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Thursday, January 24, 2008

42) Busy OOBE Night..False Awkening, Music, Negativity, Seeing Earth, Little People


Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been ‘grounded’ with regard to my OOB experiences. I can’t really place a reason for this feeling, but sometimes you just know that other things are being ‘worked on’ and I have to trust that all is progressing according to plan.

However, last night I had quite a few different experiences, ranging from false awakenings, to ‘hands on’ sensations , to astral ‘fighting’(!) and flying through space, to an unusual meeting with unfamiliar individuals.

My feeling regarding these experiences is that I am being shown different ‘scenarios’ that will test my abilities to respond appropriately. In reviewing my responses while OOB, I now have the definite feeling that I do need a lot more work! lol

The night began with a series of false awakenings, all incorporating ‘real’ aspects of physical life that caused me to really have to concentrate to stay ‘in the altered mental state’ to prevent waking. A few times I heard my husband come down the stairs, talking quite candidly asking why I was on the couch, “couldn’t I sleep?” and such dialogue. I could hear his fire pager going off, and lots of noises such as radio, conversations, and other distracting sounds that really had me wondering if it was all really happening or not!

Each time I just decided I was going to just ‘fake sleep’ and continue on hoping it was a false awakening, which of course it was! I could feel the vibrations in between each false awakening episode (had to have been three or so episodes!), which also told me that I made the right decision to ‘carry on’ with my focus.

At one point when I felt the vibrations and subsequent ‘settling in/sinking’ feeling, I knew I could just roll out and off the couch. I fell with a thud (OOB) to the floor, and was astonished at how heavy I felt! I could barely move, yet I knew I this was normal and I just had to move away from the body. So again, I said, “to the door!” as this time, for a change, I could clearly see the door and windows!

Unfortunately, with the affirmation, I did move slightly toward the door, but stopped and then quickly found myself back in body on the couch in full vibrations.

Now, I knew I was lying on couch, but now I’m hearing this wonderful music and singing! It was beautiful voices singing and I remember thinking that since my recorder was turned on at this time, I fervently hoped it would pick up on the music and record it. I knew this would give me verification that I was really hearing this! But, at the same time, I also knew that if it was truly astral, that there would probably be nothing on the recorder. (In actuality, I did not have the recorder on at this time)

Now, at some point, I become aware of ‘hands’ being placed on me – and not exactly where I’m used to having hands show up! There has been ‘laying of the hands’ on me before, but always in an ‘energy moving’ sort of way. This time, however, I’m rather uncomfortable as both hands sit squarely on my breasts, without moving! Again, knowing it’s just ‘astral’, I just ‘let it go’ and know it’s nothing to worry about, which it dissipates and become aware someone is standing next to me! (Maybe this was just to get my attention…which it did! Lol)

I see a young lady, and I associate her with someone I know that I am not on really friendly terms with. I immediately feel her ‘anger’ or frustration and she starts taking it out on me! I feel this strong ‘punch’ to my stomach (solar plexus) that doesn’t hurt, but I can certainly feel it!

She’s arguing about something, but I am not able to recall what about! I feel my face being squeezed, and I know I even ‘kick’ the end of the couch. It’s so strange to actually ‘feel’ these sensations while knowing I’m not really physical!

I never get up off the couch, but I’m attempting to ‘physically fight’ this negative, argumentative young lady! All the time I can hear her talk to me, but I can’t figure out what her problem is! I do remember saying something like, ‘get out or I’ll call the police’, and she taunts me back saying, ‘yeah, like that is really going to do anything!’ (In hindsight, I think this was a learning experience how NOT to handle negativity! lol)

After recording that experience, I tried to re-induce my altered state, and quickly found myself OOB and traveling at lightning speed backward through the starry blackness that I usually travel in, being very much aware that ‘finally! I’m going someplace!’ It was so fast and so long that I had the time to think,’ hey, maybe I should try to turn around and face forward!’ So I did!

Now I’m zooming forward into the starry blackness, thinking,’ this is so much fun!’ and I stretch out my hands in front of me. Amazingly, I can see them! Soft, wispy white energy forms stretched out in front…so cool! (I rarely get to see any part of myself while OOB)

So, now I’m certain I can go anywhere I want, so I remember thinking ‘to the center of the universe!’ and after a while of zooming, I realize I could stop and turn around to see the earth if I wanted to. The stars slowed down, and stopped, and I found myself in a very quiet blackness. I turned and saw the earth – and was so awed by its beauty! I remember thinking, ‘wow, it’s just like in the pictures, so blue and white, and beautiful!’ I remember traveling around the earth to see it from all sides, it was just so beautiful!

Somehow, I transitioned to another place from this experience and found myself in a large open field, surrounded by trees and beautiful countryside. It was quiet and dark, and I was not sure where I was.

The next thing I know I hear then see these large dogs come running toward me! (big sized dogs, like a greyhound build). I get the feeling that it was a ‘hunt’ or perhaps just the fact that I was being ‘discovered’! I was a bit unnerved at first with their appearance, but knew also I was ‘out’ so I was ok and didn’t have to hide. For some reason, I figured they wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ me, so I was safe!

However, behind the dogs were these ‘little people’, that I associated with children (probably because of their size – I didn’t pick up on any ‘immaturity’ with them, so I don’t think they were actually children). They were very small in size, even smaller than some of the dogs (!), and they carried these very tall ‘spears’ or rods with them (hence the reason I felt it was a ‘hunt’ of some sort).

I also had the impressions of ‘slaves’ and ‘being chased’, but I can’t correlate as to how those impressions fit in with this experience. The small people came right up to me (and another person who was with me) and started talking. I remember I was sitting on a small stone wall of sorts, and trying to ‘make excuses’ for my behavior! I felt I was supposed to have ‘done something’ that I didn’t do, and was making attempts at an apology.

I also remember that whoever I was with (a male) was also giving an ‘excuse’ for our ‘intrusion?’ by making a statement like, ‘well I was knocked out on 10mg of Valium!’ (I personally don’t take use such medication, and he was the one who admitted to using it! lol) Unfortunately again, I cannot recall what we talked about specifically.

The experience ended there, as I woke up and quickly recorded whatever impressions I could remember. This was such a hodgepodge of experiences for one night, that I can’t even begin to discern what it all means, except for the strong feeling that I still have a lot to learn about ‘living’ in the astral!

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