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Saturday, September 27, 2008

74) Thinking in OOBE; Meeting Karen

I have had a concern about my lack of dreams and OOBE travels over the past week or so, despite knowing that the increase in emotional and stressful situations I have encountered is most likely the cause.

With a stability of emotions and stress levels in the past two days, I once again find I am better able to detect subtle changes in my perception of events as they have happened. I had asked many times for ‘signs’ from the Universe that I have guidance and assistance, despite ‘knowing’ they are always there.

There is actually this little dialogue I have with my guides, in that I constantly joke about my ‘neediness’ for these signs, reminding them I am the one ‘in physical’ and they must remember how hard it is! lol True to form, they do grant my requests, and whether it is an unexpected sighting of my ‘totem’ animal, the flashing of a light, or a sequence of numbers at key times, I always know they are with me and helping.

So, feeling more stable and secure emotionally, I wanted to experience OOBE travel once again, not setting a definite intention as I usually do, but generally requesting to ‘just get out’ and if I can, meet someone, preferably a guide if I could. As usual, my requests were granted!

I remember feeling the soft buzzing at one point, and getting excited to think I was going to get out. I was disappointed when the buzzing disappeared, but then it returned stronger along with the ‘floating’ sensation signal that told me I could start moving out!

It was still harder than usual to separate, as I rolled over with my feet off the couch, I found I actually had to turn around to face the couch and pull my‘self’ out with a backward motion! This was a unique exit maneuver for me, but I was determined to get out! lol

I headed for the side door, through the dining room, and remember not even being concerned about going around the table anymore in my determination to get outdoors. I could easily ‘feel’ the change in texture as I passed directly through the table and the door, finding myself outside with a sense of freedom once again!

I recall flying, enjoying the swoops and circles, up and down the trees, looking closely at a pine tree and sensing its texture. I did not remember that I wanted to do ‘inward now!’ because I was so enjoying myself.

I do recall I did take the time to stop in front of a tree and see if I could understand ‘how’ I am thinking! This is difficult to explain, but I wanted to know if how I was thinking at that moment was any different than how I would ‘think’ in real life! My decision at that time was that my ‘thinking process’ was exactly the same as it was when I was fully ‘awake’ and still in control of my thoughts and actions.

In hindsight, however, once I really ‘woke’ I recorded the fact that the thinking process DID feel differently in a small way! I really don’t know if I can explain the different, but there was a ‘softer, gentler’ feel to my thoughts while OOB, and a ‘stronger’ more ‘austere’ feeling to my waking conscious thoughts. I am assuming it could be the difference between the ‘happiness and bliss’ I feel when OOB as compared to the more physical thoughts that are tainted with human emotions.

I continued to fly around doing something, but also remember having some difficulty at one point in getting control of where I wanted to go. I remember looking up to the tops of some trees, intending to go there, and finding that I was slow to respond. It was getting harder and harder to control my actions, and with that realization, I awoke and recorded what I could recall. There is more information here that I know I forgot but it’s gone…

Settling back in, I became aware of what felt like a ‘commercial interruption’ (at least that’s what I recorded it as!) A male figure was standing in the living room by the couch I was on and made an announcement. He said something about having to “talk to the ‘management’ of the ‘charity’ if you are not getting what you need out of it”….whereupon I then heard the usual musical ending of all cartoons (that I recall from childhood) just prior to Porky Pig showing up saying, ‘That’s all folks!” lol I knew it was ‘the end’ of this experience, and I woke fully and recorded it.

The next experience I believe was a bit of another false awakening in that I definitely thought I was fully awake, yet because of my frequent ‘false awakening’ experiences, knew I had to just lie still and go with whatever was happening.

