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Friday, February 13, 2009

96a) Plane Crash Update!

I thought I should put a post here after hearing of the horrible plane crash in my home state of New York near Buffalo (about a 6 hour drive from my house) - In reading the news releases I am astounded at the similarity of this crash and my description from 2/1/09:

I ‘awoke’ from sleep, watching a small airplane move past my window followed by a much larger passenger jet that was very low to the ground! I was concerned because I ‘felt’ something was wrong and watched in horror as this large passenger jet made a sharp turn and began a nose-dive to the ground!

I became even MORE concerned when I realized how close this airliner was going to crash, almost
in my front yard! Now it is interesting what I did next – I was lying in bed, thinking it is early morning nearly time to get up for work, next to my husband, watching this plane nose-dive in a most certain crash in my front yard….I immediately ‘resigned’ myself, calmly and quietly, to my impending death in the assumed fireball explosion, (knowing there was no where to run), and quickly reached over to my husband to give a hug before I passed over.

The similarity of the 'nose-dive' by eyewitnesses, into only my front yard (damage was not widespread), and even one survivor's name being Karen (wife) is just too eerie! And it happened in my home state of New York! (Not to mention the fact that her last name is very familiar sounding to me for some reason!!!)

But I do want to allay any fears for those who remember reading my post to let them know it was not me!

I have been extremely busy and caught up with life lately, yet still have been having OBEs and learning experiences that are showing me that I am being 'worked on' in some way "to make the outer like the inner".... One experience in particular I may share should nothing more interesting show up soon!!

Thanks to those who send emails of concern...I am fine, just very busy!

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