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Friday, February 1, 2008

43) New Perceptions to OOBE

1/31/08 5:30am

I was awake before the alarm time, and lying in bed worrying about the busy day ahead. Realizing this is such an unproductive waste of time to lie in bed doing, I told myself emphatically that the IP life will always be there, but the chance to go OOB will not!

So I mentally changed my 'focus', throwing aside all concerns and worries about the upcoming day (which in itself is no small feat for me to do!) and felt myself settling back into working on getting out.

I became aware I was in a chair (IP I was lying on my right side in bed), but leaning toward my right. My husband was talking to me about mundane things, and I remember thinking, ‘is this real?’ and at the same time looked out the window to see ‘time’ moving very fast.

Now what I ‘saw’ was the scenery moving past fast (as if in a car), but it registered quite normally as ‘time’ moving along, and I remarked at how fast time is moving lately. (The scenery was trees and hills in full autumn beauty)

This then coalesced into my thinking, “hey I could ‘pretend’ I’m in a car with the ‘time’ moving by”, and I realize I am now sitting in a captain’s chair in a van, while it’s moving . I’m still on my right, watching the scenery move by, and realize that my vision is slowly ‘clouding’ up, and the colors are fading to black and white.

So at the point where I can only ‘see’ clearly through a small center hole, I remember that this is the same ‘view’ I get with ‘astral vision’, so I say, “hey, I must be ready to get out!” With that, my left leg starts moving all around, up and over by my right side (MUCH more malleable than it is IP!) and that tells me, ‘ok, great! I’m getting out!’

So I then move my arms as well, feeling just a bit stuck, but then give a huge ‘heave-ho’ with my head and rest of body, to find myself standing quite comfortable outside of it!! Initially my vision again is dark, but this time it quickly clears and I still see the ‘scene’ of the inside of a van.

I move to the side door, bend down to look out but realize I don’t have to do that to go out!! So I just ‘move through’ the side of the van door, stopping half way out to look back inside! I don’t really ‘feel’ that sensation of moving through an object as I have when OOB in my house, but the feeling of being ‘out’ is SO crisp and clear!

I move to an area with two trees, saying ‘to the tree!’ to get there fully and I end up in the tree limbs, feeling the leaves and hugging the tree. Now I have to explain here that this out of body ‘feeling’ I am having is SO wonderful and SO ‘crisp’ (can’t really explain why it’s so different) that I am just ecstatic about being given the ability to do this! I remember exclaiming to anyone who wanted to hear, ‘thank you SO MUCH for letting me do this!’

While I’m in the tree, a young girl (short dark hair, dark eyes) is with me, and I get the feeling that she was with me all the while. I feel very comfortable talking with her, and she is very pleased that I am here with her as well.

I remember we talked about ‘our’ work in the critical care unit, and she made some profound statement that I really can’t recall exactly, but at the time, made perfect sense. Something about you can take the nurse out of critical care, but can’t take the critical care out of the nurse??! (Which would make sense, actually, with my work changes)

So now she is inviting me to ‘breakfast’ (?) at her place, and we head for a table that is set up with four places. I can see the plates, some with food, and I remark how it’s a bit ‘late’ for breakfast but she tells me that it’s never to late to take advantage of someone who has shown up for a visit – or something like that.

I knew I was so pleased and happy to be there and that everything ‘felt’ so clear, crisp and perfect.

Unfortunately, I faded back to IP lying on the bed very quickly, and actually felt sorry that I ‘left’ her just as she was so anticipating my ‘visit’!!

COMMENTARY: This was really nothing in terms of travel, but everything in terms of how I was perceiving different energy feelings. Not only was the transition to OOB different for me, but the clarity and depth to the actual OOB was so different! No heaviness, no vision problems, and such profound feelings were felt throughout the entire experience. All new way of perceiving energy levels - at least that's what I'm thinking it is!

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