It started with a conversation I was having with my ex-husband, and could feel his sarcasm and anger because he felt I wasn’t doing something I was supposed to. I recall he had a ‘swelling’ at the bottom of one leg, telling me he ‘had a bad leg’, and I told him, “Well, at least you have insurance for now” with the implication that he would not have it after we were separated. (I believe this is just residual issues I have not completely worked out within myself with this person)

Next I recall being awake (at least I thought so!) on the couch, and realizing someone was there covering me up with another blanket. I felt it had to be my current husband wondering why I had come to the couch, as I remember telling him it was because I like to do my ‘dream traveling’ here. I just went along with whatever was going on. I felt pressure lie down beside me, more on top of me than next to me, and again, didn’t want to move until I could be certain this was truly real (which it wasn’t!)

I realized it was a false awakening when I distinctly heard a female voice, very clearly talking into my left ear! The conversation went as follows:

“My name is Karen.”
I said, “No, my name is Karen, what is your name?”
“My name is Karen, and you already have three of the four “???-star” rings…”
I asked, “What do I need to do to get the fourth?”
She answered, “Nothing more than you are doing, the fourth will come.”
I remember not know what to ask next, and was so astounded at the clarity and distinction of her voice, that I was concerned who she was.
I asked, “Are you of the Light?” and she answered, “I love the Light!” and exuded such warmth and lovingness that I knew this was someone I could trust.
I asked, “What is your story? What do you represent?” and heard her answer, yet I have no recollection of what it was!!!

After this experience, I tried to wake myself slowly as usual, tagging each part of the experience with a key word so it would enable a better recall. It was so difficult this time to drag back the information to consciousness, and once again, had the ‘false awakening’ of thinking I was recording my information and realizing that nothing was recorded once I was really fully awake! I lose so much when this happens! This is just so frustrating sometimes! lol

The last experience for the night was limited in its recall as well, but I will share what I remember. I found myself above a room full of people who felt like ‘coworkers’ but only in the sense that they were there to do the same ‘work’ I was doing. (There were not my real life coworkers as I didn’t specifically know who the individuals were) I knew I was above them, looking down, so I was not actually ‘one of them’ in form, but the same as them in what they were there to do.

I wanted to get the attention of someone, and remember tapping the back of the head of one woman and was so surprised to see her react to my touch with a startled quick move and look back! She had no idea what just happened, but I could see that my ‘presence’ was able to be known that way!

Another older woman then came on scene, (one with short light blond hair and a warm smile) and was able to communicate with me (telepathically it felt). I asked her if she could feel my ‘tap’ behind her head, and she said, ‘just a little’. I wondered how she was able to communicate with me when the others could not, yet did not question her lead when she took me around to the different rooms and people within this house. I am not sure what I was doing, and have no recall as to the specifics of our conversation, yet knew I was being shown something of importance.

Unfortunately, these experience are not of the usual depth and breadth that I like to share, but still I feel have some elements of learning that I hope others can use. I am just so happy to have had another OOB experience as a validation once again that this is something I shall continue to have that will help my personal development and insight as to the limitless information the Universe has to offer.

Any insight or comments from anyone is always eagerly welcomed!
Any ideas what these '??-star rings' are???


I have had some great responses on other forums and want to add some insight....I believe most definitely that there is this 'piece' of each one of us that resides within the higher realms, left there in whatever 'amount' we decided we wanted to be there for this lifetime to help us in navigating this physical life.

This is the 'Higher Self' we can seek for guidance, and in this experience, I am now thinking that due to the 'commercial announcement' I had just prior to the contact with 'Karen', that he was telling me I had to talk to the 'management' (my Higher Self!) if I wanted to get better outcomes! lol

As for the rings, my thanks goes to David for his insight: A clue to the star rings might be in the significance of 3 and 4. Three represents limitation and a binding to the physical 3 dimensions. 4 refers to the 4th dimension and freedom... the Quaternary.

Indeed, with experience freedom from bodily bondage will come... but not in "time". It will come in your release from time and 3 dimensions into the 4th, so to speak.

You have collected 3 of the star rings, because you're here. The fourth is the consummation of your purpose here and that comes through release. Therein lies your purpose for seeking the OBE experience. -David

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