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Saturday, March 21, 2009

100) Sending Love - Successful!

Hi everyone! Things here in 'real life' have been quite busy with some very stressful situations and health concerns over the past few weeks. Experiences have continued, but not to the degree that there is much information that I feel others can learn from.

However, this experience has a few 'new' aspects, so I'm sharing that latest. I welcome any insights, comments, or thoughts!

This experience offered once again more new experiences for me. In retrospect, I feel I have had so much to do and take care of in the past few weeks with my ‘physical life’ that my astral body is trying to compensate by giving me what I need to balance.

Just prior to sleep with this experience, and knowing that I have not had the chance to help others while OOB in a long time, I do recall a brief ‘thought’ that impressed upon mind that this time I just might get my wish. However the difference was, this time they came to me!

I went to my ‘traveling’ couch at 3am per my usual routine. As I’m lying there, I get the typical altered sensations (floating, soft buzzing) that indicates I’m about ready to separate. Instead of just rolling out as usual, I find my legs floating vertical in the air! Now this is common for me as a signal to roll, however, I couldn’t move! I question whether perhaps I really DO have my legs this high, but also realize it just isn’t possible.

While lying there, feeling my legs floating and not able to roll out, I have a sense of someone coming from the kitchen area. I feel slight apprehension, as I see a very strong male (energy) shadow moving toward me, talking animatedly and emphatically, as he towered over my body lying on the couch!

My initial reflexive reaction was to put my hand up to him and said “Stop!”, however upon doing so, immediately knew I should not do that and then said, “I send you love”! He stopped, calmed a bit, and with this success, I also visualized sending loving energy to him, which improved his overall ‘sense’ quite a bit. He was able to talk more coherently to me now, and at the time, I knew what we were discussing but there is no memory now. I only have the impression he was explaining something, and just needed to talk.

He faded out and now I felt the presence of another smaller female, hunched over, next to the couch in the same spot he faded from. It was a much older woman, quiet and non-threatening, and I asked, “what can I help you with?” She mumbled something softly, and the conversation is again not recalled, however I do remember sending her love as well.

She faded after a short time and once again, a very animated, almost agitated, middle-aged female appeared in her place. She was talking loudly and waving her arms about. I recall only scraps of information about our conversation, something about products, and TV, and things she needs or was interested in. Because I had already started sending love with the other two, and with her strong energy appearance, it was easy to calm her down and just talk to her without any concerns or fear.

At some point, she faded, and I became aware of my moving feet. This time I realized I could now roll out! I stood up next to the couch, amazed at the ‘strength’ of solidness I felt! However, I couldn’t move! Once again, I try ‘to the door!’ and when that didn’t work, ‘to the outside!’

Now realizing I could see (usually I’m in darkness initially), my orientation was a bit confused. Although I felt as though I was facing my dining room, it appeared to me that my living room bay window was in front of me! Without questioning my orientation ‘status’ (as it was much more important that I get out, not caring which direction!) I just affirmed, ‘to the outside!’ while looking at the window.

VERY slowly, I begin to move, so I say ‘to the window’, ‘to the outside’ – ANYthing to move! I’m drifting slowly, very slowly….and it feels as though I am not ‘in control’ of this one. So, I just ‘let go’ and remember it doesn’t’ matter where I go out, as long as I get out! Lol

I start to move up to the ceiling, and think, ‘oh this is great!’ as I’ll get to experience the texture changes as I pass through so slowly. Indeed I do, first the ceiling, then the attic area, through the roof and then to the outside – each feeling so different in texture and sensation.

I am moving SOoooo slowly, finally breaking through to the outside, seeing clouds and birds, and even something that I’m not sure what it was while flying (this is what I recorded – very limited memories here).

I am enjoying the drifting and floating, getting so comfortable and relaxed. I even recall knowing I could take part of the cloud to use as a pillow! I was so content and at peace, not really going anywhere, but just enjoying the open expansiveness and peaceful feelings. The sense of freedom and comfort was immense.

When I came back to couch, there was another ‘first’ I can remember doing. I had to actually “turn around” to get into the right position as I’m getting back in body. I somehow knew I had to re-enter differently, but I really don’t know how I knew!

I am aware I have so much to record and am now trying to bring myself awake slowly while trying to find recorder. It’s hard to describe, but I knew I wasn’t awake enough to get it working so I hung onto the memories as much as I could while trying to wake even further. However once I was fully awake to record, I still lost so many memories.

I am find this happening more and more often, with deep memories holding while slowly waking, using attempts to bring them to the surface with signal words, but losing the ‘idea’ behind them as soon as I am fully awake.

As for the shadowing figures, all I needed to do was calm them down and become comfortable with their animated and ‘wild’ energy (that initially scared me slightly). By remembering to send loving thoughts and energy as they spoke to me allowed me to show my understanding of the loving communication process that is difficult to control many times when faced with fear while OOB.

Getting fully out after meeting these individuals was also different in that despite my lack of usual quick determined movements, it was still an enjoyable experience, as the slowness allowed me to fully experience each part of the process. When finally outdoors, the expansiveness and happiness I felt ‘just doing nothing’ I believe was a much needed respite from the extremely stressful and overactive life that I have encountered these past few weeks.

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