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Saturday, September 13, 2008

73) Two Exits - Connecting with G; Intense Feeling of Objects

As I am still very much interested in trying to 'connect' with someone within the astral realms, I once again went to bed with the intention of trying to find G. Previously we had attempted a pre-arranged meeting at a visualized park we called "Paradise Park" a few nights ago that had some minor 'hits' in correlation, but in general, was not validating to any degree.

This time, I thought I'd try to 'connect' by traveling once again to his area, to see what I would find. (His responses will be at the end of the OOBE description)

I remember becoming aware of all-over vibrations, not strong and earth-shaking, but as tingling, soft, gentle buzzing would be a better description. I am fully ‘alert’ now and ease into the sensations, willing them to become stronger as I know this is the beginning of an adventure! lol

During the buzzing sensations, however, I am also hearing the usual ‘false awakening’ signal of someone in the house walking down the stairs and to the kitchen. (I sense it was again my husband, as I am always concerned he’ll come down and try to convince me to return to bed – he doesn’t really understand what I do on my ‘traveling’ couch....)

***NOTE: I’m thinking this may be a way my personal ‘fears’ are manifested in order to try to get my conscious mind to fully wake or even shut down to not remember ‘getting out’ – This is common, IMO, and something I feel I should share with those of you that are just learning this process.

With beginning OBEs, your ‘higher self’ is trying to protect your conscious mind from overloading it with information and happenings that it may not be able to process – IMO – so to learn to ‘go with’ any fears that arise and not fully awaken or drop into sleep is important for your OBE development***

Now the buzzing is quite intense, yet still very comfortable, I sense my both my legs floating up. Again, this is my cue that I’m ready to roll! I roll out very easily this time, with no heaviness or pulling sensations. I am again SO clear in my thoughts and head for the front door.

It is dark, though, and I have the occasional ‘exit blindness’ again. I affirm ‘clarity now!’ twice as I float gently upward and begin moving in a very peaceful, calm manner. I remember I want to ‘go see G.!’ and there was a very short sensation of movement as my vision opened up.

I can see I am high above the earth, looking down at what appears to be flat land, crisscrossed with highways, and have the feeling it is nighttime, although there is plenty of light to see. Moving closer to the earth, I can even see the cars on the highways and a flashing ‘arrow’ warning light, as if there was construction moving the traffic to the right. I sense it is an urban area, yet with expanses of land between the crisscrossed highways.

I remember thinking that G. lives in a city, so this can’t be where he is, and was directed to look further up and see a cluster of city lights ahead. Instead of heading for the city lights, I moved down to an area that had a ‘park-like’ feeling to it, and could see what I ‘labeled’ a train trestle (for later recall). It was an open iron structure, grid-like, either a bridge or open tunnel, with the distinctive black background and big yellow X on it – similar to what I would have seen on the back of a train engine. (At least that was how I processed this structure).

I am not sure where I went, but it may have been into that trestle. It became very dark, and I am aware I am in a ‘superman’ type position with my hands out front because I was suddenly startled to find the powerful ‘physical’ touch of strong male hands coming from behind and covering both my fists!!

I take a few thoughts to overcome my initial shocked response, again learning to ‘go with’ anything that happens. The hands remain over top of my own as we move gently along in darkness, and I sense information coming through, yet cannot recall specific details! I DO know I asked him, ‘are we still going to go see G?’ and got the resounding answer of YES!

Upon hearing his answer, either I then got too excited and found myself waking, or there was more to this conversation that leads me to believe it was not time for this experience to be completed. I am left with the feeling of contentment and anticipation knowing that I heard from him that I WILL be able to connect at some time!!

This first experience happened 4a – 5a and I immediately tried to re-induce to go OOB again. In lying there visualizing, I was so happy to have had this experience that I intended that if I did get out again, I would go ‘inward now’ and try to help others if I could as a way of showing thanks and appreciation. Meanwhile, in my visualizations I attempted to send keywords and images to G. in the event he would be able to receive them.

(After awakening fully and getting up later at 8am, I realized that there was a very symbolic dream I had at this time that I did not even remember until arising! –that is quite unusual for me! - The symbolism of the ‘dream’ indicated that I was probably ‘not prepared’ properly for the ‘classwork’ I was scheduled to do)

I awoke after this at 7a and was disappointed to know that since I have to now be ‘on call’ for work, I may not get another change to go OOB. But, the Universe saw it important that I did get another chance!

Relaxing back, I realized the soft buzzing sensations had returned! Knowing time was short, I intently tried to increase their vibrations to the point where I could feel the floating sensation start. Not wanting to wait for full separation, as soon as I felt any floating, I rolled off and out! (I am so impatient sometimes! lol)

Due to my impatience, this time it was a bit harder to move, and I had to ‘push’ myself to the door, even recalling that I had my toes pushing against the couch in order to stretch myself to the other side of the room!

It became easier to move once at the door and moved outside, only to find that upon moving through the door I could physically FEEL the change in texture! The best I can describe it is as if it was a ‘crackling, fuzzy’ sensation as my body moved through it. There was a definite difference in this ‘feeling’ as it was more intense than anything I remember previously.

I then tried to see if the same intense sensation would be felt as I exited the porch and side of house, which it was! I could even feel the difference as I moved out into the ‘sunshine’! (although there was no sun shining when I woke, so perhaps it could have been the ‘light’ sensation I felt)

I floated up high, seeing my house and yard clearly, and then thought ‘let me feel the trees!’ that are there. I reached out to the trees and felt the same change in texture as my arms and body passed through so easily! I then think I’d like to feel the earth, and immediately move down and feel my arms and torso sink deep into the earth, sensing that change so intensely! I remember thinking this is so cool! I can feel so much more intensely in this OBE!

I float back up high, remembering I wanted to go ‘inward now’ as a thanks for the previous OBE, yet also thinking I’d really like to still find G.! So I twist slightly attempting to spin, affirming ‘inward now!’ and realize I’m now in a more mountainous area, with open meadows, and that same floating peacefulness I experienced in the previous OBE.

Thinking I may be too ‘awake’ and still had to induce that ‘black tunnel’ experience that I usually get with ‘inward now’, I visualize a free fall sensation. I once again find myself in a blackness that opens to the quiet mountain meadow, lying there enjoying the peace and quiet.

I gradually became more aware and tried to recall this OBE for recording. I hold my recorder and see that it is not working properly, falling apart in my hands, then playing music, upside down and just in general fumbling with it to the point where I thought I was going to not be able to record anything! (another fear in a false awakening?)

Of course, upon fully awakening, I find only 15 minutes have passed and my recorder is not even in my hands! I record what I recall and now feel this OBE was more for increasing my awareness of astral ‘sensations’ and to perhaps give me some much needed peacefulness!

G.'s response: You made it to the area where I live. :-) I live in a small city/suburb that is surrounded by low hills with valleys. I am impressed! You should be elated! Picked up on the train part. Yes, I live near tracks!

(Also, he mentioned the night before coming home from work with this experience: "Evidently several trains collided and shut down may arteries to the freeway. Unfortunately, I was 1 hour waiting (stopped) before I found out what happened and could get on another route." Might this have been the 'construction/warning' lights I saw??)

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