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Thursday, June 23, 2011

148) California Adventures; Meeting Jaime and OOB in a Plane!


I had met my new OBE friend Jaime for the first time this day, and set the intention to see if I could go visit in an OBE that night. My first recollection after my induction was of being in a hospital-type area with friends caring for me, helping me to move from one room to another. I knew I wanted to go, but yet I might not be ready.

Impatiently I rolled out and immediately fell backward, unsteady and unable to control my movements. I could hear my daughter and a friend (Bill?) talking in distance going off to explore but I was not in control enough to move to go with them.

Finding myself back in body, I noticed a beautiful multicolored geometric mosaic design behind my closed eyes that swirled around until it faded and I found myself fully aware again.

I consciously attempted to induce again, and this time found it was an easy exit, as I moved out the door to fly up through some trees (as usual). This time, though, I stopped to ask the tree if it ever had a hug, and then grabbed some leaves and branches to give it a hug.

I went off, with limited recall now as I had such an unexpected ending to this experience that it overtook these memories. I recall only of flying high, very dark at first having to state ‘clarity now’ twice to try to improve, and impressing three words into my consciousness to help with my recall. “horse”? “house“? and a third word I have no memory of now. Vaguely, I can remember seeing a wide open plain with horse(s) below me.

One other memory was seeing a city below me lit up with lights as it was night time, knowing it was a different appearance than the cities back home. It appeared to be in a flat area but surrounded by mountains, similar to the landscape I noticed in California. My only ‘feelings’ left to this beginning experience was as if I was ‘high and far away’ with wonderful memories when I returned to my body.

I remember the usual fumbling with the recorder, seeing the lit display with odd numbers, so I knew it was a signal of a false awakening. I was excited to record what I had remembered, so I pulled back to more wakefulness, but was surprised to see that the recorder was still malfunctioning again.

I was about to pull awake once more when I noticed a man and two young boys standing behind the couch I was lying on. “Jaime is here!” was the first impression I had, but also knew he looked just a bit different. He had on some sort of ‘uniform’ but it wasn’t military, a short sleeve single color (white? gold?) chef-type shirt with a design on the right sleeve. (This is why the memories of the first part faded quickly, as I was so excited to see him!)

With him were two boys around the age of 8 or 9. I remember sitting and chatting with them, Jaime with one boy on his lap and the other standing in front. We were laughing and having a good time. I tried to look closely at the young boys to be able to describe what they looked like after awakening.

Both boys had brown eyes, the one on Jaime’s lap with small style dark color frame glasses and messy wavy hair in a beautiful red-brown color. I remember remarking on how messy it was! The other boy had a mop of hair, brown, rounder face and possibly freckles. I wasn’t sure if Jaime was their caretaker or the one was related and the other a friend. I remember thinking what nice kids they were!

Because I was so surprised to see Jaime at the end when I was ‘pulling back’ to awareness, I have completely forgotten when it was that I did earlier in the night, and can only remember these few details. I just know I came back from ‘far away’ and ‘high’ and had a fantastic time!

But it was also SO nice to know that my intention to ‘go see’ Jaime the same night I met him for the first time brought him here to my daughter’s place at the end of a great OBE!

In speaking with Jaime later, I found that that he remembered sitting and talking with people that night, but no recollection of the young boys or any idea who they could have been. Because Jaime is very familiar with the OBE process as well, I feel it just may have been a connection we both shared that night.

6/22/11 Plane flight home

In meeting with OBE friends in California and sharing their excitement, it motivated me to want to try something new and see if I could get OOB while traveling on the plane to home, since I knew it was a long trip and I could sleep. I was concerned it might not happen, as I have never attempted this in a noisy, bumpy, moving environment, but still wanted to try.

In used my usual affirmations and visualization before sleep, and remember being surprised to feel my left knee floating up as I sat in the plane seat. (I was in a window seat, next to the wing of the plane.) It didn’t bring me to awareness of possibly being OOB, as my mind registered it as something interesting but not that unusual.

It was at that point that we had to have hit some turbulence, or maybe my seatmate moved slightly to bump me, but I felt my astral leg quickly and heavily sink back into my physical body, enough to startle me to more awareness.

I realized ‘hey wow! I WAS starting to get OOB!’ Without waking completely, I settled back in and soon found both knees now floating up, to the point where I felt totally squished in the seat! I wondered how do I get out fully while sitting in this plane seat?!?

I thought a change in position might help, so I leaned back, falling through the back of the seat, and then used a ‘floating’ visualization to try to lift. My next memory is of seeing the ceiling of the plane only inches from my face!!

I now realized I was out!! I was so thrilled, yet I told myself not to get too excited. I remember thinking I should verify it by moving my hand through the roof of the plane. As I placed my hand partially through the ceiling successfully, I fearfully remembered I was in a moving airplane and maybe shouldn’t disturb some important ‘wiring’ or such and so pulled my hand back in quickly! (This shows me how strong my beliefs were that you just don’t go outside or mess with a moving airplane!! lol)

Now I’m doing handstands on the back of the seats, flopping myself into unsuspecting passengers laps and then moved to the front of the plane. I found two open seats next to a young male and thought I’d just stop here to check out first class. While there, the stewardess made some announcement, and I realized that no one was too happy about her disturbing their quiet. I could feel the passenger’s ‘irritation’ and even sensed some ‘discontent’ from the stewardess as she performed her job.

At that point we did hit turbulence, and I awoke fully from my sleep. I was so happy to have succeeded! I knew I had felt ‘confined’ to the inside of the plane, with my fear of causing problems should I have exited it.

What is very interesting, though, is that soon after I awoke, I was able to see the TV screen of the row ahead of me. It was playing a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he was returning the Tasmanian devil home to Tasmania. Bugs Bunny was flying home, and was sad about leaving behind the Tasmanian devil.

Just before landing, Bugs looks out the plane and sees the Tasmanian devil riding home with him out on the wing of the plane!! I knew this was meant for me to see, as I felt at that time that the next time I WILL be able to remember that I cannot be harmed and will get out to see what it’s like on the wing as we fly!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so cool! I've tried to go OOB several times on planes but couldn't because I would think it was too tight of a space, or wonder if I would end up sleep walking around the plane or something. This inspired me to actually just DO IT next time!

Anonymous said...

wow this is a wonderful account of your experience! I envy you and you have inspired me to try to work with this OOB thing.. I know that I have been close or there many times, I just did't realize that there is so much more to it as my experiences are so scattered. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Tree Frog said...

I doubt the wiring on a plane would be at risk, or the confined space would be a problem...that what is `there' in physical life is rather less `there' in astral life, especially as we OBEers pass through walls etc. with such ease!