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Sunday, June 13, 2010

124) Into the Earth again; Possible picnic/swimming retrieval

June 13, 2010 5:30am – 6:15am

On my 'traveling couch', I became aware of noises like the TV was on in the living room where I was lying, and knew this to be my usual signal that I was about to get OOB. As I think this, I hear someone coming into the room and to the couch where I am lying to give me a hug.

I feel the ‘energy’ of this hug more than a physical touch, and am now aware it’s my daughter (who is not here in the house at this time). As she hugs me, she states, “Pretty people!” (?) and starts to walk back toward her room.

I roll out of body and wanted to follow her, so I shouted her name, but as I moved out, I floated up toward the ceiling and realized my vision was SO clear!! I could see perfectly out my front window and so wanted to go out! So I shouted again to my daughter, “I’m going to take off for a little bit!”

Floating up, I actually bumped into the ceiling and at that point realized I wasn’t going to go out that way. Determined to get out, I thought if I can’t go up, I’ll go down! So I affirmed ‘into the Earth!” to try to get out that way!

(I remembered Rosalind McKnight had done this on her travels with Robert Monroe and I had done this one other time (see my blog post #24 ). However, that time upon getting into the Earth very deep, I started panicking a bit and transitioned quickly. This time I felt confident I could do it!)

I started moving down into the floor, seeing my basement and then into the earth. It was total darkness, a pure 3D blackness with a sense of movement that became more apparent as I saw tiny specks white ‘sparkles’ whizzing past me (rather like moving through space with the stars!) I even remember doing a one armed superman pose as I flew!

As I’m watching these sparkles, they became more of an organized pattern to them, and eventually became beautiful patterns of ‘lace-like’ structures that formed more complete ‘lace-like’ structures! It was just so beautiful to see these patterns, and I tried to take note of their specific pattern to remember the details, but all I recorded was, “it’s just like small pieces of perfect lace (coming at me with the sense of movement) with swirling and fleur-de-lis (swan?) patterns that create a larger more perfect ‘lace’ type structure!”

The next memory was of feeling intense ‘heat’ and knowing I was ‘within the Earth’. I realized that the last time I was here I felt fear and returned. This time I clearly remember thinking, “I’m safe, I’m OOB and I can’t get hurt!”

The heat built to a point where now I felt an INTENSE ‘magnetic-type’ energy sensation, as if inside a huge magnetron (don’t ask me how I ‘knew’ this but that’s what I thought at the time!) I then realized if I’m inside the Earth, it must be due to the iron core.

(Whether this is even possible, I don’t know, but I’m sharing my thoughts at the time) The all encompassing tense tight sensation nearly paralyzed me as I stopped moving. I was not afraid, but I did not know what was happening.

My next recall was in a room, bouncing around from one wall to the other, having fun, and thinking that this ‘magnetism’ somehow allowed me to bounce around like this!

This room was felt to be my bedroom, but nothing like it is in real life. The radio was playing next to the bed, but I knew it wasn’t supposed to be on. This ‘signal’ told me that I was still OOB, and to prove it, I reached over and touched it, and it turned off! I said, “darn! I just woke myself up “(which in reality I still wasn’t awake!)

Details exactly what happened in the room are few, but I do know there were people there I was talking to, and at some point, I remembered it was the same young mother from the next scene, as I was trying to convince her it was ok to leave to go swimming with the children.

The next memory was now outside on a picnic with these same people, this time I recall it was a mother, 2-3 young children (two boys at least) and their grandmother. They are sitting at the picnic table, and I’m telling them again it’s ok to go to the pool and swim, but they indicated “they didn’t want supervision”(?). The boys now were all sticky and dirty from some ice cream and chocolate syrup they just ate, and I thought this would be the best time to convince them to go swimming, as it would help ‘clean up’ the kids!

They eventually left, and now I’m sitting at picnic table trying to record what I remembered, but still aware I was OOB! However, at least I this time I knew it wasn’t going to record since I’m still out and just laid the recorder on the table, giving up.

I moved away, looking back at the empty picnic table, and feeling confident that everyone had left the area. I then transitioned to full wakefulness, knowing NOW I could record what little details I could remember!

(In hindsight, I am not sure if this was another retrieval or not, but I did feel compelled to convince these people that they had to move to another area and felt happy when they did!)

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