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Sunday, February 10, 2008

45) Two Part OOBE - Gratitude


Both of these experiences happened the same night - with only enough time for me to record Part one before lapsing into Part two!!

I also want to say that I did 'request' some help from the Universe with regard to my recent feelings of being overwhelmed with my IP life and fear of not having time to attend to my 'other life' I guess this was to show me that I still am 'working' hard, both IP and OOB!

I don’t even know how to begin to explain this first ‘dream’ event, and I recall I was not even going to record it as it didn’t feel as though I would be able to properly describe what I could remember. There are some details, yet so much was lost to translation and awakening. However, I am SO glad I did record it as it was an important prelude to a most wonderful OOB experience!


The first recall I have is that I am going to all these different rooms helping people in this building that felt like a ‘hospital-type facility. I especially recall two rooms where these ‘entities’ lived – I call them entities because I knew they were not ‘real people’ and yet they were not spirit form either. Actually, with both of these, I don’t recall any shape or form whatsoever associated with them.

The first room was described as a ‘haunted’ room (best translation I can give) where people would go to talk to this one corner where such strong ‘energy’ lived. I knew that it was ‘more’ than I could deal with, yet I wanted to keep trying to do something to help.

Other people were allowed to go there to try to work with it, so when I asked to see this room, I remember someone was standing with me at the doorway of the room. I could feel tremendous negative, dark, strong energy pulsating from the corner of that room, the same ‘radiant heat’ type waves that I had felt from a previous OOB experience with negative energy. I remember I tried to communicate with it but felt bad when I couldn’t do anything to help and had to walk away.

I went on to other people and other rooms that I could help, and the only other room I remember is where this ‘invalid-type’ long-term chronic entity resided. I can’t really described exactly what it was except that I felt it was one who was solely dependent upon the services of the workers there at the facility to survive.

With this entity I was able to help, as I remember being able to give him some ‘food’ of sorts and alter his nourishment in some way that I felt would help. It was at this time that I realized I‘m there in this ‘doctor/nurse’ type role and was assisting the residents of the facility.

The workers who were there were SO thankful for my presence there and my help. I felt I was just stopping by and offering my assistance, yet they were so appreciative of what I was doing (I only wish I could recall exactly what I was doing there!)

I remember that just as I was leaving this one building where the ‘dark entity’ lived, I wanted to stop by his room just to say goodbye. I remember peeking in the doorway, being polite, and saying “I just wanted to say goodbye, I’m leaving now”. I felt a short little ‘blast’ of energy come at me, as I attempted one more time to ‘break through’ to it. I doubted it would work, but just had to try one more time before leaving.

I started to walk back into another building that was still under construction that was felt to be an ‘extension’ of the existing building I had just left. Upon entry to this building I remember meeting some workers who were leaving for the day, who hollered for me and wanted to say good night and thanks again for all my help. I hollered back ‘you’re welcome’ and had such a wonderful satisfied feeling of having been some sort of help there.

Before walking into the new building, I had to step around and step over stuff that looked like ‘dog food’ of some sort on the ground, and made a funny comment to the worker there about how difficult it was to get inside this other building, but it wasn’t impossible.

I am accompanied by a doctor I work for (in real life), and felt like I was on his level, which I believe was just to show me what capacity I was there in. Other people walked in and I attempted to tell them that the individuals they were looking for were in the other building, as this one was still under construction.

I left there with such a light, jovial, satisfied and contented feeling – happy knowing I was able to be of assistance to these individuals.

PART II - Near Physical OOBE

I was on the couch and became aware of the light buzzing sensation, being aware I was about to get OOB. I felt my legs lift and move, and then just rolled out off the couch and was standing there. As usual, it was dark, but yet I knew to say ‘to the door’ at which time I was immediately at the door, with a ‘lighter’ sensation having moved away from my IP body.

Not remembering what I wanted to do, I then said ‘to the stoop!’ which brought me outside on the front porch stoop. I said ‘awareness now!’ and was amazed at the clarity of vision I had. I stood there, admiring my same front yard, at night, but so much prettier because everything had such a beautiful ‘glow’ about it.

Again, I figured I’d just ‘take off’ and bent down to do the usual little ‘jump’ to start flying. As I do this, I hear off to my right, the most beautiful voice I have ever heard call my name, apologize for interrupting me, and asked if I could talk with her for a little while. I was taken aback and stunned at her ‘presence’ that I was actually frozen in mid-take off stance!!! lol There was such a strong feeling of peace, love, and expansiveness feeling emanating from her!

I never asked her name, just somehow knew who she was. There was no ‘form’ associated with her so I could not give any description of her features. We sat together and she said she wanted to talk with me about my ‘work’ and where I had been. She was so appreciative and grateful for the work that I had done (now I’m associating this with my just previous ‘dream’ experience with the ‘hospital’ facility) and wanted to express her thanks, but it was in such a profusely powerful way that made me feel so good!

She said that I had exceeded all expectations and with a smile said she just would like to ