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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

154)Awareness now; Vacation travel with Motor Home


It’s been nearly a month since my last blog post, and likely the longest it’s ever been between posts. It’s not that there has not been out of body activity, but the experiences have either been too personal or too brief to share. Even this short experience below isn’t much, but at least by posting it others may have some insight into its meaning or symbology that I cannot figure out.

For a little background, the last few weeks have been more stressful than usual with family issues and concerns as well as cleaning up from hurricane Irene that passed through our area leaving behind much damage. This entire past month seems to be a ‘cleaning up’ of energies around me, culminating with the hurricane that gave me no choice but to relinquish many items from my past and start anew.

This change in direction fits with my life as I look over the past few years as well. There has been many, many changes in my life that I would never have expected back then. Changes in career direction, family dynamics, and even a new desire to meet more of my OOBE friends has opened new doors and opportunities that could not have manifested had I not had the courage to undergo these changes. I’m thankful for all the learning and experiences I have had out of body, as I feel this has been a major reason why my life is moving in this great new direction.

As for the experience this morning, I will start by saying I am currently on my ‘road trip’ to Cape Cod and Maine to fulfill one of my desire to meet some of my online OOB friends. In my room this morning, I had the luxury of sleeping in (a rare treat!) and found myself lifting gently above my body.

Excited to know I was ready to move, I rolled out and stood in my room. It was hazy and unclear, but I was happy to see that I was able to remember my intention to use “Awareness Now!” as my affirmation once out of body.

Upon affirming “Awareness now!”, my vision cleared and I could see the details of my room. Wanting to really ‘clear up’ my thinking and enhance my recall for this experience, I again affirmed “Awareness now”. (I had listened to William Buhlman’s tapes on my long ride to Cape Cod, and was impressed with his use of this affirmation to bring more of your own ‘consciousness’ into the energy body where it was now located to enhance clarity and recall and wanted to use this in my next experience).

This worked perfectly and I knew I wanted to move out and see if I could meet up with the person I hoped to see. I headed for the door and upon exiting was SO surprised to see the change in environment! I was no longer in ‘physical’ surroundings but now hanging outside of a large mobile home that was being driven down a highway!!

I was concerned at first because I thought I hadn’t had the time to dress properly being outside, and looked back into my motel room, which I could still see clearly and perfectly and knew that at least I had my clothes with me available in that room. (I was aware I was traveling and not at home and somehow worried that I didn’t have them with me if I was leaving on this bus-like motor home.)

Now, clinging to the outside of the motor home once I left my room, I’m enjoying myself tremendously, feeling the breeze as it moves down the road, and even watching a car come at me and swinging myself in front of it just to show how ‘daring’ and unfearful I could be while OOB!

I moved up to the front to see who was driving, wanting to speak with him, and found him talking on his cell phone in heated discussion about some sort of personal issue and his inability to pay some bills. It really didn’t make much sense to me and I wondered what this all meant if someone else is driving my ‘home’.

I felt confused, maybe due to the new surroundings, maybe due to the analyzing of my situation, and quickly found myself back in body waking in my bed.

This was a short rather uneventful OBE, yet one that I clearly remember as being vivid and in full clear vision and control. I’m hoping maybe someone can maybe offer some insight into what this may mean, if anything, as I feel it has some symbolic meaning in view of the many changes I’ve experienced.


hotusd said...

hi karen, can you give me your method to have OBEs. it is combined with WBTB or not?


Karen said...

Yes, I primarily do WBTB method after sleeping for 3-4 hours to get the 'deep sleep' over with. However, I have also done this with naps (on a rare opportunity to have one!), and early morning after waking.

I have much information posted here already on #120 ( with links at the bottom to other blog posts that give how I do it specifically.

If you have any other questions, email love to hear from my readers!