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Thursday, July 22, 2010

127) Spontaneous OBE with learned signals

Well, it seems my experiences are definitely on the upswing for now! I'm sharing what happened just this am...seems like I'm 'geared' now to take even simple 'dreams' and convert them to OOBs when I have the time and make the effort! This caught me off guard, as I had no plans on doing so! :)

7/22/10 8a -9a

This experience was unusual as it was a ‘spontaneous’ OOB that happened this am as I had the luxury of lying in bed for a bit later than usual and just ‘drifting off’ after my initial waking.

It was a ‘dream conversion’ OBE, short as it was, as I had had no intention or plans for getting OOB. This was an interesting experiment, in hindsight, to see how well I have learned to become ‘lucid’ within a dream to take control.

It started with my wading through water, flooded areas (we just had a ton of rain here and I’m sure the video I saw on the news last night brought up this memory). I was in the back fields by home with my brother, and found myself nearly knee deep in water in my good jeans and shoes! (Amazing I could even recall exactly what I was wearing! lol)

Problems arose when I realized I was sinking into the muck and mud underneath, like a quick sand effect. Despite my brother being there (as we are not on good terms right now), I did not want to ask him for help, so looked for help elsewhere.

I found a small patch of dry land with grass, and with much effort, pulled myself free from the enveloping muddy waters.

Then the scene quickly transitioned to my driving a car over a bridge at dusk, knowing more water was underneath me. I remember looking up and seeing a small fish ‘swimming’ ABOVE me over the side of the bridge!! THAT was definitely a signal, as I became very lucid, realizing that I couldn’t possibly be really awake and seeing that!

So I am now continuing to drive the car, knowing I’m likely dreaming, and wondering where am I going? What am I doing? but just not really sure. It’s a very curvy road and I know that if I am NOT OOB, then this could be dangerous. However, armed with that small degree of ‘doubt’, I just took the chance and moved out of the car!

Now, instead of finding myself OOB, I see I am only able to hang out of the car window as it continues to drive! So I decide I AM really OOB, and take advantage of trying some acrobatics while seated on the car! lol I can still remember leaning way over the side, with leg in air and head hanging off the car, absolutely having some fun!

This convinced me I was near OOB and realizing I had to get fully out, so I affirm “to the door! to the door!” but then think that’s strange to say here, as I’m already ‘outdoors’! So I remember that I have to ‘roll out’ of body first!

Things still just ‘felt different’ and I was confused as to what was going on. (Later I realize it likely had to do with the fact that I had not planned on this OOB experience and I was not in my usual position on the couch, but lying in my bed upstairs!)

Not being in my usual spot, I couldn’t figure out how to move or roll out! I rolled to the left, as I always do on the couch, but this time I was unable to move away once out! This confusion as to my new location on the bed next to my body gave me enough confusion to pull back to awareness and awaken fully.

Next time, I’ll be better prepared!


Tom said...

Wonderful descriptions of your journeys! I'd like to know if you used any specific methods to help you achieve your OOBEs or if this is something you are just doing naturally.

You have probably heard of Robert Monroe who documented over 30 years of OOBEs and created an institute to train people how to do this.

I'd like to invite you to post something on our new Gateway Experience blog where we introduce people to OOBEs and Monroe's study course.

We're always looking for ways to encourage people to stretch themselves!

Karen said...

Hi Tom and thanks for the comment! Of course I've heard of Robert Monroe as he is one of the authors, besides William Buhlman, that I have read extensively!! To go to the Monroe Institute is a lifelong dream of mine! I shall look into the Gateway blog and be happy to to post there as well.

As for your question, these are the links to my posts that describe my methods: