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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

31) Fun with my Guide (with Commentary)

Again, my first words on the recording I made was “it was so fabulous!” but I somehow knew as it was happening that I was not going to have full recall, but what I can recall still gives me such a wonderful feeling!

It’s been a rough few weeks for me in many ways and I had the intent I wanted to meet my guide, to know that I have this guidance, and that things will be ok.

I relaxed into the couch and remember getting the ‘floating’ feeling, so I try to raise my leg to see if it moves. It does so I roll over to get out, but this time I felt I had to pull myself out! For the first time, it was so hard to do! There was such a heavy pulling sensation back to the couch where I am lying. It felt as though part of me just wouldn’t separate!

I just kept pulling while I’m down on the floor, and then finally separated enough to quickly say “To the door!” at which time I felt lighter and moved away to the front door. I still couldn’t see (as always) and as I passed through the front door I entered a tunnel.

As I come out of the tunnel, I was up high over a ball game, with a beautiful nighttime sky above me. The stars were absolutely spectacular and remember remarking that I have never seen such a beautiful sky!

As I went down toward the ball field and surrounding areas, I make a mental note to remember what I was seeing, because somehow I knew that I was not going to be able to recall a lot of what was going to happen. I took note of the people walking around, the beautiful water fountains, and an old-fashioned fair-like atmosphere.

I then pulled back upward, to those beautiful stars, wanting to go see them. I thought of the moon and that I might want to go see that as well, but then when I looked, there were TWO moons, very huge, and very different in their appearance. I believe it was due to this unusual and unexpected double moon, that I no longer wanted to travel there.

It was at that point that I felt someone come up along side of me on my left. I knew it was a young man yet I couldn’t see him, I just felt him and could hear him talking. I remember saying ‘hey, you’re here! but I can’t see you!”

He says in a teasing, fun sort of way, “oh, you can’t?” I feel so joyous, so happy and carefree! I ask, “how come I can’t see you… I want to!” So to be funny, he kind of made his one leg with a boot on it appear at my side, and I remember laughing and saying ‘hey, no fair, I want to see more than your foot!”

I really don’t have much recall as to what and where we went next but I know I was with him the entire time, and we traveled far and wide. I did eventually get to ‘see’ him, but all I can recall is dark wavy hair, much like the one I have mention before. It was so much fun being with him.

There were a few details I could remember we did together. I remember at one point just flying around, and as we were traveling, and instead of going up and over a hill, I wanted to go through it so I did. I again could feel the chance in ‘consistency’ as I passed through it, just as I knew there were other ‘things’ I passed through on my travels.

In talking with him, he said something about his friend that he met his end with, and I felt like it was a car accident with his friend who was driving. I don’t think he actually told me this, but rather I ‘felt’ this information as it came from him. I am not really sure if he was talking about his own 'end' or his friend's, or even perhaps both.

Again I remembered I wanted to go to the moon and said to him, ‘Come on! let’s go!” thinking I'd like to take off and fly up there. I was surprised though, when he said to me (in a teasing, fun sort of way), “you always do it the slow way!” So I explain that I just love the freedom of movement and the feeling of flight that I have! (I am assuming the ‘fast way’ is the thought travel method, where you just think of where you want to be and you are!)

Another recall is being in a ‘factory’, but not really a factory (?) It had different rooms, and I met with so many different people! My guide took me through all these different places, and even wanted me to go meet the ‘hey girls’ (?), but I can’t remember much about who or what that was.

I remember seeing a pregnant girl, which made me think of wanting to see my (for real) soon-to-be grandbaby, but I somehow knew that it was ‘too late’ because the baby is “already there”. I saw pink fluff on floor, and everyone all around was watching the fluff as it sizzled on the floor!

Everyone there was doing something they enjoyed and it was such a fun atmosphere to be in. As I came back out into another room, I suddenly felt naked, and tried to hide behind a plant as a woman came by knocking on a window trying to get the attention of some other girls who needed to get a door open for her.

I also remember trying to get him to tell me his name (as I have done in previous travels!) and again he was trying to NOT have a name assigned to him. I was able to get some answer, but I think he said ‘Howie’ or something with that sound. I was a two part name but I can’t recall it. He really didn’t want me to have a name assigned to him anyway.

It was so just so much fun, and at the end I remember he told me I was to call him at a certain time (6 pm?). He gave me a phone number that I tried to memorize. It was some number like 1-800-CALLME with an extension that had my name in it (?). I felt if I could remember it then I could talk to him anytime. Of course, I forgot it.

The scene immediately went into another sequence that involved a bear and my sister, but because I now was aware I was ‘dreaming’ I actually made myself wake up to record this experience because I knew I was already forgetting a lot that happened!

In general, though, the goal of this experience was to have some sort of validation that I am not alone and that help is around. It’s not been a great few weeks for me, and just remembering all the fun and love that I experienced gives me back my more positive outlook on life and the validation that we are not alone in our journeys.


One of the important aspects of this experience was to know that assistance is always out there when you ask with the intent of receiving an answer. Not just intent, but knowing it will occur. There is so much you can do with focused intent and confidence in its manifestation!

I have heard of others speak about difficulty in separating when going OOB, but this was the first time I encountered it! Way back in the beginning, I can remember having 'helping hands' to assist me which I think made it a bit easier for me to learn.

I am not sure why I had this difficulty at this time, but perhaps due to a recent health issue and getting off some potent medications, it occurred. However, I can certainly understand now the frustration that others express when one part of the 'body' won't separate completely!

The trick to learn if you encounter this, I think, is doing exactly what I did. Remembering that you have to focus your intent away from the body and completely accept the fact that you are already there after stating, "to the door!", then action always follows thought!

This 'guide' I encountered is someone I have met before (see blogs #17 & #22), and when I call him 'guide', I get the feeling of just that....someone who is at my level of energy to guide me wherever I need to go. I do not get the feeling of 'higher dimensions/energy' that some claim to have the fortune to meet, but I am still very happy to have him by my side!

There is always such lighthearted fun and excitement when he's around! Although I never feel specifically directed to certain aspects of an experience, I am sure he plays a key role in having me experience whatever it is I need to learn at that time.

A recurring theme I see lately is the feeling of nakedness that occurs within an experience. (also see blog #26) I am not sure if this is just my insecurities in having all my thoughts completely known to those I encounter in the astral realm, or if it is symbolic of my own insecurities in physical life.

This need for a name is also an issue with me, as I know I always ask for one! I have read that many times a guide will not give you one because it will then 'color' your perceptions of who (s)he is. That makes sense to me, but my control issues like to have a name!! lol

Lastly, I know I am always concerned that I will not be able to get in touch with my guides when I need them and so I think that is the reason I felt so adamant that I had to remember his 'phone number'. However, I am constantly being shown that all I have to do is ask (and expect) and help is always there!

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