudging my face and licking me excitedly!! I was thrilled to see him again, and thought nothing of the fact that despite petting him, feeling him, and hearing him, I could not see him!

In hindsight as I write this, I cannot clearly recall any type of visual image of him, but am absolutely certain he was with me! It is amazing to think that your consciousness can ‘register’ this as an ‘otherwordly visit’ as I knew it was, yet not realize I was just as ‘otherwordly’ ( as in OOB!) so that I could know he was there! It was processed as a ‘normal’ event to have him here, and I got up to play with him in my living room.

The room appeared just as it does now, and I frolicked and played with him, so happy he was here. I had a ball that I rolled to him and he returned it just as easily. During this time, as Buddy faded away, I was standing in the living room wondering what time it was. I looked at the clock on the TV, and realized it was not working (possible signal). Another clock nearby said it was 7am and I knew it couldn’t be that late!(possible signal)

I heard my husband call down from upstairs asking me to bring up the camera (as I assumed at the time the new kitten we recently got was doing something cute). I was a bit frustrated to think that my time to sleep was over and I was not going to get OOB tonight. There was someone else with me in the room, a younger person, yet I didn’t think this was unusual at all! (possible signal)

At this point, I look around the living room, and start to wonder maybe this COULD be a dream! There was nothing specific that caused me to realize this, but once I did, something told me that there just might be more to this situation than I’m realizing!

I take a good hard look around the room, and I take notice how ‘real’ everything looks. It’s perfectly in order, and I have a strong sense of ‘reality’ and that things are just as they should be. However, SOMEthing is causing me to question my ‘reality’, and therefore, once that happens, I know that I have to take a chance that I am dreaming!

I move quickly to the side door, knowing full well that if I should happen to be in ‘real life’ reality, I will just hit the door with a thud. But, for some reason, I knew there was a chance I could be actually OOB so I continued without much thought of consequences. (Key point – you can’t analyze any situation, you just have to go and do if there is ANY question of your ‘reality’ state – because you know if you are in ‘real life’ reality, there is NO question of it!)

Since I wasn’t completely sure of my status until I passed easily through the side door, I was AMAZED to find myself now KNOWING that I WAS OOB! My full awareness of my freedom made me so happy, and I flew up to the tree tops, gliding and swooping in my usual playful manner.

I remember saying over and over, ‘its so nice to not be afraid! I’m not afraid of anything!’ and doing all sorts of handstands and flips, with my feet over my head and then finding children gathered around me joining in the fun! At one point, I did recall that I questioned what was it that I wanted to do when I got out? But I was SO happy enjoying the freedom that I didn’t pursue it further.

I moved to an area where there was a sharp drop off over a hill, and just kept flying over it, diving down the side of the hill knowing I could not be hurt and there was no reason to fear anything! As I came up, I saw other people nearby, but saw they were all yelling and running away from something.

Without fear, I went to investigate, and saw that a wild boar was running along side of a building, heading for a huge central lake where everyone was gathered. As the people ran away, I aimed directly for the boar as he jumped in, again knowing there was no fear of injury.

I gathered it in my arms, pat it softly and gently calmed the animal down. Others now came up to me and surrounded us, and as I watched, the wild boar turned into a type of ‘cast iron piggybank’!! I recall saying, ‘good, now they can keep this safely in their room’ as it was no longer a threat to them.

It was at that point I woke and recorded as much information as I could remember. In reviewing this account, there were many times I should have picked up on a ‘dream sign’ or signal, yet I know with continued practice, I shall be able to become more lucid more often and turn more of my ‘dreams’ into a full OOBs.

ADDENDUM: I am sharing the title of the book I am reading here, as I find out it's practically considered the 'bible' of lucid dreaming!! If you haven't read it, you must! It offers great insight and techniques on becoming lucid within a dream, from which you can then take over and take control!! The book is "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming" by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold.

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Tom Dewell said...

Your flying over the hill drop-off reminds me of the last dream which more or less ended somewhat fearful "fallng" dreams. I had been practicing getting to the lucid state and in this dream I walked towards the edge of a cliff, but the land was flat. However, when I got quite a bit closer, the land sloped off sharply and suddenly I realized I was going to fall.
I was aware that i was dreaming so I knew I could control this. I simply starting repeating "Fall softly; fall softly." And the fall turned into a slow gentle float down to the bottom of the cliff.
And that experience seems to have closed off that portion of me that was afraid of falling.