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Monday, June 4, 2007

1) Learning to Dream Walk

Saturday, June 2, 2007

I am not really sure where to begin this, so using my dream journal notes, I’ll try to make some sense out of what I have experienced over the past two years of dream journaling. (Wow, didn’t realize it was two years of dream journaling already!)

I began my journaling in September 2005 when I was ‘advised’ that this would be a productive method for me to start with in order to understand what is happening in my life and to find answers. (Actually, I was told by a psychic friend that should dream journal a long time before I began in earnest, so it makes you wonder where I would be today should I have listened and started at that time!)

For the most part, I would not consciously try to remember my dreams as I felt they had very little meaning. There were a few dreams that I could recall (and still can today) when times were tough that I now realize were lucid dreams and OOBEs loaded with symbolism of what was going on in my life at that time.

Many of the dreams dealt with school and learning, and there was always something not complete so I couldn’t get to class. Either I didn’t know where the school building was, or I forgot my books or overslept, and then after a few years, I knew where the building was for the classes, but couldn’t find the right classroom.

It is interesting to note that there was a progression in the dreams where I was slowly getting to the right class, but always still had something I forgot. I recall having a ‘locker break’ in one dream, being allowed to go to my locker in-between classes, yet I could not remember where my locker was located!

Once found, there were obstacles there to slow me, and then I couldn’t remember the combination to the lock once I found it! This ‘school’ type dream continued for years, and I can remember each time I had one, that I would wake and realize ‘well, at least I am making progress.’

The latest one was a few weeks ago, and I knew where the class was, had my books from the locker, but was delayed in getting to class on time because I stopped to help someone on the way.

The very first OOB I can recall had to be the dream I had back in 1994 when I felt I was being ‘lifted up’ higher and higher, with my hands ‘tied’ in front of me (with the feeling that I couldn’t do this alone and needed someone to pull me up), and all I can really recall was two things: The colors…they were so spectacular that words cannot even begin to describe them. I can remember clearly thinking, “wow, the colors are awesome! They are so beautiful!”

The only other impressive recall I have of that dream is near the end of the experience, crying at the ‘elevator’ that was to take me ‘back’ and feeling SO upset that I HAD to go back. The emotions were so powerful that I still can feel that ‘twinge’ of intense sadness I felt at that time.

I was told more than once that I should be writing down my dreams, and that I have had past life experiences where I previously had the ability to ‘dream-walk’ as a shaman. Life always got in the way of my starting to journal, until that time in September when my Reiki friend took me on a regression session that must have cleared some blocks and opened the way for me to start.

So, in looking through these pages, I see that in the beginning, most of the journal entries deal with dreams that are wrought with symbolism and ideas that would have correlated with what I was doing at that time in my life.

I can see that I have made slow and steady progress in the ability to become ‘aware’ within a dream sequence, and what events usually foreshadow an OOBE. Most of the contact with ‘spirits’ began as a sense of their presence, as I was not really able to ‘see’ them.

My first ‘spirit’ contact was with animals that I had known in my childhood, family dogs, cats, and even a rooster that had adopted our family. I KNEW they were there, and could ‘feel’ their happiness and even the ‘warmth’ of their touch. I remember thinking, this is SO REAL!

It was one month after starting to journal, that I had my first dream recollection of being ‘aware’ that I was dreaming. This is the event as I related it in the journal: I was walking with two friends in a mall-type area looking at displays and passed by a group of people meditation on the left of the aisle. I could hear the ‘om’ chanting and thinking that’s so nice they are doing that, and could see their ‘leader’ (small older thin framed male) in front of the group in his knees, eyes closed.

I immediately felt a VERY VERY strong pull toward my left toward the group, and I stepped off to my right asking my friends, “can you feel that?” I dropped to my knees, head down and could feel my body ‘levitating’ over to their side of the aisle (fully aware of the sensation of my body moving yet not wanting to change a thing!).

