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Saturday, July 10, 2010

125) Bits of OOBEs - Crossing over, meeting up, tower view

It has been a few weeks since I’ve been able to have a ‘good’ OBE in the sense that it’s one I can share in any type of story. It seems that last few OOBE have been so ‘deep’ that the memories are more disjointed and haphazard, and upon waking, so fast to disappear that I do not have the ability to recall much of it.

One experience I had recently was one I have had before, so I will share with you what I remember. I was in that ‘half-asleep’ stage, one where I know I am ‘sleeping’ yet aware that something is going on. I hear this very loud roar, and this time it was accompanied by a sudden all encompassing ‘blackness’.

My feeling at this time was as if I was in a car as it was being washed away in a mudslide! It was sudden and felt like an ‘ending’ of some kind, and it was my peaceful acceptance that I was transitioning to the ‘other side’ that I remember the most. I was not fearful nor upset in any way, almost as I knew if this was to be the ‘end’ of my physical existence. In thinking about this, I believe my OOB experiences have given me such a firm belief in the existence of our ‘selves’ after physical death, that even if I find myself ‘transitioning’, whether in dream state or for real, I have absolutely no fear. That is such a powerful feeling to have!

Another recent OBE was very deep and I have only glimpses of recall that don’t make a lot of sense. What I recorded was that it started by talking with someone who had discovered a ‘hole’ in the earth, one that led to a cave-like labyrinth underground. I remember peering into the very deep hole, seeing the different types of ‘rock formations’ and talking with those there.

Next memory is of a man who was not careful by the hole and proceeded to fall in! Thankfully I was able to grasp his arm and bring him back up to solid ground. The next recall was the group of us in the car and there was something unusual that happened in the car that made me become aware that I was OOB. I took off, and remember one male ‘guide’ stayed with me the entire time. Only memories I have are of being in a ‘courtyard’ of sorts, and the medieval type dress that the men were wearing.

The only ‘control’ I remember having was flying up toward the big beautiful moon, knowing I’d like to meet a friend who also loved astronomy, and with a sudden but huge flash of light, knew he was there with me! It lasted very briefly, yet was profound enough to KNOW that it was him! (Correlating later found that my friend also had a ‘hypnogogic’ image of my eyes looking back at him while he was in a meditative mindstate!)

At the very end of this disjointed experience, I recall walking around a ‘flea market’ of some kind, where items are being sold that people no long want to have. A few women came up to me, and gave me some green color trinkets which I appreciated, but then gave them away to another who needed it more.

This was another ‘deep’ experience, IMO, due to the transition back to wakeful consciousness having many ‘levels’. Each time I moved ‘back’ toward wakefulness, I would attempt to record my experiences, but somehow knew I was not ‘awake enough’ to be physically doing it. This happened at least three times before I found myself fully awake enough to actually record this. Each time I ‘thought’ I was recording, more and more memories were lost.

This last OBE was just recently, and again, I knew I was out of body, but wasn’t able to fully control my actions. I was in a 'half-sleep' state, as I could still hear outdoor sounds from the window, when I found myself ‘lifting’ up a tower of some sort. At one point, I became aware my daughter was with me as I was lifting!!!

It was a totally different exit, but I KNEW I was out!! My daughter and I moved up high from the room we were in, holding hands, and found ourselves exiting at the top of a 'tower' like structure. I had wanted to 'show her' something beautiful, and at the very top, she became frightened because we were up so high. We were overlooking a BEAUTIFUL shimmering landscape - I can still recall the lake, rolling hills, and so many vibrant colors!

To ease her fears of going too high, I held onto the 'railing' at the top of the tower to show her we would not go any higher as my other hand still held her. She was amazed at the beauty, as was I...and even more amazing for me, I was astounded at the 360 degree vision I had!! I could see ALL around me without moving or turning!!!

This experience happened very quickly, and all at once...and I recall I returned to body differently too, with this long falling sensation before transitioning to full awareness.

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