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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

24) Into the Earth

I awaken on my own at 2:30am as per my usual routine anymore. Unable to fall asleep in bed, I moved to the couch in the living room. After a short time of affirmations and visualizations, I could feel the ‘sinking’ feeling that signals I’m getting ready. I then heard the sounds of music, conversation, and chimes and then realized my left arm was already floating above my head!

So at that point, I just ‘climbed’ out and over the couch and found myself floating next to it. It felt different this time, less of a physical feeling, and more of a formless float. There was no heaviness and I realized I was ‘blind’ again (this almost always happens upon first exit) so I just thought ‘clarity’ and I could see.

I am above my living room, could see my dog next to the couch and said to him, “hey Buddy, come on, let’s go!” I headed for the side door and then found myself no longer in control of the scene. I entered into a hallway, with a familiar flooring and walls, thinking it was a school corridor. It was empty and I wondered where to go and what to do.

I did remember to say ‘awareness now!’, but it was without much help. I still had no idea what to do. I saw that the floor now had splotches of water on it, leading into another corridor, and I knew it was leading to an indoor pool area. I had the choice of going right or left, chose right, and continued on to poolside. There I floated above this group of teenagers who were talking and paying no attention to me at all. I moved on out to another room, but this one was a market of sort where there were displays of necklaces, jewelry, and other things for sale.

People were all around, and at this point I realize I really should try stop and talk to someone to ask them a question. Of course I couldn’t remember exactly what I wanted to ask! I tapped this one heavyset older woman on the shoulder and I think I asked something like “where are we?” and “what’s going on?”

I distinctly got the impression she was a bit grumpy, that I was imposing, and gave me some answer like ‘you should know where you are or you don’t belong here!’ I apologized for bothering her and moved on. On my way out, I saw a bartender-like person behind a counter, thought of asking him (since bartenders always know what’s going on! lol), but he paid no attention to me either so I just moved on and went out the door.

I awoke 4:15am IP and wondered what a boring OOB this was with no one to interact with, yet was intrigued by the new light feeling I had initially when OOB.

Back in bed, I was reflecting on the information I read just last night that made an impression on me. I had read a part in the book Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight and her adventure into earth consciousness by actually traveling inside the earth while OOB. I was fascinated with her experience and remember thinking it’d be interesting to see what that was like. Little did I know that I’d be given that opportunity so quickly! (My lesson: Watch what you ask for!)

After returning to bed and more affirmations, I found myself flying high around the earth, swooping up and down, just enjoying the freedom of movement. It was at a point when I was very high above the earth and looking down, I decided I wanted to nosedive straight down directly into the earth! (I remember I had perfect dive form…hands out in front and toes pointed - I was amazed afterward of my lack of fear! lol)

As I entered the ‘ground’ I could feel the different texture change along my whole body as I was entering and immediately found myself in a black void. I stopped, not wanting to go inside ‘too deep’ and just floated around in this void.

No noise, no nothing…I knew where I was and tried to feel a connection with the earth, but I think I already had started to generate a twinge of ‘fear’ by not wanting to go too deep. It was peaceful there, but my thoughts were about how I was going to get out and if I could.

I felt a bit of anxiety thinking I was ‘under the earth’ when I suddenly found myself in another environment. I think the physical body fear creeping in is what caused me to leave and not have the full experience I wanted.

Now I found myself in this clinic-like area where these people are living while they learn to deal with their ‘addictions’. As I’m ‘walking’ around and talking with the residents, I watch as a middle-age disheveled blond man enters with a cigarette in his mouth. The other residents immediately yell at him to get rid of the cigarette as it is forbidden here. He throws it on the floor next to where we are sitting and I was concerned for a few seconds about a fire, but was able to remember ‘it’s all astral’, so no concern.

I am just going around talking with different residents, all in varying degrees of mental disability and scruffiness, but I just cannot recall what I am talking about! I do remember one resident telling me to be sure to bring her ‘something’ when I came out. I just went from room to room talking and as I was getting ready to go out to the foyer area, I remembered I was supposed to bring this one resident something she asked for. I couldn’t remember what it was! I saw this lighter on a side table and said, ‘oh, it’s probably that’ and picked it up.

In the foyer, the residents are lining up for snacks and drinks, and I see a (current) friend of mine at the table buying something. The woman who wanted me to get her something was there and was scolding me that she asked for a ‘soda’ not a lighter (since cigarettes are forbidden! yikes, what was I thinking! lol) My friend said for me not to worry, that she took care of buying her a soda so all is well.

At that point, I was awakened by an alarm and quickly found myself back on the couch. I have no idea why I was at a ‘rehab’ clinic, but I was sure doing a lot of talking. I get the feeling that perhaps I was learning how they came to be stuck in their addictions.

Again, the most amazing part of this three part OBE is the adventure into the earth. I have obviously released the ‘belief’ that there are boundaries to what we can and cannot do. Part of the reading in the book that I felt especially connected to related to the fact that there are no boundaries to what we can do. As it is said, you are limited only by the extent of your imagination, and even then, there are those ‘helpers’ who will show that even our imagination can be stretched!

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