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Sunday, August 26, 2007

18) Finally! OOB in the near-physical again

5:44 am August 26, 2007

It's been a long few weeks with only intermittent, yet still symbolic, dreams occurring. I have not been sharing them here as I think they would probably be not as interesting to others who would not be able to relate to them as I do.

However, I will share another definite out-of-body experience, even though it is nothing as exciting as some of the ones here on the blog.

My first recollection that I was dreaming involved a short dream sequence that had my daughter coming upstairs to see me while I was 'sleeping'. I remember her asking me for permission to let her go to the SuperBowl, which immediately made me realize, 'hey, this is not right.....she is not home tonight, and she would never want to go there....', which was my key that I was now 'dreaming'.

Becoming aware I was in this 'altered' state (mind awake/body asleep), I then tried to see if I could move my astral arms and legs. It took a few minutes of wriggling around, but I soon was able to feel them move, so I concentrated on "out of body now!" while attempting to roll out. On the second try, I found myself standing at the side of the bed, feeling a bit wobbly, in complete darkness, and with a lot of 'heaviness' surrounding me.

Surprisingly, I could feel my pet Labrador's head pressed against my right leg (as he usually does when he wants my attention) and wondered how he could really be there. I didn't take the time to focus on his being there, since I was concentrating on moving away from my body.

I was thrilled to realize I was 'out', and remembered to say 'clarity now!' to get my vision improved. To get moving, I said 'to the door!' and glided to the door and out into the hallway. As usual, the farther I got away from my body, the less 'pull' and 'heaviness' I felt, and was able to maneuver better.

I went down the stairs to the living room, and stopped there wondering, 'what am I going to do now?' I realized I could still feel my pet's head pressed against my leg, so I took a second to scratch his head and thank him for being with me. Again, I didn't spend too much time wondering why he was there because I felt it would 'awaken' me too much.

It's been a long time since I was able to get into the near-physical with familiar surroundings, so I was not really prepared as I should have been with a planned objective for travel.

Looking out the window on my left, I said 'to the outdoors!' and then felt myself pass through the wall into the backyard. Again, I realized my vision was not as clear as I wished, so I again said, 'clarity now!', with little effect. I was able to remember then to state, "I see clearly now!" which immediately cleared my vision. Interesting to note, once I was outside, I could no longer feel my dog at my side.

I could see the trees and houses next door, and then turned to look up into the nearest tree. I thought I'd like to feel the leaves and see from the tree top so I glided up gently, enjoying the freedom. I felt the unusual texture of the leaves, and was able to see my backyard in a full-view panorama from the treetop.

It was so exhilarating and exciting for me to be out again! Unfortunately, something caused me to feel that 'return to body' sensation and I awoke in bed immediately.

I know this is really a 'nothing' experience in terms of doing something constructive, but it did give me the assurance that I have not lost my ability to OOB and will still be able to work on achieving more in the future.

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