The group asked me if my ‘friends’ wanted to join us, and I could feel their answer as ‘no, their job was to get me here.’ The group of meditating individuals was warm and embracing, and I felt as though they were saying things like, ‘she’s here!’ and ‘we’ve been waiting for her!’

I was now at the center front of the group, on my knees still, facing one direction, next to the leader facing the opposite direction. He had his arm on my shoulder and my arm over his shoulder and I could (physically) ‘feel’ the touching warmth and peace that emanated and just enjoyed the sensation……

I awoke fully after a time, remembering the light, love and warmth, now feeling cold, heavy, and even a little sad…

In reviewing the journal entries over the next few months, I notice that there becomes increasing references to ‘driving’ and ‘flying’ scenes in my dreams. In hindsight, I am aware that these were my beginning cues as to going OOB.

There were references to ‘falling’ that also are key in my going OOB. I have progressed to the point where I can now become ‘aware’ if I am driving/flying/falling in such a way that I become ‘concerned’ about my safety. That usually tells me to check and see if it’s a dream, which is always is. I then am fully ‘aware’ and thinking from that point on.

In the beginning, it felt so good to be ‘free’ when OOB and I can recall ‘flying’ fast and ‘swooping’ all over area around my house in a number of OOB experiences. With time, I saw that I was learning to ‘control myself’ while in the OOB state, learning to not be so quick to ‘fly off’ and take note of my surroundings.

My journal entries reflect a few instances where I felt ‘wobbly’ and could ‘feel’ hands holding me upright or guiding me places. There was the one time I ‘knew’ I was finally OOB, standing tall, with ‘hands’ helping to steady me, and was told to stay and learn control.

I remember enjoying the fact that I was OOB so much, that I said to them, ‘aw, come on, let’s go!” and took a step forward and jumped to fly! I went through the wall into darkness, only to be pulled back immediately, feeling a bit guilty for not listening!

With my first attempts at OOB, I would usually transition and go immediately to other ‘planes’, not being able to see my usual physical surroundings. Reading the books and seeing how others were able to view themselves and their rooms, I requested that ability too.

It took a bit longer to be able to do this, as I feel I had a problem with viewing myself and still being able to stay OOB. I remember thinking the first time I ‘physically’ felt OOB, that if I looked at myself in bed, I’d go back.

So I said, ‘to the door!’ as Buhlman advises, and immediately I was at the door! (I will say it is true that the closer you are to your physical body, the more ‘tugging’ or ‘pulling’ sensations you feel, and it is easier to think clearly when you move away from it.)

From there I was able to ‘request’ different experiences, from feeling the sensation of ‘going through walls’ to ‘flying out’ to see the Earth from the point of deep space! (All of these requests were done at varying times, in different OOB experiences over a period of months). To this day, I have not clearly been able to ‘see’ myself in bed as many have done, yet no longer have the desire to do so either.

The ability to ‘see through closed eyes’ came about the same time as the start in OOB experiences. The very first time was so exciting that I didn’t even realize what was happening until it was over.

The ‘dream’ sequence led me to a beautiful ballroom at the end, and I still recall that I KNEW I was lying in bed, but I was looking up and ‘seeing’ the ceiling, chandeliers, and staircases that were in the ballroom.

I thought, ‘hey, how can I be seeing this, if my eyes are closed??!!” So, what did I do? I immediately tried to pry open my eyes, only to fully realize once they were open that I was having a precursor to an OOBE and was now wide awake! Talk about disappointment!

But, it gave the confidence that I was able to do this, and I was content with that at least. Since then, I have only a few times felt that same feeling of ‘seeing’ while in bed, and I know now to pay attention and see what happens!

Up until recently, I was not able to ‘see’ or sense spirits other than those who I felt were my guides. I repeated requested the ability to meet ‘others’ that I can help, and got my request in March of this year. Again in hindsight, I feel I was told or knew that I was not fully prepared to meet anyone other than my guides until this time.

