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Friday, April 22, 2011

144) Visit with Unusual Exit; Seeing Buddy Again


I have been having another ‘dry spell’ with my OBEs, likely due to increased workload and less ‘intent’ than usual. However, I always know that they are never far away, and always ready to offer a learning experience, despite my inability at times to figure exactly what that learning is!

I did go to sleep last night with the intent of having an experience. I awoke easily on my own about 3am and went to the couch. My first awareness of ‘something happening’ began this time as a gentle push from behind as I slept on my side.

I realized there were hands on my lower back and bottom, trying to roll me over and get my attention. I remember feeling a bit ‘concerned’ as this physical sensation of ‘hands on my body’ is a rare enough occurrence that it takes a bit of control to not get too fearful or excited.

I took control at this point and asked, ‘who is there?’ and sat up on the couch. I see a young man sitting beside me, smiling, and ask his name. I feel a familiarity with his presence, and after a long conversation (of which I have no recall due to the following false awakening!), I do remember feeling very affectionate with him, kissing and cuddling for a short bit.

What was unusual, though, was the way he left. Most times when I’m visited, the entity just disappears or there is a change in focus that I lose track of them. This time, I distinctly remember his leaving. He got up from the couch, said something about having to get ‘back to the office(?)’ and went to my large picture window.

Facing it, he said a few words (as if it was needed for him to pass through), put out his hand to make sure he could pass through, and then moved easily through the window to the outdoors. This impressed me enough that it’s about all that I can recall from our meeting.

I wondered why he felt he needed this ‘mantra’ to pass through the window. Is it possible this was not an ‘otherwordly’ entity, but someone from ‘physical’ visiting me? That’s the feeling I was left with after seeing that exit.

I was excited to get the conversation recorded when he left, and went for my recorder. I remember feeling the gentle nudge of a dog’s nose in my arm as I was watching this visitor leave, and didn’t realize until I was looking for my recorder that it was my dog Buddy back for a visit!!! (Buddy passed over last summer)

Once the ‘awareness’ of his presence kicked in, I was SO excited!! I called him, he came right over again, wagging his tail and shaking his body like he used to do so happily when he would greet me after a long absence!!! It WAS him, there was no doubt in my mind, and I was so happy!

While I’m petting him, I’m thinking, wow, maybe I can also ask to see other former pets I’ve had, and started calling out for a cat I had as a child. Calling, ‘here kitty, kitty!’ I can still remember the sound of my ‘voice’ as I called.

Now, what happened next shows how your ‘real life’ situations can interfere with your ability to retain full awareness of what is happening. In calling for the kitten, I start to think that maybe the kitten I have now (in real life) may come instead and wake me! I start to worry that I may be awakened before I can get the first experience recorded.

Now, instead of the kitten coming, I hear my husband’s footsteps on the stairs coming down into the living room, and I am now CERTAIN that I am awake (which of course, I wasn’t!).

I talk with him, feeling rather upset that there is a delay in recording of my visit with the young man. (Of course, you don’t want to be recording a visit with another man in front of your husband!! Lol)

We talk for a while, and I never pick up on the fact that he’s wearing clothes that aren’t right for him. I am so focused on the distress of the delay that I am not aware of my ‘still dreaming’ status.

At one point I feel a ‘pull back’ to awareness, signaling my true wakefulness. I try desperately to ‘fade back’ into the experience with the young man to try to recall our conversation, but with absolutely no luck. All I remember is his arrival and his exit, with my wonderful visit with Buddy thereafter.

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Fred Tracy said...

Wow, that's awesome that you got to meet an old pet that had passed.. and I wonder about that man.

Is this just simple astral projecting, or what? I am really new to the whole OOBE phenomenon, having recently had one myself, for the first time.

I'm super curious about all this stuff, I'll be exploring your blog. Thanks!