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Saturday, July 5, 2008

63) Words of Wisdom - Our Experiences Here

7/05/08 Part 2 of previous experience

After coming back to bed, (no longer on my ‘traveling couch’ lol), I feel asleep but became aware of being lucid within an experience. I was being shown this poster, a beautiful sunset-colored design (red-orange-yellow) that had a beautiful short poem on it that I was so in awe of.

For the life of me I cannot remember much of the poem!! The only words I recall was the rhyming words of ‘fast’ and ‘past’ on two lines, with single word lines near the end that seems to mean a thousand words in one. (This is so difficult to describe accurately.)

What I did get out of it was the overall meaning that was intended, and I put it into my own words as I slowly became more conscious. The words that I recorded were these:

Don’t ever wonder (question) whether God/Oneness exists, that He does not exist when things don’t go the way you would like them to.

You are here to do the experiencing for Him/Us, as we are all pieces of the same Oneness. Whatever we do, experience, or learn, we do, experience, or learn as a part of Ourselves.

How would He know what it is that you would want or experience when you get here, as it is your thoughts and desires that would drive and shape the experiences for Him/Us.

This is a bit more belief-oriented than I usually share on my blog; however, I do feel it is an important bit of advice to share. This strongly fits my belief that anything we do to help even one other person, we do for ourselves. Thoughts ARE things (even here in the physical world), and it is your intention by thought (by focusing on the end result desired, not how it will happen) that brings you to what you desire and experience.

It could be this was just a personal message for me, although I have never questioned the existence of the Universal One. I know, because I am a part of it and there is SO much more to this life and our universe than our conscious physical mind can comprehend. Stay open to any and all possibilities, as our universe is truly limitless – it is only our own beliefs and attitudes that limit the possibilities.

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