This particular OOBE remains firmly embedded in my memory, as it was such an exciting experience! It started with my becoming ‘aware’ and feeling I was about 6” above my body, knowing all I had to do was roll over and climb out.

I rolled, and felt one foot on the floor and then the next foot, aware I was standing at the side of my bed, unsteady, unsure and feeling heavy. This was the very first time I was able to ‘see’ my physical bedroom as it really was.

I remember thinking a few things: one, that there was no one helping me this time, and two, ‘hey, I’m really doing this and I can’t wait to tell my friend Sue!’ I had learned previously that I had to get away from my body to get more strength, so I said ‘at the door!’ an started to ‘walk’ assuming I had physical legs, but then when I realized I didn’t need to, ‘whoosh’ I was at the door at the top of my stairs.

My vision was cloudy, it was dark and hazy in the hallway, and I remembered to say, “Clarity now” which immediately cleared my vision.

I floated down to the living room and saw a large black dog (I have a black Labrador retriever) and figured it was my dog, Buddy. Upon closer inspection, though, I saw it was a large black poodle, not my Buddy, but was thinking clearly enough to say to myself, ‘oh, that’s because it’s just the way my brain registers things in this astral dimension!’ so I relaxed.

I thought, ‘well, I have to make sure this is really happening’ so I took a leap and flew up to through the ceiling, saw the rafters in the attic and almost went out. I stopped because I saw it was dark, wondered, ‘where’s the sunshine?’ and felt a pull back into the living room next to the poodle.

I moved around the corner to the kitchen area and saw a set of big, black swinging doors leading to an ante room (that are not really there in my house). I went into the ante room, through the doors, and the dog followed me.

I could see cars going past, thinking I didn’t want to go outside and see these people, getting the feeling I wasn’t ready to ‘meet’ them yet. So I turned back toward the swinging doors, and said, ‘I guess I’ll just take off again!’

Immediately, the dog grabbed my hand and held me down! I knew it couldn’t hurt me, but it was definitely holding me here. I said, ‘let go!, pulled out my hand and quickly left the ante room through the swinging doors, back to the living room. As I went through the doors, I was able to keep the dog inside the ante room, and remember thinking, ‘wow, why didn’t I think of doing that sooner?’ as it kept the dog confined.

Now, I’m in the living room, I see a ladder by the front door, wondering ‘what’s that doing here’ when I hear a baby crying! I said ‘who has a baby here?’ and from around the corner near the stairs stepped a smiling young lady (20’s, shoulder length blond hair, wire-rimmed glasses, small, thin, pretty, feeling of her being shy, quiet) holding a baby boy (age 1-2?).

I remember being startled as I saw her appear, saying ‘whoa, who are you?’. She just smiled, did not talk or communicate much. Focusing in on the baby, I asked the baby’s name and ‘felt’ the answer as ‘Aron’.

According to my journal, I’m a little foggy on details here, but I took the baby and held him and moved toward the kitchen. As I turned, a young girl (age5-7?) appeared, and I said, ‘oh, you have a sister!’. By the time we got to the kitchen, two more girls (sisters?) appeared (all under age 7).

There was no communication with them, and I never asked their names. In the kitchen I was holding Aron, he was crying, and I noticed a small quarter-sized hernia-like protrusion from his right lower abdomen. I said, ‘oh, you have a boo-boo! that will have to get fixed!’ and as I held him, felt the tugging sensation of needing to go back.

I awoke with the knowledge that this was my first encounter with ‘spirits’ other than those who guide and protect me and I was on my way to bigger and better things.

Further journal entries show that I begin to ‘hear’ voices while OOB, giving instructions and explanations for what I encounter. I meet other spirits, some I interact with, some I don’t, but feeling more comfortable with each encounter.

The voices I hear start muffled, but when I state ‘clarity now’ they become clearer. These ‘voices’ are a different form of communication than the usual ‘telepath’ type knowing that is usually associated with OOB. Although not frequent, when I do hear them, I am clearly aware that there is a ‘sound’ associated with it. This aspect is difficult to explain but once you ‘hear’ something like it, you don’t forget it!

