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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

134) Limited Control, Extending with Spin, Content in the Astral Life


This latest OBE was a bit disappointing for me, especially after the wonderful clarity and focus I had with the last one. I have to admit, it is likely due to the fact that I am just getting over a viral illness and am not in the best of condition yet. But I wanted to travel again, and so I affirmed and intended to do so, hoping to meet with someone to either help or learn from them.

As always, I know I received my request, as I have the vague recall of meeting many people and interacting with them in many way, however, the greatest recall I have is when I was reviewing all the events thinking I was actually recording, only to discover upon full consciousness that I really did not and most of the memories dissipated quickly from my awareness!

Some memories remained, however, and those I will share. It is so frustrating though to know that there was more to these experiences, yet I can’t pull them out of my deep subconscious. I am comforted, however, somehow knowing that I have learned what I needed to learn with them.

As I’m lying on the couch, I am aware of the light vibrations. I try to will them to become stronger, as they seem too erratic and not fully encompassing my body. Finally I feel my hands and arms begin to float and try to roll out. It is so difficult and I find I can’t move.

I realize my kitten is once again sleeping on my stomach! I can feel her weight, yet I can feel my arms floating! It takes much effort and intention to try to move out, and I then find myself on my knees facing my body on the couch with my upper torso still attached. I can’t see, I can barely move, and I’m getting quite frustrated. I try ‘clarity now!’ a few times, with little effect.

For whatever reason, I decide that in order to get away from my body I must just affirm ‘to the door!’ with strong intention, and that does the trick. I move quickly now to the side door, feeling the different furniture as I pass through them on the way. I feel the doors as I exit as there is such limited ‘sight’ this time. I can tell where I am as I move by ‘feel’ alone.

Once outside, I ‘feel’ the light, and then with another ‘clarity now!’ I barely begin to perceive the trees that line my property. Moving slowing up toward the tree tops, I just want to get away and begin my adventure, but feel so thick, fuzzy, and without much control – quite the opposite of my last outing!

Up high, I stop, trying to remember where it was that I wanted to go when I got out, and turned to head to my parent’s house next door, not remembering what it was I wanted to do. As I started to move again, things faded quickly and I knew I was going to back to my body.

I was in enough control, however, to know that I did NOT want to go back already! As I faded back, I tried to do a little ‘spin’, as I have read that you can extend your stay out of body by doing so. It has worked before and so this time, once again, it worked!

I now find myself in this room full of other people, talking and interacting…and here is where the majority of memories were lost. The only memory I have remaining had to do with me figuring out how to use some ‘high-tech’ phone to call for some pizza!

Now, my next memory was finding myself standing next to my sleeping body in my living room, again not wanting to return. I get the feeling that ‘someone’ is nearby, so I yell out, “Is anyone here? I want to talk.” I can ‘hear’ my voice reverberating in the blackness, and it sounds so different.

Faintly in the distance, I think I hear an answer. I holler out again, “Can anyone hear me? Does anyone want to talk to me?” and now I hear a small child’s voice answer me. I move toward the voice, down my hallway and it turns into an area that is now unfamiliar to me.

I keep talking, “I’m here, let me talk to you”, and at times I hear my voice sounding very slow, almost ‘growl-like’ which nearly frightens me. I am not happy with this contact as I’m not sure whom I’m talking to or why my own voice is sounding so strange.

Despite the small degree of fear, I keep moving toward the faint voice, as it doesn’t sound fearful and I find myself next to a small spiral staircase. Looking up the stairs, I see only the feet of a small child running up the stairs, laughing.

Playfully, I charge up the stairs after him, shouting “Where are you? I’m going to get you!” in a most playful and laughing manner. He remains always just out of my reach until I get to the top, where I then scoop up this young boy of about 2-3 years of age with dark hair, saying, “I got you!”

Interesting to note, I recorded some detail about a reference to a “Moses” remark made here, but I have no idea how it fits into this story. My feeling was that this remark was not going to be one that would be well accepted by many people (whatever that means!)

I carry him down the stairs to find I am in a room where the child must live with his family, as I see a man and woman and another smaller child. It is a slightly cluttered and disheveled home, with various objects lying around.

I put the boy down and he runs to his parents (I assume) and for the most part, they do not pay much attention to me. I am interested as to who they are and what they are doing here. The father is the one who talks to me, as the woman continues to go about her business taking care of the children.

They are a younger couple, approximate age 30, and he is of trim build with shoulder length blond hair. I could see that he worked as a mechanic, as there were indications of tools and car parts in a room nearby. I always wonder if I am supposed to help those I meet ‘move on’ to other worlds or assist them to learn more about themselves.

I don’t always think to ask names, but I did ask, “So what’s your story?” or “What’s going on with you?” (These are paraphrases as I truly don’t think I ‘talk’ when there, but this is the idea of what I am asking without actual words.)

He seems to know exactly what I mean, and answers me with the essence of “Oh, you’re from that Earth place. I tried that life once and I didn’t like it, people take advantage of you. It was much too hard. Here you can have anything you want. It’s so much better here.”

I knew from what he was saying that he was happy with his situation here, despite all appearances that it was nothing glorious or outwardly wealthy, it sufficed for his needs and he was content with all that he had.

There was no need to help him move on, and for his own personal development I knew it was not necessary to help him in any way as he was content with his life, very happy with what he had, and that is all we can ever wish for anyone.

ADDENDUM: IMO, in the astral, thoughts manifest quickly as things and you can live the life that you wish. That is what he meant and why he was content.

Here in physical life, thoughts still manifest as things, however, with the lower slower vibration of physical life, it takes time and focused effort. There is no 'time' (or little time - depending of degree of vibration) in other realms therefore, easier manifestation.

When you travel in the astral, you learn quickly how easily 'thoughts' manifest and that control of your thoughts are the key to any experience. You 'talk' with your thoughts, 'move' with your thoughts, and overcome self-generated 'fear' with your thoughts. There is no form, no time, no space. There is only energy and vibration and it depends on your learned ability to use personal thought energy and soul vibration to manipulate your environment.


Dodd said...

Cool! Very intriguing how that guy said Earth was too hard and chose a different place. I guess we all chose to come to this difficult place of learning. I hope your obe's improve with your health!

Erin Langley said...

I like what you say about how quickly thoughts manifest in the dreamworld. The astral is like Earth that way, but without the timelag. :-)