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Monday, January 5, 2009

90) Rooms of People; Inside a Child; Why Inward Better


My first recollection is that I could clearly see numbers/letters on a piece of paper while lying on the couch. There were two sets four (61dl r???) and because it felt like ‘astral vision’ it made me aware of being in altered state. I can see I have a piece of paper in my hand and am writing these numbers down (as I used to do before my recorder!) when someone in the house (my husband?) came to me to see what I was writing because they knew I traveled from here and wanted to know what I was up to.

This person then walked to the kitchen and I became aware of my ‘exit signal’- my right leg rising up! I remember thinking (since I wasn’t sure this wasn’t all “real”), that I’d wait for it to rise up high enough that I knew I couldn’t possibly do that in real life!! lol Sure enough, it went clear over my head, and after a few seconds hesitation (because I thought someone was nearby), I just said, ‘heck with them, I’m outta here!’

I rolled out off couch, stood next to fireplace, and remember looking to see if I could tell who it was in the kitchen.

Not wanting to dwell on that issue, I quickly remembered I had set the intention to go see the rings on Saturn as a goal if OOB. With this thought, I immediately zoomed straight up through ceiling to blackness. I could feel the moving sensations, a slight shaking and intensity of feelings (energy sensations?) as I continued on for a very long time!

It was long enough to think ‘let’s try something!’, so I put my arms out in Superman pose, then to the sides, then thought, ‘I’ll be different this time and lie on my back as I move!’ Still feeling this movement through blackness, I thought I’d try rolling over to put my feet first, which I did!

This shows how long I ‘felt’ to be in this moving blackness, and even had the time to think, ‘well if I wanted it to be a shorter trip, all I have to do is expect to be there!’

At that point, I slowed as I see I’m moving through various rooms below me. It was dark in the rooms, as if a movie theatre, as there were small ‘lights’ lining the room near the ceiling where I was. All these people were below me in the room, and upon reaching the front, still up high, I very clearly see two (three?) women come up from below, exuberantly saying “Hi! Hello! Welcome! SO nice to meet you!”

They were SO happy to see me, and I then realized the entire crowd below me was saying “hello and welcome!” I was a bit taken aback with the clarity of their features and their overwhelming need to get my attention. (I did not feel these were ‘higher entities’ but others who existed in this “belief system” below.)

I moved onto another room without further interaction and saw this room had chairs lined up as if in a classroom. It was no longer dark, and there were men scattered about seated in these chairs. I felt as though it was a ‘math/numbers’ type lecture they were having, however upon my arrival, their interest turned to me. I was caught up in their curiosity and found myself down at their level, being pushed and pulled uncomfortably. I immediately said “that’s enough!”, and found myself into another dark room.

This one was a theatre, as I could see they were watching a movie screen. I asked one what was playing, and he answered something to the effect, “10000 Leagues Under the Sea(?)” but he explained it was all about how the afterlife works. He told me that everything is really SO much simpler than how it is portrayed in our movies – that we add so much gore and emotion to it.

I started fading back at this point and used my key word associations to recall these details as best I could. I still feel more information was given to me, however, it was in ‘feelings’ and very difficult to put into words.

The next sequence of events starts with a dream type experience where I was once again in college and concerned about the loss of my Math notebook and therefore my Math class, scheduled for 4th period. I distinctly recall I had no difficulty with the first 3 classes, and now that it was time for Math, I had no idea where my notebook was nor where the class was to be held! I then realized that may have been because I had ‘dropped’ this class due to not getting the grades that I felt were adequate enough, so therefore there was no 4th period to go to!

At this point, I remember I’m on a couch, but it appeared to be in someone else’s house! There were two women there, one left the room to change (?), but the other I remember standing nearby in this ridiculous exercise outfit with such hairy legs!! LOL That was enough for me to realize that I’m once again in an altered state, and realize my own legs are rising again!

This time, before I could roll out, I find this small ‘energy ball entity’ moving about all over my body, as if annoyingly playful. This ‘ball’ is telling me things like, ‘you really shouldn’t be traveling all about’ , ‘it’s not safe’, and ‘you really don’t need to be traveling’…(the feeling associated with it was as if it was a bit of a nuisance, but in a playful way).

I politely responded with “yes, but I like to travel, that’s how I learn! It teaches me things!” It continued to playfully annoy me for a bit longer, and when I had enough I just said, ‘that’s ok’ and intentionally sent it love…and saw that it completely disappeared!

Now I’m trying to get my leg to rise again, but the astral vision kicks in again. I clearly see someone’s bedroom – a bed with a flat thin medium brown solid headboard, quilt-like bedcovering with curved images on it (patchwork type circles?) and a dresser next to it. The bed was empty, and no one was around and I fade to wakefulness.

The last recall I have is that I am on a small bus (school?) on a country lane, and looking out the back window, can see two cows running after the bus! (I have to say here that there was a lot more going on that I was not able to recall).

I knew I was ‘out’ and having set the intention of using ‘Inward Now!’ (since my travel to Saturn didn’t work out!), I picked my feet up and attempted to spin. I spun in place, and as I did, I could hear voices talking (the words were fuzzy as if on a loudspeaker) but am not able to remember what they said! I do recall that the spinning continued until I actually felt queasy!

When the spinning stopped, I’m back on this bus with children, and see three young boys (ages 12-14?) in the seat in front of me turning back to talk to me. There is a girl sitting to the left of me. Now I feel as though I am ‘inside’ the body of a child in this bus, and can feel very concerned that I may say or do the wrong thing. I just stayed very still, not moving, and I could see that they were looking at me, watching something that I had with me. They were talking to me, but I felt I could not interact because I was ‘not really that person’. I recorded the fact that I thought they used the word ‘terrorist’(?).

Next recall is that I am trying to get something recorded, and had difficulty with my vision while I was fumbling for the buttons. (At the time I thought it could have been due to the fact that I was in ‘both worlds’ and trying to physically move while maintaining the altered mindstate.)

I don’t know what I was talking about on the recording, but I understood it at the time. Now, I hear the alarm clock going off in my son’s room, and realize that I was NOT recording and was going to lose everything! I attempted to stay in that mind frame to pull out any details, but since I was awakened so quickly with the alarm, I actually felt uncomfortable being both ‘in and out’. Once again, SO much was lost upon full awakening.

The one thing I find with my experiences lately is this ability to stay both ‘in and out’, or at least the feeling that I am still ‘out there’ yet able to physically know I am here. It’s a bit uncomfortable at times, and it causes much confusion as to what is ‘real’!

Also, I wanted to explain an insight that I seemed to intuitively understand a bit better, but am not sure I can put into words. When I wanted to go to Saturn, that was fine, but it was more for the physical world learning than for my ‘self’.

When I attempt to go ‘inward’, I now know that it will be far better for my own learning as I would be traveling within my own ‘planes/levels’ and more toward the ‘true’ aspects of reality. It just seems more ‘correct’ now for me to stop attempting to go places that only satisfy my ‘physical reality’ senses, and seek the inward levels of existence that is a part of ‘me’, which is also a part of ‘true’ reality.

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