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Sunday, November 21, 2010

133) Re-learning Affirmations and Control

Well, I am rather excited about this latest OOBE as I realized that had drifted away from using my original OOB technique with immediate affirmations once exiting my body in the excitement to be out of body and get flying again!

When I first started my OOB experiences a few years ago, I loved the affirmations and techniques described by William Buhlman in his first two books, Adventures Beyond the Body and The Secret of the Soul. I originally used the affirmations all the time as he suggested, yet over the years as I became more comfortable navigating the astral environment, I seemed to have stopped using them as much.

In listening to Mr. Buhlman’s latest CD set recently, which was a great review and offered more ‘personal’ guidance with vocal instructions, it also impressed upon me that this important aspect of using affirmations in my travels has been missing! You will note that I frequently said I ‘lost recall’ or didn’t have ‘clear vision’ in many of my more recent travels.

This time, however, I INTENDED to do (and did!) just as he recommends, with affirmations of ‘Clarity now!’ as soon as I exited, and then “to my Higher Self” for my own personal learning, as well as “I will remember all!” affirmation just prior to ending.

I am pleased with the result, which adds to my excitement to know there is so much more for me to learn and experience now that I can control my environment better! In the beginning these affirmations gave me the basic stability I needed to get a few tasks done as I was not accustomed to seeing how to move about and use my thoughts and intentions. Now, in resuming the use of affirmations again with my more experienced knowledge of the astral environment, I am astounded that my ability to navigate the realm is even greater!

So, with the experience, I moved to my ‘traveling couch’ after a few hours of sleep. Using my visualization technique along with repeated affirmations of intending to get OOB, I drifted off to a light sleep.

I become aware of a slight buzzing and get excited to know I’m about to get out again! Being careful not to let the excitement dampen the vibrations, I lay quietly and became aware of a floating sensation. This is my signal that I’m ready to ‘roll out’ so just rolled on my side and stood by the couch.

Immediately, I remembered I wanted to use ‘Clarity now!’ and stated so, with an immediate improvement of my visual surroundings! My living room became in perfect focus, I then stated ‘Awareness now!’ which I felt made my thoughts and intentions even more crisp and focused.

I did not feel that ‘urgency’ to move quickly away from my body as I usually do because I did not feel that ‘tug’ back to body. I turned and affirmed ‘to the door!’ and found myself floating slowly to the door, in perfect clear thought and vision, and was truly amazed at the ‘reality’ of it all.

I even remember thinking, as I neared the front door, that it sure appeared to look just like the solid wooden door that it really is and that maybe I’ll need to open it first! But my thoughts were clear enough to know that I was truly OOB, and so I just continued to move directly through the door without pausing!

Once outdoors and still thinking so clearly, I remembered I wanted to affirm, “to my Higher Self!” to see if I could do some personal learning. Immediately I was taken to an area of complete blackness, a sensation of ‘nothingness’ and nothing with form anywhere to be found. I was floating but still thinking so clearly! I heard the most beautiful music and felt such peace and happiness, and was trying to think exactly what type of instrument could be making such beautiful sounds when I felt that slight transition as if I was going back to body!

I was disappointed to find myself back on the couch, but then realized I still had a slight tingle of a vibrations happening! It was truly an unusual sensation, as I clearly felt the ‘solidity’ of the couch and even the pressure of my little kitten that climbed up to sit squarely on top of my stomach!

However, since the vibrations persisted and I did not move, I soon felt my arms and legs floating again! Thrilled to know I could once again get out, I dropped my legs over the side of the couch and found myself standing looking at my ‘sleeping’ body…with the kitten on top!

Once again I remembered to affirm, “Clarity now!” and then “Awareness now!”, and with both affirmations, the room became clearer and my thoughts became more lucid. I was truly amazed at the level of control I felt I had, and repeated, ‘to the door!’ once again.

As I exited through the door, I could see the row of tress that line my front yard. Looking up at the tops, I affirm, ‘to the tree tops’ and start moving slowly and gently toward them. However, instead of the tree tops, I found myself within now within a forest of trees and with unfamiliar surroundings, remember that I want to go ‘to my Higher Self!’

