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Sunday, April 4, 2010

120) Questions and Answers

Since my travels are more limited and not sufficient to post here, I thought I'd share some good questions I responded to from a follower in an email. I figure if one person has these questions, then there has to be at least a few more!

As always, I'm happy to share my thoughts, and I want to be sure that anyone with other questions or comments feels free to email me!

1) First off, do you think OBE's are different than lucid dreaming? Can you really explore physical things? Like have you ever tested it with a friend or something?

Ok, good question...and in MY opinion, there ISN'T much of a difference!! Yes, the 'lucid dreams' are generally tagged as such because you have become 'aware' within them but find yourself in strange places....and hence the OBEs are felt to such because of the familiarity of your surroundings. To me, just the fact that you are now 'aware' of this altered state (dreaming, as your mind wants to call it) is enough for you to learn to take control and move/alter it into something that you can validate as an OBE. The hardest part is becoming 'lucid', but once you do that, then you know that you are 'thinking' just as you would be if awake, so you can now 'think' yourself into the OOB state! (tough to explain, but I hope you understand).

The 'physical things' you explore are always 'creations' of your mind, and in the astral, everything is 'thought created'....therefore, since you are familiar with certain 'physical' things, you will interact with them at times. I believe we do this also to give us 'validation' that we are OOB, as in the beginning, we doubt everything we are doing!! You have to learn to trust what you 'see' and feel, and that is not always easy!

Yes, as for meeting with friends, there were at least two specific blog entries that I recall when I was able 'meet' physical people in the astral. I will have to go look for those numbers at the end of this letter and let you know. One of the blog posts was a 'must read' link on the blog, so that one will be easy to find.

2) How can I hit the vibrational state easier?

That is a good question, as every individual will have a different method that works best for them. Read how others do it, including my 'induction' which is posted on the blog. It will give you ideas you can try, and if you find one that works great, keep at it! Just so you know, I didn't always get the 'vibrational' state, and still don''s the 'knowing' you learn to feel that tells you when it's time to 'move out'....

3) How do I lift after hitting that state?

If you DO hit the vibrational state, don't get too excited!!! Keep calm, keep focused and let go of trying too hard!!! Imagine a floating or falling sensation....and then just take control and decide you are 'moving out'!!!! (remember, thoughts ARE things in the astral!) Roll off to one side, and you may be astonished to see that you are standing next to your body!

4) Can you consistently have an OBE whenever you want?

No, darn it....not every time...and I get disappointed when I try and nothing happens, just as you do I'm sure. But those times that I do succeed, they make up for that disappointment every time!!!

5) Do binaural waves help? Or guided meditation through like mp3?

ABSOLUTELY!! I used it constantly in the beginning, as it was a great way to learn the relaxed state you need to get OOB. Using a timer that chimes every so often during the meditation also helps you become 'aware' and keeps your mind from falling asleep. Using affirmations as you go in help as well, my favorite being, "my mind remains alert, as my body falls asleep".....

Other suggestions to help would be to do all the reading you can on the topic!!! My favorite books were William Buhlman's two books, as well as those by Robert Monroe. Most importantly, you MUST keep a dream journal!!! In the beginning, I hand wrote everything into a hard cover notebook kept by the side of my bed, and found that the more I documented EVERY dream (not just LDs) the more of them I had!! Eventally, I could see a pattern, or theme, and was able to use certain 'signals' that I remembered were frequently in my 'dreams' to make my mind 'awaken' and become aware! Besides, journaling and reading sets this goal as a priority in your mind, and therefore your mind will work to make it happen!

6) How do you use this ability once aquired, and is it worth it? is SO worth it to me!!! Just the fact that I KNOW I can help others who are 'stuck' in the 'in-between' state of moving onto the light and the physical realm is so rewarding!!! (see those "must-read" blog posts!) Then there are the times when you KNOW you are in the presence of a divine being, and their overwhelming sense of love and bliss is just so great!!! I have also seen where my OBEs teach me new 'ideas' and help me accept certain aspects of the 'all that is' that is not easy for a physical mind to understand. The learning that I do on the 'other side' is amazing...although I can't always physically remember it all the time, the 'feeling' you have remains with you and you KNOW it happened.

Again, for every individual, it will be different according to their own beliefs and values. Each of us have different lessons to learn, and trusting and allowing our 'selves' and/or 'guides' to show us what we need to learn is a big part of why astral travel is so rewarding. If nothing else, the biggest lesson I have learned is the fact that we do not 'die', just transition to a new level and continue to live and learn! I have absolutely NO fear of 'death'!!

7) This may be a touchy subject, please don't answer if it is. Do you have a personal religious belief? How do you think it coincides with astral projection?

Now this is something that I am happy to share with you but not knowing what YOU believe, I don't want to step on any toes. Suffice it to say that I am not one who has a 'strict religious' upbringing, although religion was introduced early in life. It never 'fit' well with my way of understanding what 'is' I feel there is much erroneous 'man-made' interpretation in many religious books that was used to control the masses over the centuries. There IS a basic underlying theme that pervades ALL the world's religions...and if you seek to understand THAT, you will have an idea of what is truth, IMO. Astral projection is just another 'learning method' for me....just as the reading of various authors and sages over the years.

8) Are there any dangers?

IMO, there is absolutely no dangers if you BELIEVE there are no dangers!! Yes, of course, there IS negativity and negative forces out there, but they are under YOUR control at all times!!! It is those times that you have fears or doubts that allow the negative forces to control you....and you can see from a few of my blog posts that I have encountered the negativity, but am able to remain calm and 'send love' which immediately neutralizes ANY effect! Darkness and negativity cannot exist within the Light of Love!!

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