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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

38) Astral Meeting!

1/01/08 6:51am awakened

I heard my on call beeper go off at 1:10am on 01/01 – remember looking at the time, hazily thinking this is something symbolic, as the time changes from 1:10 to 1:11am on 01/01….but then woke up enough to realize, “hey, I’m really on call and I have to report in to work!”

Thankfully, or maybe it was really set up to happen this way by the Universe, I did not have to go into work, having been told it was a ‘false alarm’. (It is interesting to note that when the pager went off, I was soundly asleep, yet I also ‘knew’ this was going to be just a ‘false alarm’. Imagine my surprise when the operator told me it really WAS a false alarm! I feel somehow it may be that I needed to have my experiences later in the morning this particular day)

I had some difficulty falling back to sleep, and I remember my feelings of frustration at not being able to ‘get out’ by my usual time (3-4am). I saw that it was now 6am and I’m awake without any experiences, but still felt I should keep trying.

This time now, I became aware of sounds indicating people were getting up in the house (or so I thought!). As usual, in the hopes it’s not a ‘true’ awakening, I just lie there waiting to see what happens. I hear my husband come down the stairs, and then nothing…so I wait more, and then I hear my son come in and start playing music and making noise. Again I’m a little annoyed he’d do that with me sleeping here, but I wait, and now my daughter comes right up to the couch where I am, and is trying to rouse me by throwing water on my face!!! Again, I just lie there, hoping this is all not happening!

Now I could feel soft vibrations, a ‘buzzing’ feeling, not really vibrations, yet I felt quite awake. Despite this feeling of wakefulness, I attempted to increase their intensity, willing them to become stronger by affirming ‘vibrations now!’

I remember saying this a few times, as the buzzing sensation would crescendo with the affirmations, but then retreat. I feel as though there is an urgency ‘get going’ with my intent to travel, as it is getting late in the morning, by my usual time frame.

Well, I guess I was right – because the next sensation I remember is my right arm floating up in the air! That is always a signal to me that I’m ‘out’ so I just rolled right off the couch and stood in the room.

As usual, it is dark, and I can’t see a thing. Prying my eyes open, I can barely make out my side door, and say ‘to the door!’ to move away from my body for more control.

It was interesting this time to remember that struggle I had to pry open my eyelids to see, barely peeking out, but enough to see the side door. I feel the ‘sluggishness’ until I reach the door, and then ‘whoosh!’ - I’m out and about! I’m flying freely, zooming all around, and enjoying the rushing of the wind on my face, thinking, ‘boy, it’s been a long time since I just took the time to have this fun!’

Now I suddenly find myself back on the couch, but I still feel the soft vibrations going on. Again I felt my arm float back up, and was surprised, saying, “oh, I’m getting back out again!” and rolled off the couch for a second time.

I’m in my house, was going to take off again, but as I started to go up, I remembered I wanted to look for my friend to see if I could find him. So I floated back down, but the room I came back to was different. It was still very dark, and I don’t think I had full vision enough to describe my surroundings here.

I started walking around and calling out for him by name…then suddenly I saw the outline of a man coming toward me. It was not anything ‘solid’, and with no features that I can recall, but quite obvious a tall, average built male, who moved right ‘into’ my space!

I could feel the emotional intensity as we ‘hugged?’ and he was almost crying with happiness, saying “I can’t believe I found you!” over and over!

As we walked together toward the side door, I remember my arm was around his waist, which was my indication that he was quite tall. He’s trying to tell me so many things all at once I was having a hard time understand all that was coming at me!

I remember him describing what he had to go through to get there, how he had his ‘people’ help him check everything over thoroughly to see where he was having his problems before arriving. He knew that there was some little ‘glitch’ that wasn’t right, and preventing him from ‘connecting’.

He had a lot of things that had to be done before he could get there, things that had to be checked and double checked. He listed all he did, making sure his name on the ‘ticket’ was right, his travel plans were right, ‘this’ was right, ‘that’ was right….almost like a pre-travel checklist that he had to be sure was complete and correct before he could ‘take off’ to get here.

As we walked, I felt his ‘speech’ was hampered by some sort of speech impediment (lisp?), or maybe it was just my inability to understand what he was saying due to his exuberant rush of ‘words’ and thoughts!

I remember telling him to ‘slow down’ because I wasn’t able to understand all that he was trying to tell me!

At the side door, we stopped at edge of doorstep. As he stepped to go out, I hesitated because I was concerned I was barefoot. So I said, “oh, lets just take off somewhere then!”

Just as we got outside the door to take off, a young man (tall, thin, smiling, curly hair – very familiar and friendly feeling) came up to us to tell us something. It registered as something to do with the water softener? in my house. He’s saying, “I checked the water softener and it’s the same horse in there, but it really should be changed to a horse of a different color” I say, “A horse? Well, that’s really cool!” and I can picture a white horse next to me…as I faded back into full consciousness, back on the couch.

I am so thrilled that I didn't give into those 'false awakenings'! If I can tell anyone anything of importance, it is to NOT be so quick to wake up when you 'think' you are already awake! Ignore any odd situations going on, and see what happens! I remember how difficult it was to 'stay in the feeling' when there was water being thrown on my face! lol

Also, I believe this male we met at the end was possibly MY guide, whom I have met before, but have no name. He was familiar and friendly, just as I remember him. His goal, I think, at this point was to stop us from proceeding out together, but for what reason, I am not sure.

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