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Sunday, October 14, 2007

26) Inward Now! Finally!

Well, I am just SO excited about my experiences last night that I can’t wait to post them!

To the best of my recall this is my latest OBE experience – and it shows finally (!) that I was able to be SO in control of my conscious thinking that, for the first time, I remembered to do what Buhlman suggests to ‘go inward to the higher self’ to learn what needs to be known now. (Thanks Matt of for the recent post where I responded to you by saying we all need to learn to do this for ourselves – it appears it was for my benefit too!)

I can remember that during the different stages of this OBE, I knew there was just SO much information being given that I was going to have some difficulty remembering it all. I affirmed to myself “I will remember all” at different times, but I still feel I have left some things out.

5:10am Sunday 10/14/07

“Absolutely awesome!” was my first words on the recording I made….

I was on the couch, where I go when I need more quiet than my sleeping husband can provide. (lol) During this entire experience, there were three times I thought I was physically ‘awake’, but each time, I just went along with whatever was happening to try to prolong my relaxation mode, only to discover that I was not awake, but still OOB within the dream state.

The earliest recall I have is a lucid dream where I was attempting to restart an old motorcycle that I had once had in my younger days. I did manage to get it started, but couldn’t find the switch for the headlight to turn it on. I wanted to take it out and try it again, despite its old, worn condition.

My father happened to come by (as the motorcycle was at his house) and showed me the switch and I remember thinking ,”wow, I should think about taking this more often to work, just for fun, like in the old days”.

I distinctly recall looking at the motorcycle and seeing a “grill” on the front of it…but not what you think! It was a full-sized barbeque (!) grill that was attached to the handlebars! I remember thinking I don’t recall it being there when I was younger, but oh well, it still works! (Might have been my ‘cue’ once again of an anomaly I was supposed to realize I was OOB, but it didn’t ….I just thought “oh well, ‘have grill, will travel!’” lol)

Then I became aware of being on the couch once again, and feeling the total relaxation and now soft vibrations. I don’t usually get these vibrations, but this time it gave me the knowing I was going OOB for sure. I waited for my ‘signal’ (a sensation that is difficult to describe, but more a knowing I was ready) and then climbed out of body. I was totally blind, as usual, and tried the ‘Clarity now!’ affirmation a few times, but without any change.

Standing by the couch, I was aware of stringy bubblegum-like strands above my head and hanging down from the ceiling. I remember pulling at these strands, feeling its texture (soft, gooey, exactly like stretched gum) and moving them away from me.

Moving through the living room, I was amazed at how clearly I was thinking while out of body, when suddenly I ‘bump’ into the different pieces of furniture! (Remember I can’t see anything!)

I was confused, knowing that I should be able to glide right through any objects, but was now “physically” bumping into things and having to go around them! I could feel the hard solid texture of the wood, so I figured, “wow, I must really be awake, and not OOB then”, but just continued on, hoping things would clear up.

I then recall the feeling that somehow I was standing there stark naked in my living room, but was aware enough to think, “oh I’m OOB so it doesn’t really matter”.

The next I recall going to the front door, feeling its metal door handle as I open it, and the heaviness of pulling it open. I am still not convinced I’m OOB, but I still just ‘play along’ with the scene. I step outside onto the front stoop, and feel a wonderful breeze blowing. (I love the wind!)

I then bump into my Labrador, who was sleeping on the front stoop. I apologize profusely for forgetting to bring him last night, give him a big hug, and come back inside the living room with him. All this time, I still cannot see anything, but yet I am not certain of my physical status.

I remember trying to ask for ‘clear vision’ but not wanting to use those specific words, as I knew that it wasn’t really a physical ‘visual seeing’ that I wanted. I am amazed at how clear my thoughts were at this time, knowing that asking for the wrong thing may chance waking me.

Now I go back to the area I where I was ‘sleeping’ and now suddenly realize I CAN see, but what I see is surprising. The furniture is now missing, there are splotches of ‘something’ all over the floor and walls and it’s all in disarray! I think, ‘oh my gosh, what happened here? What’s going on?” and then I realize this is my signal that I am indeed OOB and that I can do what I want to do. I think to myself, well, I have to do something constructive this time…and then remember that I want to ‘go inward, to my higher self!’

I stood in the center of the room, said, “Inward now! To my higher self!” just as Buhlman tell us to do. It took just a few seconds to feel movement, and I thought I’d ‘help it along’ by lifting my feet and starting to twist. lol

Immediately I felt the sensation of travel through a long, long, long black tunnel, with the end of the tunnel (a speck of light) always visible as I moved.

I feel so safe… it’s quiet, comfortable…and I end up in this blackness, feeling like I’m floating. It’s fluid-like, soft, comforting, and peaceful. I could feel my astral hands separate (I was holding my hands together) and drift apart, floating. (I am wondering if I am in the womb, as this is what I felt it would be like)

I then hear the sound of music and voices singing softly, melodiously. I try to listen to the words to see what they were saying, and at the time, I knew what the words were, but cannot now recall what they were singing.

The next thing I am aware of is my daughter coming into the room where I was ‘sleeping’ and trying to talk to me!! Again, I am just not sure if this is actually happening or not, so I just half-listen to her tell me about something and trying very hard NOT to fully wake from this fully relaxed state. (In hindsight, this did not happen at all in physical reality – but may have been to see if I would awaken with this type of interruption)

That scene faded and now I recall hearing my husband come into the room. I was so aware that it was him coming, and disappointed to think that I will definitely have to fully awaken now. Again, I just have the feeling I should ‘go along’ with it, and see what happens.

He comes to me and cradles my head in his arms and starts talking to me, softly, but in a different voice than he has now! While I’m listening, I know my arms are wrapped around his head and I can FEEL his hair. Somehow I know that he’s talking to me, but it is after I have died! (I remember thinking initially, “oh, so I guess I’m going to die before him in this life!”)

Then realize he is different somehow, and that this has to be a past life! He is saying he’s sorry he drifted away from me over the past years, that he truly loves me very much and hopes he will be able to spend many more lifetimes together with me. He was so sorry it was so late for him to finally tell me this. I could feel it in his voice, and yet knew I was lying there in repose after death and these were his last words to me! It was very touching….

This aspect of him gave me a new perspective on some personal issues I am dealing with; hence I feel the importance of this experience. Going within when OOB is what I will be doing on a regular basis from now on!

In looking over my OBE experiences as they have progressed over the past year, I can now see a trend where I have had to first learn the process of going out of body and then become familiar with its abilities. Learning to control thought and desires is a key element of the astral realm as ‘thoughts are things’ and you need to learn the basics before proceeding with more advanced abilities.

It is just so difficult to truly explain how it feels once out of body and the change in your mentation, that I can only best describe it as a KNOWING of certain things as you encounter them. Learning to just ‘go along’ as I did with the THREE times I thought I was awake in this experience allowed me to get to the learning piece.

I just wonder how much I was not able to recall and what more I could have learned!

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