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Thursday, January 10, 2008

41) Learning - Near Physical OBE - My Technique

I thought I'd share another experience I had a few nights ago, as well as how it appeared to involve a need to share my technique. So, with many apologies once again for its length, I'm posting it in hopes someone can be helped.

01/09/08 4:10am

The first 'small dream' was nothing more than a scene - where I was with this man sitting at a table, in a place of learning.

No awareness of any other surroundings other than we were both working diligently on our own projects and drawing or doodling various schematics that represented what we were trying to learn. It was a "technographic" type writing – doodling with written symbols that we used to express our `work'.

My drawings had something to do with 'people', 'health', and personal interactions (along a nursing theme) and he was the 'techy-type' with some fancy deep scientific thoughts/drawings on the use of wind and its power, or something like that.

As we sit there, a male teacher comes over and joins us at the table. I know I AM impressed and honored to have him sit with us (I don't get how the other male feels about it) but get the feeling that this `honor' may have been because we are two of the `brightest' students in the class. The teacher proceeds to show us 'new drawings and ideas' of doing whatever we are both working on. The two words I hear are 'aeronautical engineering' as a description of what we are both working on now...

I awoke slightly, recorded this dream despite feeling it wasn't that important, and went back to sleep…or so I thought!

I remember hearing `sounds' at one point, like movement in the house that brought me to a `lighter' state of awareness. (This may have been the beginning of a `false awakening' but now I know to just use those sounds as a means of getting my attention focused.)

I believe this was an important point I need to impress, as many people may not be `light' enough in their awareness levels to bring that small piece of consciousness you need to have in your `dreams' to help you remember the events.

I became aware of the `rolling' feeling, a sort of like a warm, wavy sensation that indicates I'm getting ready to separate. However, this time I was not able to just roll out! For some reason, I had this trapeze bar appear in my hands, and I pulled it backward as if to get a good running start, then jumped or ran forward very quickly using the trapeze bar as a means of propelling me forward and upward – I could feel that `stomach sway' feeling as I swung forward and knew that `sensation' was a key aspect of getting OOB.

However, I found myself `sitting up' and only partially out and not sure what to do next. So, since the trapeze bar appeared in my hands again, I used it to pull backward, run quickly forward, and once again, found myself mostly out of my body, but still not separated. It was at this point I realized that I had to ROLL over and off the couch to fully separate, which I did!

Now, I am fully aware I am in the `near-physical' again (someplace I rarely get to stay!), and I feel such a `heavy' strong pull back toward my body on the couch. I'm fighting this `pull' with all my effort, saying to myself, I'm NOT going back!

It's dark (as usual) but I remember straining my eyes to open and barely seeing the outdoors through a window. So I use my affirmations, `to the outdoors, to the outdoors!!', whereupon I felt the usual, but only a VERY short, `black tunnel type falling' feeling, and found myself facing the door/wall at the end of my house.

(This is interesting for a few reasons – I have not felt such a strong pull as this as I remember fighting with all my effort NOT to go back. The affirmation I usually use is `to the door!', but this time I used `outdoors' which is interesting, yet unusual for me. Also, it was the same `black tunnel falling' feeling, but only for a very short time this time.)

Now, I'm by the door and it appears to be not quite the same building as my current home, but yet is familiar as if it IS my home. As I stand there, it feels SO REAL, yet I am ALSO aware of my OB state. So I place my hand on the door, knowing it will go through it, which it does. I take note of the change in texture again, and enjoy the fact that this is something so unique to do! I then proceed to push my head and rest of body out, only to look up and feel rain `tingling' on my face! I know it's raining here in my OB state as it is impressed upon me to remember that.

The rest of the experience is really not very interesting, in that I remember `walking' along the side of the house outside, to the roof, then taking off above the trees and just looking down at the area. I don't recall it as being THIS particular area IP, but it was a familiar place.

I do recall seeing other `people' flying around (a man, a woman, a child) doing what I was doing, but I didn't interact with them as I `knew' they were really `asleep' and unaware. This experience felt so `different' than many of my other OOBE's in that there was such a REAL feeling associated with it. I can only assume it is because I was staying closer in the `near-physical' realm.

Originally upon waking in the AM, I was listening to the wind outside and felt a little disappointed to see it wasn't raining, as I know I felt it OOB. However, upon getting up, I saw that it HAD rained overnight and the puddles outside were all I needed for validation.

