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Sunday, November 18, 2007

30) Another Retrieval? LD but Not Aware

This was actually the second experience within the same night. I had gone to bed with the intent to 'go within' and/or assist in a retrieval. Little did I know that I would get both in the same night!

(The first was definitely 'Inward now!' experience, but it was very much a personal experience that I have not posted here since I don't feel it would be helpful to anyone but me...but then again, that's what 'going within' is for!)

November 18, 2007

First recall I have is of driving my former full-size van into the parking lot of our local bank/post office. Standing at the side of the building was a man who, at first, looked very much like my brother. He was just standing there, with a gas can placed at his feet, watching me enter.

Thinking this person could possibly be my brother, I pulled up next to him and asked if he needed a ride, thinking he was out of gas. I then realized this was not my brother when he said "Sure! I have to get to (name of nearby town)".

Now I’m a bit concerned as I am not in the habit of picking up strangers and giving them a ride. (I am not aware I am dreaming therefore do not have my usual ‘awareness’.)

I believe I said something like "oh, you’re not my brother, but I guess I still should give you a ride since I offered" and he indicated that he’d sure appreciate it.

So now I am trying to turn the van around to face the exit, backing up, and being very careful about my maneuvering since it’s such a large vehicle. As I turn back to see where I am going, I notice the man walking to the side of the car, putting on a motorcycle helmet. I think, ‘oh no, he’s going to want to put his motorcycle in the back of the van!’

Now I’m really concerned about giving this guy a ride, and the next thing I know, the man is yelling "watch out!" as I see him falling to the ground. Thinking I am about to run over him, I pull forward to move away and see that he is now irate, talking to a group of people who suddenly appeared around him, telling them all about this ‘crazy woman’ who tried to run him over!

I remember thinking, "well, this is not going to be something I want to stay around for" so I proceed to drive off, yelling back to the man that giving him a ride is not really a good idea at this time.

As I pull out of the parking lot onto the road, I look back (worried that he is still talking about me and that he may be injured on the ground), I am surprised to see that there is no one anywhere in the parking lot!

As I continue down the road, I am aware of a huge dust cloud coming at me, that fully encompasses the van I am driving. It is at this point I realize that I am 'dreaming' and the entire scene fades before I can do anything more.

In reflecting on this experience, I believe this may have been a ‘blind’ retrieval since I was not fully aware of what I was participating in, but the scenario fits the description of what I have read to be a retrieval. This man needed to have some intervention that would take him out of his ‘locked-in belief’ that he was still in physical and waiting for someone to help him.

Those who do not ‘cross over’ fully upon ‘death’ usually have such strong beliefs in their physical-ness that they are unable to see others in spirit who are always there to try to help him move on. Their very strong belief that they are still 'in flesh' do not permit them to 'see' anything other than what they 'think' is real.

My arrival was ‘seen’ by this man as I was more ‘physical’ (lower energy vibration) than his spirit helpers (due to my OOB state). This caused him to change his view of his current (stuck) situation enough to be open to the possibility of others coming to help, which therefore allowed him to 'see' his spirit helpers who assisted him to move on.

Although I would have liked to have been more 'aware' during this experience, in hindsight, I feel it still could have been a retrieval of sorts since I did eventually become 'aware' at the very end.

Perhaps if I had conscious 'awareness' during the experience, I may not have handled it the same way or in the right manner.

Anyone have any other thoughts about this experience?

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