In one journal entry, I met a woman who started talking to me, asking me my name for which I answered, Karen. When she then asked me my ‘second’ name, I became confused, wondering if she wanted my middle name or my maiden/married names.

Clarifying her question, I then knew she wanted my middle name, for which she then said something about ‘I’m been looking for you’ and being here to work with me on my ‘earthly disorders’. I remember feeling so pleased that someone was sent to help me!

I have read a number of books by authors such as William Buhlman, Robert Monroe, and Robert Bruce and have increasingly become interested in the ability to ‘help’ those souls/spirits that may not know they have crossed.

I feel strongly this is something I would like to do and have asked for guidance in this area. It was just recently that I feel I ‘graduated’ to that ability, in a small sort of way. This encounter on May 25, 2007 was the first time I felt I did something constructive in the sense of being able to help others realize they have passed on.

This time it was early morning (when it is my best time to travel) and I visualized white light surrounding me and ‘threw out the welcome mat’ to my guides and angels for protection and guidance. (I have a wry sense of humor; I remember that perhaps the ‘welcome mat’ would get their attention more!)

I intended to travel, and could feel myself becoming aware, with pictures opening on my closed eyelids. It was the center of a small town, with building around four corners and I immediately sense a spirit floating down off to my left.

I’m thinking, ‘wow, look, someone is coming!’ and felt very exciting and nervous, somehow knowing I was there for a reason. He zipped around, and stopped by me (young male, 20-30’s, good-looking, clean cut). I did not ask his name, but he took me to a tree house type of building in a wooded section of town.

It was very beautiful there, and I felt it was a ‘fun’ place. In this tree house, there was an older man sitting behind a desk and the younger man was telling me all about his friend, how he was a prestigious graduate of the May’s? school and other things. I spoke to the older male and said that he must be very proud, but I got the sense that he was a bit disillusioned by it all and not happy.

While I’m talking to these men, I get the ‘knowing’ that they are spirits of men who have passed on, yet they have such a fierce hold on their belief that there is no afterlife that it has not allowed them to move on.

I can recall ‘talking’ with them about many things, not remembering all that I said, but with the knowing that what I said was appropriate and suitable to this situation. I do remember the one question I did ask them, ‘tell me, what do you think happens when you die?’ and they both looked at me blankly.

The younger male was the one I spoke more directly to and his response was ‘well, that’s it…that’s all there is, you’re dead, it’s final, there is nothing more after that’. I looked at the older man, and he nodded in agreement. I said, “well, I think there is a little piece inside of you that continues on to live” and I continued on in that mode, saying “when you die, you leave that shell behind and the spirit continues to live….isn’t that a wonderful idea?” (or basically something to that effect).

I felt the wording was fine, and I recall telling them that I ‘want you to realize you have died….that you would not be able to do what you are doing now (treehouse, flying, etc) if you were still alive in a physical body’….(I recall using the word ‘killed’ but am not sure how it was used, or how I knew that the young man was killed accidently).

The younger male then jumped to the ground (and it was a long way down!) as I gently floated down to just 6-8’ above his head. He’s looking at me and I said “just think about it, could you have jumped that far in a physical body and not get hurt?’s time to go home…”

I turned around to see a table nearby with another person handling papers, getting the feeling that it is her responsibility to keep track of the paperwork on each. She said, “you did a good job but they have to tell me where ‘home’ is to them!”

I apologized saying I didn’t know everyone had someplace different, as I thought there was only one destination they needed to go to. This person at the table had on these light blue/turquoise colored child’s reading glasses that had words written on the outside of them.

As she looked up at me, I distinctly saw the words, “Happy Birthday” on them, and felt this encounter was given to me as a gift for my 48th birthday coming up the next week!

