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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

131) Sending Love; Meeting Astral Residents; Lucid Dream Transition to OBE

10/6/10 Sending Love; Meeting Astral Residents

Lying on my couch in my usual routine to attempt an OOBE, I initially become aware of an intense pressure in my chest area. Not sure what this was, I knew enough to just ‘let go’ and let things happen, and the pressure changed into what felt like an intense hug, or someone holding me tight.

My first rational thoughts are “oh, it must be my husband trying to wake me to get back to bed” as I knew it was the middle of the night. The pressure then became even more intense, and I tried to pull away, worried that I couldn’t release this increasing pushing or pressure.

Realizing somehow that I needed to maintain control and not create fear, I used my previous learning to ‘send love’ to this fear/pressure. I remember saying, “I love you”, and the pressure lightened and released to what felt like a light touch of a hand.

Now I realize I’m sitting upright on the couch and there is someone sitting next to me! I have enough clarity of mind to realize I’m OOB and turn to this person to ask “who are you?” He answers, but the name is garbled, and I have to say, “I’m sorry, I have a hard time understanding you as I’m new to this type of communication” and he said his name again, but I still didn’t comprehend.

I turned to face him, wanting to get a good long look at him so I would be able to remember what he looked like. It was a young boy of about 16 or 17, handsome, average build, with short dark wavy hair.

He was distressed and wanted to talk about his ‘girl’ and how things just didn’t work out the way they were supposed to. I don’t remember details, but I had the feeling he was emotionally tied to this girl and needed some help in letting go.

I sat talking with him, and soon realized another man appeared behind the couch to speak with us, also talking about his wife and sharing his views on how he coped with similar issues. (I have no idea if this was an astral helper who came to assist the boy to move on, or something else, but I felt my work there was done)

It was at this point I realized I was fully OOB and in my living room, so I moved easily and quickly to the dining room. I remember thinking as I ‘walked’ to the side door, “hey, I don’t need to walk! I can just ‘intend’ and be there!” – which I did!!

This time (unlike the last OBE in previous post) I had absolutely no difficulty at all moving through the door and flying up to the trees!! I was so thoroughly enjoying the freedom of flying once again, flipping and swooping in a carefree way!

I flew next door to my parent’s house, and remember seeing my brother and a young child in front of the house near the road, but do not remember why they were there or what I did with them.

As I flew to the other side of the house, I saw large tents erected on the hill next to their house and noticed it was starting to rain very hard. (This is where ‘real life’ and astral landscapes combine at times to give you the illusion you are ‘just dreaming’ – but it’s just the way the astral realm works) At this time, I questioned if I was ‘still OOB’, so I did a few forward no-hand flips perfectly which assured me I WAS still OOB (as this is an impossible feat for me in real life!! lol)

Somehow I knew there were families living in these tents, and I saw one family with two young children and a baby trying to sleep, curled up under the tent with nothing to lie on except the grass. Coming closer, I could see the infant was lying in a puddle of rainwater! I was aghast and said ‘you can’t sleep here! I can’t have the baby lying in water!’ I felt we had to get the baby out of the water and told everyone to come over to my house.

I moved back to my house, but found the scene transitioned to some interactions I had with a few nurses that I used to work with and their concern with a medication they needed to have a proper dosage for. At this point, there were no further memories of how the experience ended.

When I did awaken sufficiently to record my memories, I felt as if I had been in a very deep sleep and it took a lot of ‘backward recall’ to even get these memories to record.

10/11/10 Lucid Dream to OBE Transition

This next experience was interesting in that I remembered to use a ‘reality check’ to become aware within a dream that is mentioned in the Lucid Dreaming book I am reading (see blog #129).

For some background information, I awoke about 2am and was concerned that my husband had not come home from a meeting and was worried. Having contacted him and assured of his whereabouts, I fell back asleep.

I found myself in a middle of a dream, one with much activity going on and many people doing different things. I asked someone, ‘what time is it?’ as they wanted me to do something and I felt there wasn’t much time left to do whatever it was to be done.

They told me it was just 8pm but I knew it had to be after 2am since I remembered I was awake earlier at 2am! I told them I didn’t have time to do what they wanted me to do, and continued to argue with them as they kept assuring me it was only 8pm and there was plenty of time to do what we had to do!

I then became clear enough to realize, ‘hey wait, let me look at a clock’, remembering that if I look at a digital clock once, then look again, and see two different times, then I’d know I was OOB! (I’m thinking here that something already gave me a ‘hint’ I might be dreaming, to do this.)

I turned and looked at the clock on the TV and it fuzzily said 10 something, then glanced away and looked back. Now it said 7 something! “That’s the cue!” I said, “that’s the cue I can use to know I am OOB! I am out! I am out!” and then affirmed ‘clarity now!’ as I pulled back and floated up.

I found myself moving up out of the busy scene below me, flying free and taking control. I remembered they tried to get me to stay, but I wanted to do more. I remember being very high, looking back down at the room below me…and then lost whatever memories I had after that! I awoke with only the recall of this lucid dream to OBE transition, which is likely the major lesson I was to take from this experience.

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