More importantly, though, I feel that this experience was designed more for my own evaluation of my OOB technique, especially for staying in the near-physical. Perhaps this is because of my desire to `connect' with my friend, and I need to be able to help him learn something new from my experiences. I feel it is necessary now to share my technique here as well.

Certain aspects of getting OOB were impressed upon me, and I'd like to review what I feel are key points to a successful OOBE for me. For some reason, the thought that some people go `too deep' was impressed, as I mentioned, as it is necessary to bring that small piece of `waking consciousness' into the experience. It is ok to go deep to get fully relaxed initially, but you do need to bring up the level of awareness in your mind to the point of conscious recall.

When you feel a `heavy blanket' effect on your body after full relaxation, that is the time to start with your focus and affirmations. Perhaps it would be beneficial to get the `lucid dream timer' from Saltcube ( and set it for 10-20 minutes or so, whatever you feel you need to get your body relaxed completely.

At that point, the soft `ding' will bring up your awareness to the level of conscious recall. It shouldn't wake you completely, but just give you that lighter awareness and recall of what you are `intending' to do. You need to be in that `oh I hear it, but I'm too relaxed to do anything about it' state of mind. (I am assuming this is what my `false awakening' experiences are for)

At that point, you start with the affirmations `Now I am out of body!' or `vibrations now!', and always repeated (in your mind) with emotional emphasis to impress it upon your subconscious.

Now the key will be to keep that `piece of awareness' as you relax back into your deeper state, all the while repeating the affirmations over and over. If you have a particular `intent', such as finding someone or working on a specific area, you add that affirmation as well.

At some point, you may notice that you are getting a warm, fuzzy, or `wavy' feeling or just a sense of movement like you are on a moving surface. That will be a signal that you should try to roll over, or pull up, or whatever you need to do to separate.

The use of some sort of `swaying' sensation, such as the trapeze, freefalling, flying, or whatever is all you need now to start the separation process. If you should feel a 'floating' sensation, whether whole body or even a single extremity, then roll! 'Rolling out' almost always works the best for me.

This `falling' or `moving' sensation will almost always send you to the separation stage. I remember one time I found myself in a plane, and just decided to `skydive' and that freefalling feeling turned into the `black tunnel' and finding myself OOB flying!

Once you feel yourself separate fully, you may find yourself feeling very heavy, and dark….but just know that you have to focus intently and repeat to yourself, `to the door' or `to the window' to move away from the physical body. There is such a strong `magnetic' type attraction that if you don't fight against it, you will find yourself back in the body very quickly.

As with many OOBE's, there is a sense of `knowing' you are out, yet the thinking processes you are used to are different. You become unsure of what to do next, so by setting an `intent' prior to the induction will assist in giving you more `conscious control' when OOB.

If all else fails, and you feel you are just wandering around without aim, you can affirm `Inward Now!' or `To my higher self' which may start a spinning or tunnel sensation as you move into your inner worlds.

Here it is common to find events that deal with your developing sense of `self' and issues or beliefs that you may need to work on for continued progress. Working on the higher self is always a rewarding experience, as this is what we are all here in physical body to learn more about!

One other mention I might add is the fact that I almost always experience these 'outings' from a particular location in my house. You may have noticed up that I mention 'rolling' out off the couch many times in my experiences. In the beginning, when I was just beginning to learn, I would spontaneously find myself OOB next to my bed in the middle of the night. But it's been a long time since I've had anything but short little 'dreams' from the bedroom area.

That is probably because as I progressed, I found it necessary to make myself show 'true intent' and get up out of bed (at 2-4am!) and NOT go back to that 'warm and cozy sleep' I would find there. I show the 'intention' of working/traveling by going downstairs to the fairly comfortable couch, to work on my experiences.

I feel at this point, and it may be true for others as well, that the thoughts associated with your 'bed' is for getting that 'deep sleep' that your body needs for rest, and can be associated in your mind as someplace where you can only do that.

Of course, all of this is just my experience, but in the event someone feels it `rings true' for them as well, perhaps these suggestions will help!


Anonymous said...

Great info! I'm in need of a little help. I know I'm very close but don't know exactly what I'm doing. I felt as if I had astral arms waving about but didn't know how to get the rest of me out! I know I will succeed. It's just a matter of time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey,even I am very found of this technique.I am gonna read all the blogs you write.Make sure,please,that you wite them always.What is your e-mail id please ??

Pablo said...

Wow this seems pretty nice thank you ^^