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Sunday, August 12, 2007

16) Astral Vision

August 12, 2007 4:30 am

I use the term "astral vision" or "higher vision" to describe the vision we see with when we see things that "normally" would not be seen (through lower consciousness vision) - seeing "through the veil," if you will. You can be OB or simply have the OB mental state, if you will, when you use astral vision....Many times, astral vision kicks in during a pre-separation but heightened state. It can be part of the pre-(conscious) OBE lead-up, or no OBE may follow. So, one need not be asleep, dreaming or in an actual OBE to have this expanded visual experience.

This morning, I was able to 'see' scenes of places, feeling like I'm traveling there, but being very much aware that I am looking through my eyes in bed. It's very hard to describe the feeling, but I know that I was watching and participating in these scenes. They did not feel to be very 'symbolic' and 'deep', but just areas I was visiting.

The first I remember was 'pulling up' next to a large ship in the ocean, watching it from the side as it moved through the waves. It was painted blue and red, with some white areas. I could even 'see' the people on the bridge as they were piloting the ship.

While I am becoming aware I am doing this, it appears I am watching as if through a car window, with some distortion. As the scene started to fade, I said 'clarity now' hoping to clear it up, but the scene then changed to a large area of land, high above the ocean, formed in 'blocks' that may have had a track running along the top of it.

Again the scene shifts, and now I am in a city, and zooming along the streets watching the people and buildings. I get the feeling of a European city (I have never been to Europe) for some reason, and can even read the names of some of the stores. The only one I can recall had a T & A in the name and I felt it was a jewelry store of some sort.

The most interesting part was the 'cut-outs' of people that were placed along one section of sidewalk. The pictures were most interesting, with lifelike pictures of various people in different poses. At one point, a man and a woman asked me if I wanted to 'see' myself in one of them, and I felt they were going to pull a prank on me and make the picture something funny, so I really didnt' going along with their suggestion.

The last thing I remember is sitting in a fountain area, watching a young boy, whom I felt I was caring for. He was rather reluctant to take his nap, but with some persuasion, I convinced him to 'just rest his eyes' and he fell asleep.

Really, I don't feel there was much significance to this experience, but I thought I'd share it since I'm not sure really what this was, except that it was so real and exciting to do.

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