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Sunday, July 18, 2010

126) Tagging, Doubt signal; Medical MD; Bridge bombing; Mirror


This morning I had a series of OOB exits and experiences, with one exceptionally long and detailed with many activities. However, as per usual, when pulling back to awareness, you are not able to perceive or incorporate many of these details into the physical conscious mind for proper interpretation, IMO.

Regardless, I was able to ‘tag’ a few events and have enough memories of some activities that I shall share here with you. In looking at the length of this post, I’m thinking the readers may be glad I didn’t remember many more details! lol

(Just a reminder, ‘tagging’ of events is what I do to try to retain as much detail as I can while within the OOB as I’m beginning to pull back. I give a one word tag to various events, and as I pull back, repeat these tags over and over in my mind until I can find myself full aware and able to record the event. The tags allow me to ‘fade back’ into the experience once the recorder is on, and I can recall a few more specific details.)

My very first ‘experience’ was a short one, as I am lying on my ‘traveling couch’ in the living room, thinking I’m still wide awake and doing my induction sequences. I hear someone walk into the living room from the bedroom hallway, thinking, “Oh great, my husband is up and I’ll have to get up now.”

However, past experience has taught me well that despite the absolute ‘knowing’ that I hear these steps, I ‘fake’ sleep and continue on. I was not disappointed, as the steps continued over to me as I lie on the couch, then wrap their arms around me and lie on top so that I feel their hug.

Inititally, I had no clue who this could be, as I felt it to be a grown adult, but when she started talking I knew it was my daughter. (Who is currently living 3000 miles from me and still what I consider a young adult!)

She says something about “32” or “42” and that “I still don’t know what I want to do” and then a ‘I love you!” I sent love back to her as I felt her fade away. I awoke fully and recorded this, thinking that this may be a reference to our conversation on the phone a few days ago, and very glad I didn’t awaken myself when hearing the footsteps I felt sure were ‘real’.

I settled back in, and once again after a short while, found myself driving my car on a road near my home, heading home. (You may remember that the ‘car’ is a frequent ‘signal’ for me to know it’s time to get OOB – and it’s a good analogy actually as your physical body is merely the ‘vehicle’ for your consciousness!)

To become ‘aware’ that I’m driving while dreaming, I’ll share a little key element that I use. Any time I am driving, whether in ‘physical’ or dreams, I ask myself, “Is this real?” Now, everyone knows that WITHOUT A DOUBT you are driving your car when you are doing it in the physical. I take note of my ‘reality’ many times as I drive to work, feeling the steering wheel, hearing the noises, and feeling the ‘solidness’ of my being, even looking at my hands to see how they look. I KNOW I am in physical, and there is NO doubt.

Now, I have learned to do this as I drive in the dreams as well, BECAUSE I do it so often as I drive here in physical! So this time, I’m driving my car, and I have that ‘little tiny’ doubt that I just ‘might be’ dreaming, and armed with this knowledge, I now KNOW I can ‘take off’ into an OBE!!

On another forum, I read that looking at your hands can give you the signal that you are dreaming, because there will be a ‘change’ in appearance that you will ‘question’. The key is that if there is ANY degree of doubt, take off and fly!! This goes for any ‘signal’ you have while dreaming, because when in physical, you are certain of your status, but while getting OOB, the smallest ‘doubt’ or ‘unusual’ event can trigger your awareness.

In this particular exit, I also was given a ‘signal’ to give me this ‘doubt’ when I saw an elderly gentleman animatedly talking on a cell phone on the side of the road as I drove past. I recall thinking, “that’s unusual to see such an old man using a cell phone” which immediately clicked in my mind that something was ‘different’. Seeing I was driving, and then having that ‘doubt’ as to whether I really was, was enough for me to just ‘take off’ and move up and out!

Now I let go of the wheel as I pull back and feel the wonderful freedom of flying OOB! It’s been a long time since I have done so, and I remember enjoying it SO much! I could see tall buildings in the distance, and was just having so much fun floating and bobbing…but I was aware enough to know that I had to do something ‘constructive’ while out, but also remember saying, “Oh, just a few more minutes of this, please!”

My next recollection was that I was back on the couch, but ready to ‘roll out’. I am not sure how I knew this, but I just didn’t think about it and rolled. As I’m rolling out, I think again, “just how am I going to know for sure that I’m really out?” and with that, found myself on the floor, on my hands and knees, feeling the coolness of the wooden floor.

Now I KNOW I’m OOB, and start to move away, but it’s so difficult! I can’t seem to fight the tugging sensation that wants me back in body! I pull and pull, without even remembering that my usual “to the door!” affirmation is what works. Finally, I pull hard enough to get to the side of the couch, and realizing I wasn’t going to go further this way, figured, “oh well, I’ll just go ‘inward now!’ to try to move.”

As I intended ‘inward now!’, I spun a little and then felt the floor disappear beneath my hands and became encompassed within total blackness. I felt a floating sensation, and then found myself fading back on the couch to full awareness. I was disappointed that I didn’t go anywhere, but very happy that I was able to get out in the ‘near physical’ once again!

Once again, after recording, I try to get back into the same mind frame with my induction visualizations, this time impressing my memory with the need to use “to the door!” if I am successful.. While I’m doing so, I think I’m still awake when I hear the side door open and my brother walking in (which he often does in physical) and hollering for me, not knowing I’m ‘sleeping’ nearby on the couch.

