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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

34A) My Induction Method

I thought I'd share here my method for getting prepared for LD/OBEs. Over the course of time, and with my constant quest for new reading/learning, I have been able to improve the process.

As of now, this method seems to be the best for me. Everyone will have their personal preference for relaxation and visualization, but the key is to get into a proper mindset and 'body paralysis' mode.

I am not one who can take the time to 'nap' or meditate during the day, as life always seems to get in the way! What works best for me is the nighttime induction, because we all have to sleep at some point!

I try to get to bed by 10p, which will almost always guarantees a natural wake-up between 2-4am.

For me, the trick at that time is to NOT wake fully, to keep in that 'sleepy' mode, yet make my mind as alert as possible with visualizations and affirmations. Active visualization includes seeing energy (white light) entering the top of my head (on inhale) and exiting my feet (on exhale), and re-circulating back up and re-entering with each breath.

I do this for a few cycles, then reverse the energy flow so that the white light is entering my feet, exiting my head and re-circulating, all while concentrating on my breath in/out.

Once the energy is established, and I start to feel the 'fuzzy' sensations and lack of proprioception (fancy word to mean, "I can't feel my body!!" lol), that's when I start my affirmations.

I think using the affirmations keeps my mind from wandering and helps me to focus on anything EXCEPT my body. Be sure you are not too awake when you start, or you will get quite bored quickly with this!

For affirmations, I repeat the same two phrases over and over - "My mind remains aware as my body falls asleep" and "NOW I am out of body!" It is important to know that they are wordlessly repeated in my head, but WITH emotion and full of intent as if I know it is definitely happening here and now! There can be no 'wimpy' statements of intention!

Almost always before a 'loss of consciousness' into sleep, there will be a falling sensation that is my signal to remain aware and see what happens next.

Sometimes I try to induce the falling sensation with thought of climbing down a ladder, freefalling as in skydiving (although I've never done it!), or even visualizing flight as a bird over a canyon.

Again, I agree, the trick is to not get excited that it's happening, and just go with the flow. That does take practice!

Sometimes, I may lapse into sleep, but then the 'dream conversion OBE' may occur (as I have described here in my blog many times) where I become aware of an anomaly within my dream, and therefore become more aware and in control.

"Surrender to the experience" is a perfect description of any LD/ matter WHAT happens (visual, auditory, tactile, etc)...go with it, wait it out, and see what happens!

(I will be honest, the tactile ones are a bit freaky when you feel hands touching you...but always go with it, as you will find out the reason sooner or later! The auditory ones can be quite soothing - I've had waterfalls, children's voices, and singing at times...)

Also, one particular motion I feel many times as I start getting into the 'fuzzy' all over sensations is a circular movment around both palms...another indicator that I'm 'settling in' and getting ready to go. (I believe someone told me we have minor chakras there, but I'm not well versed in this)

Of course, another VERY important part of this,of course, is to record your experience that follows! I use a small recorder kept at my bedside and record immediately upon becoming awake. Waiting even a few minutes more will cause you to lose so many details!


Anonymous said...

This detailed breakdown of "how to" enter that particular state of mind was most helpful. I haven't read that many books on OBEs, but your description thus far has really given me a better idea of how to focus and what exactly to focus upon! Thanks so much, Karen!

Happy New Year!

John Magnus said...

Excellent breakdown! I recognise a lot of these steps in my own procedure: the circle of energy, the motion/falling, the affirmations, and more. Sometimes I throw in auditory visualisation for variation.

I have read some of your posts and I must say is is amazing how similar your experiences are to my own and those of my friends. Perhaps there is a predictability to the steps the mind goes through when attempting to understand this phenomenon?

Thank you for sharing your experiences!