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Sunday, November 7, 2010

132) Learning that Practice Makes Perfect, Intention is Everything


I have not posted much lately as the few short experiences I have had were not cohesive enough to post in a fashion where they could make much sense for others to read. This experience is one that I have had after a few weeks of having to focus on ‘real life’ events and not consciously working with my ‘reality checks’ and dream recall as closely as I have in the past.

What I am finding is that continuous practice is a requirement for fully focused and clear headed OOB experiences. It seems I have regressed a bit in my ability to move about in the astral, allowing the lack of practice for doing reality checks and affirmations to hinder my ‘conscious’ abilities. However, since I feel this may reinforce the need for returning to my usual practices, I’m still sharing what I remember and how different it felt.

After moving to my ‘traveling couch’ and using my energy visualizations and affirmations as my body drifted off to ‘sleep’, my mind worked to stay aware and I planned what I would want to do when I got OOB this time. I remember thinking I would like to try to move through my front door this time, as the last few experiences have always been through the side door. I also affirmed that I would like to ‘help someone’ as I always do, but also I wanted meet up with a special friend as well.

In hindsight, I feel I did achieve these goals, however, my helping someone is just a ‘feeling’ I am left with as I have with no specific recall, and I did meet with ‘friends’ but just not the one I intended.

I first became aware of loud noises, a sure signal that I’m about to get out. It was a type of ‘white noise’ but then changed into loud music above my head as well as voices all around. At the same time, the vibrations started with an intense tingling all over, and I became a bit excited to think I’m about to get out! I could barely wait for the vibrations to stop and I eagerly tried to sit up and move out as they were still happening!

I did find myself up out of body standing next to my couch. I knew it had been a while since I have had such clear vision upon first exit, and was excited to take note of how ‘real’ my surroundings appeared. The living room furniture was exactly as it should be and I even remembered that I wanted to be sure to exit through the front door this time.

I tried to move away from my body, as that is always a strong memory that I must move away to feel better. This time, though, instead of becoming clearer, I felt I was becoming heavier and ‘thicker’ as I moved away. I thought that maybe I should just stay in this ‘near physical’ surroundings and take note of what the difference is.

I stopped by the chairs as I felt unsteady and put out my hand to touch them, and was surprised to see that I could actually feel their ‘solidness’! Not seeing much difference in looking around and still feeling unsteady, I became eager to get outdoors to fly again, so I focused on the front door.

What is interesting is that once I was at the front door, I knew immediately that I didn’t have to do anything but move through it. However, as I moved through it, I felt so solid and ‘thick’, almost as if I was ‘squeezing’ myself though!

Once I looked out, I realized it was no longer my house, but another room I was exiting that was high above some rolling hills and countryside. I was not afraid, knowing that I was OOB and could not be hurt, and because it was so hard to get through the door, I actually wanted to just pull myself over the edge and free fall, hoping it would ‘kick start’ my flying!

As I squeezed through, I looked back taking note of thickness of the walls and the unusual siding on this building. Finally finding myself in a very slow free fall, I attempted to fly. I was so disappointed to find that my flying abilities were greatly stunted! I couldn’t go fast or high, and gently floated down to an area where there where children running around and playing.

I remember trying desperately to run and jump in an attempt to fly, finding I was only rising a few feet off the ground then floating gently back down. The children came around, and I could see it was the back yard of a well kept but older house. Two older females were there, but it was the children whom I interacted with the most.

The feeling I am left with after waking is that something ‘important’ was done, but all I can recall is the part where I was playing with them so anxiously trying to get my flying started!! It seems that this lack of flying abilities is the only full memory recall I have as I was so focused on it, although I know there was more that I accomplished with the children.

The only other part I remember in this scene is thinking I could possibly get higher to fly again if I climbed on the back on the one of the children. Thinking better of this idea, I then turned to the one boy next to me and asked him to cup his hands together so that I could step up into his hands and he could catapult me high enough to fly!

I remember doing so, and found myself once again barely clearing a wall that had appeared next to us. Again, I knew I could just free fall over the edge without fear in hopes that the falling sensation would help me regain my flying abilities.

I was disheartened to find that I only floated gently down into another scene, but this one with many people milling around in a very social and party type atmosphere. I recognized many friends, both those who are currently still in physical life and those who have passed. I greeted them enthusiastically, feeling so happy and joyous at whatever celebration we were having it for!

What I remember most from this second scene was that unlike the prior one, this was all adults with no children, and I felt so uninhibited and joyous that I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself by entertaining the others. I didn’t care that I was being funny or silly as I just wanted to make these people laugh and feel as good as I did. I was doing all these exaggerated motions and actions, and totally enjoying being the ‘life of the party’!!

There was one man there I remember from my younger years that I had a secret crush on….and went directly up to him and gave him such a big kiss! I didn’t care what others thought, and he offered a humorous remark that made me laugh. I didn’t even worry about my lack of flying abilities and just enjoyed the happiness and love that exuded from everyone.

I then felt that transition that told me I was about to ‘wake up’ and quickly tried to recall the details of my adventure. I know I remembered many details (more than I have here) but when I tried to take out my recorder, I saw that I pulled out my cell phone instead and it was busy playing a video documentary about someone else’s OBE. I wondered why I had that instead of my recorder, and with that realization, knew that this was a ‘false awakening’.

I worked harder to pull myself out a bit more, trying to keep the details of the experience intact with my mnemonics and backward recall. Unfortunately, as with most of my latest experiences, as soon as I returned to ‘full wakefulness’ and actually turned on my recorder, the details fled from my recall.

I believe that due to my lack of ‘intention’ during waking life with my ongoing reality checks and reading of OBE material, my ability to retain ‘consciousness’ and clear thinking is not as good as when I was doing it regularly. I was so focused on wanting to fly again that I didn’t take the time to stop and think consciously why and what I was doing. I just interacted unconsciously with whomever I encountered and got pulled into the action that was happening.

My clear thinking was only in the very beginning when I knew that I wanted to take note of my near physical surroundings and when I knew how I wanted to exit the house. After that, my intention to fly again became dominant and so I lost any ability to retain ‘consciousness’ within the OBE.

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