This morning, I had a series of three OOB experiences for the first time, but this one was the most interesting: After becoming OOB, I went to a large building of sorts (library-type feeling) and was walking around looking at the different items within.

I was walking along, thinking I should find someone to talk to, and there next to me at a desk was a young man (30's? short dark hair, thin frame, had some facial 'birthmarks/dots?' left cheek) and 'spoke' with a British accent. I must have asked him if he minded answering a few questions, and I can distinctly recall that I asked a number of questions that he politely answered.

He was friendly and comfortable to 'talk' to. (His communication was very fuzzy at first, and when I asked for clarity, it cleared). But, unfortunately, I cannot recall anything we discussed!!! I can even remember thinking, 'I wish I had my recorder with me because I'm going to want to remember this’ while we were discussing things.

I felt a tugging while talking with him, said I had to go and he said he understood. I shifted to another scene that didn't make much sense, being in a bedroom talking to an older woman and young black girl. I feel that because of this scene shift so soon after leaving the library, I was unable to recall what was discussed there.

Just before awakening, though, I can recall someone somewhere 'telling' me this is "Journey One - getting to know yourself " (but felt it meant more than just yourself....your personalities, your 'all that you are' feeling).

So, that’s my story to date. I will say that there is so much more details and experiences I have in my dream journal, but for now, I think this will give you a good overview of what I have been experiencing. I am so looking forward to more reading (currently reading Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys with Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook by Bruce Moen in the wings) and more learning!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed writings of your journeys. Its fantastic to see how other people communicate their experiences.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for posting this blog! I've only just read this first entry and can't wait to read the others.

I don't know if you would be interested in this or not but you mentioned The May School... There is a place called The May Institute which is a school for children & adults with autism. It's strange because I don't know anyone with autism but I felt compelled to read a book titled "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by: Mark Haddon. In fact I just finished reading the book about a week ago. The author works with autistic children and wrote the book from the point of view of an autistic teenager. One of the things I noted about the character in the book is he was unable to believe in 'God' or an afterlife because his autism wouldn't allow his brain to come up with that sort of 'fantasy' so he believed that when you die you are just 'dead' and nothing else happens. When reading that part of your post it made me think about the fact that if the souls you encountered were 'graduates' of the May Institute they might have had autism (when alive) and if they did then they might not have a belief in an afterlife because when they were alive they couldn't understand the concept of continuing on after death.

This was a lot longer than I was anticipating it would be, lol. I'm sorry for such a long comment!

Here is the link for the May Institute -

Also, I found your blog because I'm on the mailing list for the OBE email group. :) I'm Jean, a new-ish member to the group.

Anyway, I hope some of this might be helpful or at least interesting and I don't seem too looney for putting all of this together, hee hee.


Prof. Guilherme Fauque said...

Congratulation by your blog. Very interesting.

I'm an astral traveler from Brazil and I love read about this issue.

Fred Tracy said...

What a fascinating story you have here. I hope my own psychic journey can be as fruitful!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
A friend of yours referred me to you from another forum. I have been looking for someone like you for a long time. I have never met anyone who helped others cross over. I too had a lucid OOBE where I was in a gray room, three tables. A woman, who 'worked' there, made an adjustment to the back of my neck and then I lay down upon the middle table. From there, I left my body,saw my body on the table, saw my 'astral' form which was Golden with sparkles inside. I was there to help someone - I knew. And when I woke up, I was so sad to be back in my body. Thank you for writing this. I am so glad to have found you! ~GoldenLight~

Unknown said...

Hi my name is rayanne and im 17 years old and from canada and recently ive learned i was a dream walker, it started during puperty but it has always been faint ever since i was young child. I believe it was passed on through my mother who always was a dream walker. Im just looking for more information. I also have the powers of charming and persuation. Im recently teaching myself of what i only know by expiernce on how to make my gift stronger.

Please get back to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I've been able to do Astral projection since I was a child, and have quite extensive OOBE experiences.