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Sunday, December 30, 2007

37) Use of Signal Word

I was focusing intently on my visualizations and affirmations, and then became aware of soft vibrations. I then put some emotional energy into the “vibrations now!’ affirmations and they became stronger and stronger until the point where I just very easily sat up and got out! I believe it was possibly the easiest exit I have ever had! No tugging, pulling or heaviness that I usually feel upon exiting!

I said, “to the door!” as usual, to move away and immediately felt the ‘solid’ surface of my front door with my hand! Again I was in darkness, with my usual astral blindness, but knew I was out so I just passed through the door to the stoop.

At that point, my dog Buddy decided to come out as well, (just as he always does now whenever I try to leave the house, in hopes of going for a walk!) I could feel him pressed against my leg, with my arms hugging him around his neck, as I said to him, ‘well, Buddy, then let’s go together!’ and we flew straight up. I remember looking down at the house and countryside, and then realizing that Buddy was becoming fearful the higher I went!

I tell him ‘it’s ok’, and I immediately start floating back down toward the ground, with the intent of letting him go once we were ‘safely’ down. I remember thinking, ‘why is it taking such a long time to get back down?!’ as I see the countryside very slowly coming closer into view.

I knew I couldn’t get all the way down to drop him off – but then he was gone from my arms, and I knew I was out on the ground. I started looking for K, but it was empty countryside here with no one around.

This was the first time I can remember actually ‘calling out’ the name and could ‘hear’ myself shouting! For some reason, I also called out a ‘signal word’ (that I can’t say in case I get confirmation from my friend in the future!) as I felt he may be able to at least recall something that relates to this ‘signal word’.

I came back into the house, like I was checking to see if I was still OOB. I could feel I was back in body, because I had the vibrations, so attempted to climb out once again. This time, it was much harder, with the pulling and tugging sensations returning after exiting.

I knew my daughter’s room was at the end of the hall, so I focused on going there. As I entered the hallway, I was distracted by a room off to my left that appeared. In this room I found my daughter, not as she is today at age 17, but as a grown adult! I felt it was perhaps a patient’s room, and she was the nurse taking care of them!

She accompanied me out of the room, back to the living room area where I started, and I remember talking to her about ‘so, you’ve become a nurse too!’ and feeling the answer as ‘yes, she had to do it this way because of financial need’. So, (as a true parent getting ready to send their child off to college now), I remember thinking, ‘wow, and I sent her off for 4 years of college in another field of study!...and she could have done it sooner had she known what she really wanted to do!’ lol

I was then back outside, but somehow stuck between glass doors that didn’t open! There were two ladies there with me but I don’t know why. For some reason, I was no longer able to go through them, so I’m thinking, “Maybe I’m not fully out?” I know I had a friendly conversation with these women, but about what, I cannot recall!

I tried to pass through the glass doors first with my hand, and then myself, but in order to exit, I actually had to push open the glass doors! Things then felt like they became more ‘solid’ and I believe I entered more into a dream-like experience now.

This was one part of my experience I do recall that there was more going on but I cannot remember any of it!

Now I’m with these two men, one was talking about a contract they signed, and the other person wasn’t going to honor it. I thought we were going to have to do something to get this guy to honor it. The person I want to help (who signed the contract) somehow had their eyes painted shut (?white paint?)

I could see them stuck together and I had to physically pull them apart to get them open, thinking ‘This is terrible! They are just going to have to honor their contract if they have done damage here!’

After opening both eyes, and even seeing a few eyelashes pulled out and stuck in the paint remaining around the eyes, I felt there was no permanent damage, but that it would be a mess to clean up.

So I go to other guy (tall lanky guy) who has a contract in hand (that he wasn’t going to honor) is telling me there wasn’t a ‘check’ so he isn’t going to honor it despite the damage to the other male’s eyes.

I was walking around the kitchen area of my house, trying to block his exit, while trying to read the contract that he held in his hand. I asked my brother-in-law to help me (I didn’t actually see him there, but knew I needed a big guy to help me get that contract out of his hands!)

At the end of the scene, the tall lanky contract-toting male convinced me there was NO check, so I said “Oh, no money?, then go and get out of here, we don’t need to see the contract!”

So, in general, I believe this started as a full-blown easy OOBE, went into a different type of OOB (possibly future oriented), and then slowly transitioned into a lucid dream of sorts!


An interesting point made to me was the fact that my dog again helped me to go to where I needed to go! In a previous experience here on the blog, my dog actally kept me from leaving the house in order to meet up with some individuals.

Here again, my dog was the reason I decided to 'come back down' and that is where I remembered I had set out this task of finding my friend! Interesting point - one I will have to pay attention to should I see my dog wishing to accompany me again!

Also, this 'signal word' I thought of was such an insight that I hadn't even thought about prior! It was just something that came to me as I called out his name - and getting no response, figuring he may be able to 'hear' me at least! Here's hoping for some validation soon!

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