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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

64a) Purpose Value and Usefulness for Traveling OOB

I was just recently asked a very good question that I thought I'd share my response to.

"While I'm very open to any experience that comes along, I wonder what would be the purpose, value, usefulness, benefit to me to actually seek OBE?"

I am sure there are many out there who ask the same thing, and for every individual it will have a different answer. You alone will have to decide what it is that drives you to seek this ability and for what reason.

I will share my belief as to the purpose, value, usefulness and benefit of these OOB experiences as they relate to me.

Initially, the excitement of getting 'out' was sufficient reason to seek this experience. I have always understood that we are more than just physical beings, having a spiritual energy inside that drives our consciousness from within. Somehow, even though I understood this, there was always that tiniest degree of human self-doubt that persisted.

So, with the OOBEs and that feeling of 'separation' of spirit, (yet not fully separate), validated this belief immensely. There is no doubt at all now, and it is such peace of mind and comfort to absolutely, positively KNOW that we will continue on after death and in an even higher level of performance than we currently have now.

After a few times out, I realized I was always learning something new - whether it was how to handle moving through objects, interacting with other spirits, or even just 'thought control' (dual consciousness, thoughts in action, etc). I was amazed at the levels of learning I was accomplishing, and every time I thought I just couldn't do more, more was shown to me.

I truly believe we are absolutely limitless in our abilities, yet we are also very much restricted by our physical 'minds' to understand the full capabilites we have. There are no restrictions once OOB, and for the physical mind to comprehend this, it takes baby steps to learn. This learning of new, unimaginable experiences is currently my reason and purpose for seeking these OOB experiences.

Every experience adds to my learning, and the more I seek, the more I find. Putting constraints on your efforts by limiting your reasons for doing this will only hinder your learning - you need to be open to any and all experiences.

I love to use the 'Inward Now' affirmation as William Buhlman suggests, as it has always taken me to areas where I personally need to learn something. Once you realize the only person you have any control over at all is yourself, then you can take an interest in making your 'self' the best it can be.

For me, it is the constant learning and experiencing of new events, whether it is in 'real life' or in 'spirit'/astral that drives my 'self'. I will never stop learning or seeking to improve myself in any way that I can.

As my personal motto states, 'the more we learn, the more limitless the universe becomes!'

I hope this answers your question. I appreciate you giving me the chance to explain my reasons for seeking these experiences.

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