Upon affirming my intention to seek my Higher Self, I once again find I am complete blackness, but again with the most beautiful music playing! This time it feels as though I’m sliding down something, backwards on my back, but having such fun doing so! It is peaceful, joyous, fun, and so beautiful to be here and I’m smiling and happy!

As I slide, I now feel ‘hands’ or some sort of ‘energy pulsations’ all along both sides of my back. I feel excited knowing it’s there, but I’m not very clear on why or what it was. I do remember at one point I had to say ‘ouch’ as the intensity of the ‘pulsation’ in the center of my back became a bit much.

My next memory was the transitioning of the pull-back to body, and I was clearly focused enough to even remember to affirm, “I will remember all!” over and over. As this was a two-part OBE with my return to body and quick exit again, I knew it was going to be difficult to recall much when I did not have a chance to record after my first exit!

So, although there wasn’t much to remember once I went ‘to my Higher Self’, the greatest part of this experience for me was the absolute clarity of thought and intention that I had within it. I just can’t even begin to explain how ‘real’ it is, to know you ARE out of body and in such perfect control!!

I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to hear once again from Mr. Buhlman himself in his new CDs how important is it to do these affirmations. Reviewing these past practices and applying them anew to my current experiences adds such a deep degree of learning for me! Thank you again, Mr. Buhlman!


Tom Dewell said...

The idea of using affirmations for setting up an OBE seem to be no different than using an affirmation to set up your "normal" day. Both realities are equally real; we just tend to think the so-called "out of body" one is somehow not.

Perhaps it is because OBE is somewhat of a misnomer. It is that being OBE is only that a certain part of our consciousness becomes aware of realities other than the body.

And we all come back..... don't we? :-)

Unknown said...

I always see the affirmations as a good start to concentration about oob, it also can be useful set up our attitud on the normal day.

Thank you for your point of view and experience on affirmations.

Anonymous said...

To My Higher Self implies at least two things:

1. There is a Higher Self. Have you tried to ask if there is a Higher Self or what is it like?

2. Someone knows how to bring you to your Higher Self. Who is this "someone"?

I think these questions are better to start with. /P.

Karen said...

Answers to the previous comment: I don't have to ask IF there is one, as I know there is!!

It's that part of me that still exists in the higher realms, whom I'm closely connected with at all times (when I go within and seek it)

...therefore, as it IS part of me, I also don't need anyone to take me there!! I'm already connected!

Oliver said...

by Korpo on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:56 am
Hello, Karen.

Kudos for your amazing clarity!

I think you felt no "tug" because the astral body does feel no such tug.

If you have followed the recent by Kurt Leland in the Dream Research forum, the fact that the door was just the same is great encouragement - no reality fluctuations could simply mean "All is well." - no error messages at all. You were in the right state of mind, fully attuned to your state of consciousness and lucid, and the environment mirrored this back to you.

The Higher Self is usually the causal body. Now the change might have triggered something you haven't expected - you were not visiting the Higher Self, but you transferred your consciousness into the causal body. You were experiencing the causal body from inside basically.

According to Kurt music is one of the most straightforward ways to portray and convey energy transformations as occur in nonphysical reality (see his book: "Music and the Soul," a personal favorite of mine). Music is kind of capable to convey how something feels and how this feeling changes over time, it is capable to portray a transition or transformation. The music you have heard might be symbolic of this, as the causal body exists on the upper mental plane, a plane that is not so much defined by form as we know it. You could have portrayed yourself the formless energy transformations as beautiful music - the music of the soul.

Similarly, if you were in the causal body, you were also giving yourself the opportunity to check which chakras are available and working there according to Kurt's mapping of the 7 chakras. The first chakra is about embodiment, so I'd say it was active here. His description of the second chakra is probably most relevant here:
Kurt Leland wrote:Second chakra: sensing you're on a new plane (new and unfamiliar feeling location, not seen yet, only sensed)

That's what seems to have happened here. You were drifting, floating, so you felt the space, but did not have the control that comes with the third chakra, which brings mobility. All in all you had a wonderful, validating experience of experiencing this higher body. Your request brought on this response, which from my point of view is a very positive event.

You might want to read up on Kurt's most recent responses to this thread, also what he said about "blindness:"