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Sunday, April 3, 2011

142) Experiencing Dual Consciousness - On Another Level

In order to give a little background on this experience, I want to mention that I have been reading and thinking a bit more about what exactly this ‘out of body’ experience is. I realize now what is easiest for us to understand is that we somehow ‘create’ or extrude this other ‘body’ and use it to maneuver the astral planes.

Despite knowing there was much more to this ‘exit’ than this simple assumption, I never thought more about it, instead choosing to just enjoy the experience and learn how to navigate this realm with different methods.

Now, with reading Ophiel’s book from the early years of astral travel, I find a slightly different understanding of what I am doing, especially after this experience. I’ve always known there was a change in ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ when I rolled out, leaving my physical body behind, but never thought more of it.

I now think there is so much more to this simple ‘act’ than one can understand. It is not simply a ‘transition’ to a new astral ‘body’, but a transfer of awareness (aka consciousness) to another level of awareness, hence can be done at any time and on multiple levels.

This ‘dual consciousness’ sensation I have felt before, in the ‘astral vision’ where I was lying on my bed aware of ‘seeing’ and participating in another experience, feeling both my physical body and this etheric body. (see #16 - click here) In a sense, this would be a physical-etheric interface, whereas what I believe I experienced here in this OBE was on another level where perhaps it was an astral-etheric interface on another level.

There is much I am not writing about in this OBE as it was on level with activities that only I can personally relate to. However, I am sharing the part that was most interesting in learning more about this ‘transfer’ of consciousness and state of ‘be-ing’.

The beginning of the experience started much as usual, with the joyful sensation of vibrations beginning as I lie on my couch. However, just as I was willing the vibrations to increase, I become aware of someone walking toward the couch.

Having had this many times, I have learned to just wait and see who it was. I was so surprised to ‘see’ it was my husband, and he was most adamant about me getting up and taking care of some things. I remember now being disappointed at the loss of vibrations and a potential OBE, and got up to do what I needed to do.

At this point, in hindsight, I realize I was now out of body, but totally unaware of my ‘state of be-ing’. In a dreamlike environment, I moved through different activities that felt ‘real’ and usual. (In hindsight, as I recorded these activities, however, I am amazed that I did not pick up on the some of the QUITE unusual events!)

The part that was most interesting is finding ‘myself’ at a medical seminar, the kind I have attended in physical life many times. Sitting at the table, preparing to pack up and leave, my first ‘clear’ recollection of something amiss was when I got up to pick up some items behind me.

Looking back at the table where I came from, I was AMAZED to see MYSELF still sitting there, working on something at the table! I remember thinking, ‘oh! I must have rolled out of body when I got up!’ and was happy to know I was out, but was a bit confused as to how my ‘other body’ was awake, yet I was here!

So I walk up to my’self’, and turn to face me, wondering if maybe this other ‘self’ had fallen asleep (since that is generally the only time I know I’m OOB!) But, I can now see the wide-awake shocked expression of my ‘seated self’ seeing myself standing in front of me! Yet at the same time, I am also ‘aware’ of the shocked thoughts at seeing myself in front of me! What a sensation!! It was similar to the ‘astral vision’ experiences, but with an even deeper level of immediate understanding.

I believe I had assumed this ‘dream-body’ level of awareness as the ‘true me’ until I felt the transition to the other ‘out of body’ level of awareness. Then, upon facing myself, I found I was both, the same and at once! I’m sorry this is so confusing, but at the time, it was not as difficult to understand as it is to put into words!

Now, the sad fact is that I did not keep this ‘other awareness’ and moved back into the ‘dream-body’ level of awareness and resumed my activities in preparing to leave the seminar. I remember thinking I had driven myself there alone, and as it was about 5:30 pm, I knew I had to leave soon as I had a 4-5 hour drive home.

It was only upon awakening fully into the physical state was I able to realize this other ‘awareness’ of being out of body, while I was out of body! Usually I find myself in a familiar local environment in an out of body ‘mindstate’ or ‘wake up’ within a dream anomaly to full ‘consciousness’ of my OOB state. This time, I remained in this dreamstate, but able to move my consciousness back and forth between my dream-state character and another out-of-body awareness. Quite unusual!

*check out comment below for another great interpretive comment from Oliver! Thanks!


Oliver said...

Hello, Karen.

I think it's possible that this encounter occurred in the astral and mental bodies.

On the astral plane you experience normal dreams. You naturally switch your consciousness over into your astral body during sleep. The unresolved issues and emotions from the day start to act as powerful attractors for the surrounding the astral matter. A dream environment forms. This dream environment is experienced non-lucidly by the astral body and can facilitate a release of these energies. The astral body experiences this as real without question.

Seeing yourself in the dream environment indicates that your consciousness is not in the astral body. For one thing you can observe yourself from outside. This requires another body. Your switching back and forth between the bodies validates that - these are indeed both vehicles of your own consciousness awareness.

And this second body does not form a dream environment of its own! The astral body attracts this dream environment because it is of the same "matter" as the astral plane. The higher bodies are not - they are composed of the matter of the mental plane. They would not form a dream environment on the astral plane because - in the theosophical model of understanding - they are not of the matter of that plane.

So, that would be my guess. The etheric body - to my understanding - does not form a dream environment. According to Kurt two energy bodies are usually developed in tandem - so you can develop the etheric and astral bodies in parallel, and here you might be developing the astral and mental bodies in parallel. The higher body is then occasionally "glimpsed" while the lower body is the focus most of the time.

Kurt reports an experience with three bodies present in "Otherwhere" - I think. It's at least in one of his books, and might also be repeated in "The Multi-Dimensional Human." Robert reports a powerful "telepathic feedback" experience in AD when he encountered his own astral body. While I have not met myself, I have switched between different "levels" of myself during experiences as well.


Karen said...

More on the 'mind-split' perspective here:

Tom Dewell said...

This is such a fascinating entry. Prompted an immediate reaction and the result was a long blog post on the Gateway Experience.

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