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Saturday, December 1, 2007

32) New Experience – Not Sure What! (with Commentary)

12/01/07 5:18am awake

Being unable to sleep for several hours, I spent the time doing my usual induction routine, which I think I could share with you here. I always start by visualizing white light entering the top of my head and filling my body. I ask for protection and guidance from anyone who is at or above my level of energy.

I then did my usual energy building visualization with head to toe and feet to head movements. Once I realize I am about to fall asleep, I use the affirmations ‘my mind stays aware as my body falls asleep’ alternating with ‘Now I am out of body!’

The next I remember I am watching the walls of a hallway go past. These walls were red, and I was moving v-e-r-y slowly. It was then I became aware of my OOB state and realized that all I had to do was 'think' of where I want to be and I can be there faster!

(This was really a first - to become aware during an OOBE of remembering from a previous OOBE when I was told I 'do things the slow way' so it reminded me of how to move faster! - see previous post #31)

So I then think, "to the end of the hall", because I really didn't know where I was and what I was going to end up with! I did move very fast to the end of the hall, at which time I felt I was able to just 'take off'.

I began zooming up through floors (it was a high-rise type building with rooms on top of rooms) and remember seeing that all the rooms were the same, no matter how high I went! I felt something was not right, so I said something like wanting to go out, but then I started to move down through the floors to below where I started.

The rooms became more like a 'game room' of sorts, with the feeling of belonging to a younger energy with lots of game activities that could be played for fun in the rooms.

It was then that I experienced an unusual feeling, one of 'popping' through to another scene, but this scene felt so 'real', more so than where I had just come from. (It is tough to describe adequately the clarity and realness of this new environment - it's one I had never felt before)

I became aware of a 'tickly, creepy' type feeling on my right eye, which I then knew to be a butterfly landing. Wondering 'what's this?’ I see an individual in front of me dressed in an outrageous outfit, talking directly to me.

He is wearing a ?clown/jester? type costume, very colorful with one side yellow, one side white and sparkles all over. As he is talking to me, I feel apprehensive but not scared. He tells me I've been given the chance to "spin on the atlas" (apparently because of the butterfly landing on me.)

This entire `scene' I was in was nothing like I have ever experienced before. There was such a `reality' sense upon entering into this environment, but the individual I was interacting with was so `artificial' in the sense it felt so almost cartoon-like in a carnival type atmosphere.

This individuals attire was unusual enough but as he spoke to me, he leaned in to be sure that I noticed that his left eye was not actually an `eye' but a medallion or coin of some sort that glistened and got my attention.

Again, I was not scared, but I was not at all comfortable with his manner and 'artificial' energy. He pulls back, still reminding me I have a chance to "spin on the atlas", but I was not sure what that was or if I even wanted to do it.

He then explains that first I had to climb up these cage-like stairs, to a level where I found him making tea for me. It was a special tea, one that automatically knows exactly how you like it....but it was such a messy procedure that it left you with tea leaves all over the place.

Next, I remember I have these sunglasses with me, brought with me from wherever I just was. This individual says I could take HIS glasses also, which were very thick round ugly type glasses. I really didn't want them but knew they were more valuable.

So I turned to start coming back down the stairs within a cage, but I knew I really only wanted the sunglasses I came with. I met up with someone on my way down who saw I had the other ugly ones, and said to me `oh wow! You got the "adobo" glasses?...that's great!"

Despite their apparent value, I knew I didn't want them so I'm not sure if I gave them to him or just left them there. But I eventually went down with only the sunglasses that I really wanted anyway.

Funny thing, though, I was concerned that I was not going to get through the `airport' security with these sunglasses. I knew I was going to have to be careful in how I got them past security with them.

I remember then 'buckling in' the glasses for safe keeping and taking off.I was confident that even though I gave up the more valuable item, I stuck with the one I really wanted.

The scene then faded and I immediately lost that unusual `reality' feeling and woke in physical.

This experience was so unlike my usual ones that I am asking anyone who reads this to give me their impression as to what they may feel this was. Perhaps it was ‘just a dream’ but I don’t think so with that new yet unusual 'reality' feeling I had with it.


This was a 'first' for me for a few parts of this experience. As I mentioned in the blog, just the fact that I was able to 'recall' an experience from a previous OBE was amazing, however, at the time it just seemed to be a natural occurence.

The altered energy feeling of that 'popping in' scene was also a first, as I've not felt anything quite like that before. The 'popping' feeling was new as well as the whole environment feeling so 'real'...I just have a hard time explaining the different sensations I felt.

In discussing this experience with others, a few symbolic meanings were mentioned that I thought I'd share with you. First of all, the butterfly....thanks to Holly of Flight_Plan, "Butterflies signify creativity, romance, joy and spirituality. You may be undergoing a transformation into a new way of thinking."

She agrees that when we are going through an important time of change in our lives, the divine realm tells us what we want to know through symbolisms in our dreams/obes.

Of course, it really did startle me a bit with it's landing on my face, but I'm sure that was to get my attention immediately....which it did!

Holly also made the cute analogy, "butterfly on your eye......I'm getting that it has to do with that you are going to embarking on a new outlook, a new way of LOOKING AT things!" which does seem appropriate at this time.

I'm sure there IS a bit of transformation going on with much has occurred in my life over the past few weeks that I have been forced to just 'let go' and let the Universe take over.

Control is a big issue with me, and I have been shown that it is not a healthy way for me to live anymore. It's not that I am such an agressive control freak, but that I feel secure in keeping on top of everything.

The message for me has been to just 'know' that my needs are already being met in the most ideal and perfect way and to just 'let go' and enjoy life without constant worry about the future. I have to start putting myself first and stop doing so much for others is the other lesson I have had to learn the hard way lately...

This seems to fit with the fact that I 'stuck with' the sunglasses I really wanted at the end of the experience, despite the obvious value of the other glasses I gave away!

In retrospection, I also think that perhaps since I was going 'down' the floors in the beginnine into a more 'younger' energy with game rooms, perhaps there was a bit of regression going on, since the character I encountered was SO unusual! It was so much like a child-oriented costume that was almost comical!

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