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Sunday, January 6, 2008

39) OOB Meeting in Bedroom

Last night I had TWO great experiences, of which I will post separately.

This first one, though, was so unbelievable for me, but when I received some actual 'validation' as to its truth, I'm beginning to think it was so! As you have read in this blog, I have been trying to 'connect' with a friend to establish the fact that traveling OOB can be a mutually rewarding experience.

Of course, there can be no 'proof positive' of any astral experience - as the level of perception for any and all participants will play a very strong role in what is experienced and recalled.

Having said goes!

3:20 am 1.06.08

I was waiting on a bench in the lobby of a hotel, where I noticed a guy in a grey suit standing in the elevator nearby without his suit jacket. I saw the jacket next to me on the bench, and told him I’d just use his jacket as a blanket while I waited here (I knew it was his because I saw it matched the suit pants he was wearing). He was smiling as he stood in the elevator waiting for the doors to close to go up.

There was no one around in this lobby of the hotel…I was there because I thought I was locked out of my hotel room because I couldn’t find my keys (which later at some point in this dream, I realized I had in my pocket all along!)

Next I remember I’m hiding around a corner, hearing two men talk about plans in another language, but I knew it was something about a ‘secret society’ – it had a Revolutionary War type feeling with a man who reminded me of a Ben Franklin-type was talking.

This man walked over close to where I was hiding, still talking to his friend (another male). I became concerned he’d find me, and just then he reaches his hand in and around the corner where I was hiding! It’s a dark small alcove, and he puts his hand on my face, without bothering to even look at me, and says ‘such a pretty face, such a pretty face!’…I knew I had been ‘discovered’…

I am not sure how I transtioned, but I then realized I was standing up, knowing I was out of body in a room, and I could see a door to the outdoors. (Yes, for a change, I could see upon exiting!) I did my ‘to the door!’ and then took off flying, remembering to say I have to find my friend!

I found myself immediately in a familiar dark, tunnel like area, zooming fast, but going backward! At one point, I remember feeling that drop down, stomach flipping, ‘roller coaster’ type sensation (that I love!) and ‘feeling’ the meaning of that sensation as being told, "we know you like that, so we are giving you what you want."

Now I find myself standing in a strange bedroom, and it’s dark. There is a man and woman sleeping in the bed. He’s on the right, she’s on the left as you look from the foot of the bed. I’m trying to get him to waken, saying ‘wake up, come on out!’ and shaking him. With my initial ‘touch’, I did cause a startled response from him, but he just became restless and rolled over, not being able to wake up to go with me.

I move to the window along side the bed where I was and look out. It is dark, but I can see some sort water near the house as there is the moonlight is reflecting off it. But it’s different somehow. It’s a flat body of water that is ‘up high’, sort of up a hill or mountain near the house.

(I do not get the feel of a ‘natural’ body of water, or one that is not always there – possibly a collection system of sorts?). I am thinking, ‘gee, why would anyone want to build their house below the level of that water! If it should flood, the house would be inundated with water!”

I then felt like I was ‘intruding’ on some privacy at that time, so I left the room by the door on the other side of the room, where I found myself just outside the house. (It was along the ‘longer’ side of the house -whether it was the back or front I am not sure.)

Here I hesitated, not know what to do, but then heard voices from the ‘shorter’ end of the house and saw a path that lead off to the right to that area. I ran into these men, who gave me a ‘soldier’ like feeling, and they were concerned that they heard a rumor that someone with a ‘tank’ was coming after them. (Now I also remember that I had somehow seen this guy earlier they were concerned about, and yes, I ‘knew’ he WAS going to be coming with a tank!)

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and large parts of some kind of machinery were crashing down on top of all of us! I was not in the least concerned, however, because I ‘knew’ I was safe, being OOB.

It became dark, and now I am talking to this male that wanted to get his ‘defib?’ medal, (felt like he meant it was a medal of valor of some sort). He is a young kid who wanted this medal he ‘earned’ and asked me to find out if it was coming to him.

I now remember I ran into him prior to getting to the first group of soldiers, and he asked me then about the medal, but I had become too involved in the next tank explosion scene to answer him initially. (Or was it that he ‘showed’ me this scene?)

So, at this point, I see someone bringing him a medal, it was a two part medal with a pin on the top and a hanging metal symbol (heart?cross?) and he was getting it pinned on his chest. He was happy to get it, but I also felt a bit sad that he didn’t get his ‘official’ ceremony with it being awarded to him.

Somehow, there also was this young girl there I was talking to, and I was startled to see a young man come up to her quickly, and she gave him a big kiss – I said, ‘whoa, what was THAT all about?’ to her, and she indicated that she was congratulating him because they two of them just became grandparents. (It was felt to me that he was an ex-boyfriend that she had had many years ago) This was odd, because both of them couldn’t have been more than 20-30 years old….

There was all these little ‘snippets’ of stories going on and people I’m running into….yet I know there was SO much more that I can't recall!


These are the validation points I received from my friend I was trying to connect with.

He was able to verify the fact that he does sleep on the right side of the bed (as you look from the bottom). He agrees there is a door on the opposite side of the room, leading to the outdoors.

However, there is no window on the wall by the bed, but a closet with mirrored doors that reflect the outdoors from the window in the door across the room. There is a pond near the house, as seen from that door window. I do not think, however, that what I saw was a 'natural' water source, such as a pond, but hey, I could be mistaken!

However, it could also be the water is very symbolic of the subconscious mind (as I saw it on HIS side of the room), and an interpretation could be that perhaps it is a manifestation of his fears of exploring the metaphysical as he has found himself in 'over his head' once before...or, even perhaps he is not 'in' the water - but the water threatens to inundate... at the same time, perhaps he's too deeply 'under' and needs to 'lighten up' to mediate the threat. I do know I had a very difficult time trying to rouse him from sleep!!

Some last notes, the door to the outdoors is on the 'longer' side of the house and does have a pathway that leads off to the right side of the house, just as I recall.

So, it still leaves much to be desired in terms of 'true' and complete validation, however, the important part is I DO feel I was there! I really don't think with the changing variability found in the astral realm that we will get much more than this, so I think I have to 'tone down' my expectations of finding perfect matches with everything! lol

Oh....and other than being in a 'deep sleep' all night, he had no recollection of any 'visit' type dreams or feelings.He did say something about a dream he had where he bought a brand new top-of-the-line fishing pole (valuable one, still in its original package) at a garage sale he went to though!

I guess I'll have to work on changing my 'wake up' techniques to get his attention away from his 'other-realm' excursions at night!! lol

The ending experiences were probably some sort of 'retrieval' that I entered into after leaving the house. The young male was not leaving until he got his medal (which he did), but I don't know about the young 'grandparent' couple!

The next post will be part two of this night, and that I am sure was a 'mass retrieval'!

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