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Sunday, January 25, 2009

93) Link with N.J. Dream?

Hi everyone! Ok, I have had some new experiences lately, and have not had the time to write them up, as I felt they were more 'dream-like' or less interesting than my usual experiences.

However, upon writing them up, I see there can be some interesting aspects that some may have more insight on. So I'm going to share them all!

For a little background, I have been in contact with another OBE'r from another country, one that is five hours ahead of me. He is an ex-Qigong instructor and well versed with energy and chakras. I tell you this because it pertains to aspects within this 'connection' dreams I feel I made with him.

I know some will think I am 'pressing' the 'coincidence' connection a bit, but MY feelings are that I indeed make a connection and just wanted to share. I have only sporatic memories of the 'dream' so this is the best I can recall and it is NOT written as I usually do (with good grammar!) as it is not easy to write


He was the last crew member from TV series left – felt like Doc McCoy from Star Trek - he was taking over role (?)- had silver suit on- said,”come see this with me” and took this other person with me to a tree where there were two birds on limb - male and female - one with bright orange and white (spike) comb on head - eating something green (beans?), something about Star Trek “I’m Capt Kirk, US Enterprise” is what the bird says but in bird language, their voice.

I said, “Hello ‘Capt Kirk US Enterprise!’” playfully back, then third person comes back to us as we are all done seeing this wonderful event (?), saying “time to take you back to Earth”. We were on a space ship, walking into other room I get feeling we are being ‘captured’? – as I saw something out the side window that maybe was hooking onto us (?), next thing I know the other person with me - he is unconscious with a mask over his face and can’t be aroused. I feel I have this plastic mask being placed over my face, am barely able to breathe, but had a small bit of my lower lip out so I could breathe - trying to get the third person’s attention to help us.

Now half awake with spinning strong right palm - tried to move energy, thinking of N.J. and how he would do it, powered up and moved it, but because too awake - woke completely up.

Key points to link to N.J.:

-Recorder dropped on floor just before bed, I had to search for - reminder to use?
-I don’t usually wake at 12:30 am after only 2 hours sleep (would coincide with N.J.’s waking time)
-Star Trek reference – link to N.J.’s astronomy interest? ( I rarely watched this show!)
-Bright orange/green in tree (reference to his association of himself as tree frog in email we had)
-birds (flying objects?)
-Other one invited me up – N.J. asleep first?
-Mask on my face barely able to breathe = not completely ‘unconscious’ of experience (as other male was) so I am able to ‘talk’ about it?
-Immediate thoughts of N.J. upon awakening with new energy movements he showed me being active

Narration from start of Star Trek series: “Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before"

Wow, does THIS statement does fit my experiences!!! lol

Thanks for reading and any insights,

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