It sounded SO authentic, as he has done many times, but this time, I decided I’d just ‘pretend’ to be asleep because there was the little tiny degree of ‘doubt’ in my mind as to whether this was real or not. I figured if it was ‘real’, then I’d know for sure in just a few moments!

I didn’t respond to him walking about the room and talking to me, and I recall him saying, “Wow, she must really be deeply asleep because she’s not responding!” Funny thing is, I felt I WAS awake and just wanted to ‘pretend’ for a bit.

Again, as he faded away, somehow I knew that I was ready to get out of body. THIS time I rolled off the couch and when I felt that same tugging, I remembered that pulling doesn’t work and so I turned around with my back to the side door and affirmed, “to the door!” over and over again, remembering my learning from earlier exit.

Now I’m moving backward, quickly, toward the door and am thinking, “when will I get there?” My answer was given as I felt the change as I passed through the wall and into a more ‘open’ and lighter environment.

This is the start of the very long OOB experience that seemed to go on forever. During the different events, I remember thinking, “if I keep going, I’m not going to remember it all!” But a few tagged events are recalled here, and most of them relate to different areas of concern that I am currently encountering in my physical life.

I was in a building with many rooms, and in each room I went in, met different people and encountered different events. One room had a doctor there with a male patient, who appeared to have a ‘bump’ on his nose that was about to be removed. A female was sitting at the side of the patient, with a feeling that she was there more for the doctor’s entertainment than the patient’s welfare.

I moved next to the patient, and the doctor made a remark about ‘oh, I have another one here’ as if he wanted to show off his work. I was appalled when the doctor then talked about how it was this particular patient’s misfortune to need so many surgeries on his skin, yet how happy he was that it paid for all his children’s school tuition! I was upset because I felt he was doing this only for his own benefit, not the welfare of the patient.

There was another event shortly afterward with some unusual events occurring. Keeping with this medical theme, the next I recall was two men (terrorists) who were remarking how easy it is to get into the American medical schools when you are a foreigner. They both were working to set up a tank on this bridge so that it’d shoot directly across. But first, they had to destroy the bridge by placing a bomb on a part they had separated, and then jump back to the piece of bridge with the tank.

When the bomb went off too soon, the tank was unable to keep afloat, and I recall seeing the two men and tank immersed in the water. I remember they had been making fun of the Americans because of how easy it was being a foreigner and taking shortcuts. However, the lesson was that it was because they did not do it the ‘American’ way with the safety checks, that the bomb backfired and they were now getting hurt being in water that was ‘electrically’ charged.
A few bits I recall after this scene involved two American officers, each blaming each other for this event. One said that ‘they told to me to watch for this, and I didn’t’ and the other officer was feeling bad saying ‘no, I should have seen it coming’.

During one of my moves to a room, I recall walking down a hallway and seeing a good friend, Lisa, from my previous work. (She is still in physical body). She was her usual laughing and bubbly self, and I was so happy to see her there! I asked how she was, and as she answered, she told me something I said I had to make note of to remember. But, I have no idea what it was as it was lost in the myriad of experiences here.

I remember one last experience in a different room that was ‘tagged’ to be remembered as I felt it was something I needed to write about. (I can actually remember while in this room that I needed to remember this one, so ‘tagged’ it with a few words).

This was a smaller room, and in looking around, saw that it was piled high and cluttered with lots of miscellaneous stuff, including various costumes and general ‘junk’. I felt it to be ‘my room’ of sorts, and in looking around, found a small mirror on the wall – like those small somewhat distorted locker mirrors you can get. The glass was definitely not clear, but clouded a bit.

When I saw it, I remembered that I had read where others have wondered what happens when you are OOB and look into one. Thinking this would be a great experience to write up, I went over to the mirror and looked at myself.

Seeing no reflection, I said, ‘oh, well that’s interesting, I guess you don’t see anything!’ but then just as I said that, my face appeared. Only my face was distorted, with white wavy “runny” lines around the eyes, and a multitude of ‘spots’ on my face. Noticing my hair was very short in the mirror, I said, ‘oh, that can’t be me because my hair is longer.’ As I said this, my hair in the mirror grew longer, fuller, and thicker each time I glanced at it, and my face began to clear up. I thought, ‘well now, that looks like me and my hair…just look how I can do that!’ amazed at the transformation I saw.

Now I’m beginning to pull back to consciousness, with the fading transition process that I am well used to. Many times this is where I have my ‘false awakenings’, somehow knowing that I’m not fully awake to record.

This time, because I had just had a discussion with someone about the different ‘layering’ of astral realms, I was aware enough to remember that I need to take note of my ‘pull back’ to see what, if any, differences there was in the layers as I become more ‘conscious’.

All I could take note of was that each time I got ‘lighter’ I lost more information about the OBE! The more awake, the more I lost and I felt no real difference between the different ‘layers’ except with my memory recall. This time there was no ‘false awakening’ and so I could not see if that ‘felt’ different than what I experienced here.

This entire experience was over the course of two hours, but it felt SO much longer! There was so much I did, and so much I lost in recall. Thankfully, my ‘tagging’ worked enough to get this much out and I’m hoping I didn’t lose anyone with such a long post!

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