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Saturday, January 31, 2009

96) 'Death' Transition and Full Power OBE

1.30.09 5:15 am

(NOTES: Woke 4am initially, reluctantly used the bathroom even though I was so tired --I did because I had a dream that told me I had to get up!!-- and then went back to bed. I fully awakened at 5:15am after this entire experience)

I ‘awoke’ from sleep, watching a small airplane move past my window followed by a much larger passenger jet that was very low to the ground! I was concerned because I ‘felt’ something was wrong and watched in horror as this large passenger jet made a sharp turn and began a nose-dive to the ground!

I became even MORE concerned when I realized how close this airliner was going to crash, almost in my front yard! Now it is interesting what I did next – I was lying in bed, thinking it is early morning nearly time to get up for work, next to my husband, watching this plane nose-dive in a most certain crash in my front yard….I immediately ‘resigned’ myself, calmly and quietly, to my impending death in the assumed fireball explosion, (knowing there was no where to run), and quickly reached over to my husband to give a hug before I passed over. There was absolutely NO fear!

As the ‘crash’ occurred, there was blackness, a sense of overwhelming ‘energy movement’ and some dull roaring (perhaps was the separation noise) that kept me aware of what was occurring. I am actually thinking that I am ‘passing over’ and am thankful that it is quick and painless! I somehow knew it wouldn’t hurt, as it would only be a ‘transition’. I lay there quietly and waited, knowing I would soon find myself ‘on the other side’ in spirit.

My next ‘lucid’ thoughts were that I am once again lying in bed, same position, and ‘awake’ to realize that it was all a very lucid dream, and one that I feel I should record as not many people get to ‘feel’ what it is like to ‘pass over’!! lol

I reach for my recorder at the bedside, and again, I find it in pieces! I felt clumsy, with coins dropping on the floor (I remember one being the US Mercury dime) and magazines falling off the bedside stand.

Now you may remember that this has been a learned ‘signal’ for the fact I am out of body, however, I take no heed at this time, primarily because this ‘wakefulness’ is SO physical in its sensations, even more so than I ever remember! I desperately try to put it back together and I do succeed in recording what I recall of the airplane crash (In hindsight, nothing was really recorded!)

I now get up, as I know it’s time for work, even picking up the magazine on the floor to place it back on the dresser as I noticed an article I wanted to read in it, and headed for my bathroom. Again, no thoughts of it being anything more than my usual work day routine.

This is where I am astonished to look into the mirror and see that my appearance is that of one I had just over a year ago when my hair was a bit longer and it was pulled back in a most disheveled appearance! This startled me enough to realize, ‘hey wait, I can’t have long hair now – so I must be out of body!!!’

In order to confirm this I try to put my hand through the walls and am SO shocked to see that I can! I feel the texture changes and turn to leave the bathroom because I’m not staying here! :) I see the skylight above me (one that is not in this room, but another room of the house) and zoom up to leave!

I can still remember how it felt to pass through the skylight, having my head emerge into the cooler outside air and am so excited to think this is a NEW way of experiencing this travel! I think of my mother who lives next door and plan on visiting, but as soon as I am mostly out of the house, I feel the pullback signal and soft transitioning of a return.

Confusion reigns for a few moments upon true awakening, because I still recall the plane crash ‘dream’ and the previous attempt at getting up for work! I realize this was a ‘solid’ out of body experience into the physical, as I was ‘solidly’ convinced I was doing nothing more than my usual ‘physical’ routine! :)

I really wish I could explain the difference here between this OBE and my others. I know the previous OBEs were also ‘real’ in some sense, but they pale in comparison with how ‘real’ and intense I felt with this one. Phenomenal was the word I used to describe it upon recording.

My own attempt at explaining this change is to think that my beginning OBEs were in a ‘less full’ version of myself, as I had to learn the process and ability to move about and think within this realm. With the last two experiences (one I did not post yet) there is definitely a higher degree of ‘physical-ness’ or fullness that I am experiencing.

I initially thought my OBEs were different in feeling and appearance only due to the differing levels of astral realms that I enter into, but now I’m thinking it is only an additional explanation of the astral body experience. There are many levels of ‘wholeness’ you can be in as well.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Also, in hindsight, I see the fact that I dreamt I ‘had’ to get up at 4am prior to this experience to go into the bathroom may have been ‘planned’ as well – that gave me a ‘comparison’ visit to the bathroom that allowed me to see that the next one was to be questioned!! lol

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