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Sunday, January 6, 2008

40) Mass Retrieval

1.06.08 7:11 am awake

The most important part of the experience is that I feel I lost a lot of detail with this recall!

I was driving on a highway and turned off the main road for a reason, but I can’t remember why! I felt there was something I had to do, or perhaps there was a detour in the road. I wasn’t at all concerned because I knew I had my GPS to use to find my way back to the main road.

I’m traveling these back roads, into a wooded area and am surprised to see the GPS did not have this road recorded, so it showed me as ‘off road’ but that I was still going the right direction. I remember I had to stop the car at one point because a ‘cord’ or ‘plug’ fell out of the back of the car and was getting caught in the trees. It wasn’t a big deal; I just unwrapped it from around the trees, and got back on track. It only served to delay me a bit.

Now I’m climbing up to a steep ‘roof-type’ area, carrying a lot of ‘stuff’ and I’m getting rather tired because it’s a lot of work climbing. There is a male along side me that I had to ask for help by giving me a ‘push up’. He helped by pushing up against my butt to get me up to the top area where I found people were milling around.

As he helped me with the push, he said something to the effect that he ‘just wanted to touch my butt anyway!’ I had an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling about him, but not one of any danger or much closeness. I just laughed it off and went on. I later recalled that I may have met this male while I was in the ‘off road’ area earlier.

Up top, I see lots of people, and somehow I knew they were all ‘stuck there’ and didn’t know how to get off. I knew that they were stuck there because of their ‘beliefs’ and I was going to have to show them how to ‘get out’.

So, I say to them all, “Guys, look! You are the same as me! If I can get out, you all can get out! You can see me, because I am one of you! Yet if you look into that mirror (pointing to this entire wall-sized mirror in one area) you will not be able to see your reflection! You can see the ‘other’ people and what’s going on, but you are not “there” with them, therefore you can get out of here!” (I felt perhaps they were looking into an ‘earthly life’ happening now.)

I can’t remember all the specifics here, but I told them if they wanted to leave to follow me. I lead them to a wall area that somehow changed into a doorway as we neared it. Going through the door, I found myself in a hallway, looking back to see some of the others slowly straggling through that same door, curiously following me.

I walked down the hallway toward the end where I could see ‘light’ and initially saw it as a curved glass wall, which distorted the view into the ‘light’ outdoors. I kept going, despite the fact that I didn’t see any way of exiting.

I was planning on just ‘walking’ through the glass wall, as I must have been aware of my OOB state. As I got closer to it, though, a door appeared off to the left side of it, and everyone was comfortable walking through that door.

Now, I am not sure what happened next, but Susan was there telling Ann to change her shirt, that she was not ‘appropriately’ dressed for the ceremony. (These are two real life friends I have associations with at work) We are all waiting for a ‘presentation’ or ceremony I was anxious to see.

I knew somehow I had missed the first showing/ceremony of honoring a terrible event that happened years ago. It was a type of ceremony that people would dress up for and come to in honor of this event. This was to be the second showing, because I knew I had missed the first one due to what was going on with my ‘work’.

Somehow I also knew this event was happening too late for me to stay, and I felt disappointed to know I was going to miss this second ceremony as well.

Again, there was MUCH more ‘events’ that occurred, but alas! I have not recall.

I DO remember one piece of a dream that it was important for me to get a message to “Linda Hodgson/Hudson/Hedgeson” or something like that! But what the message was, I have no idea!

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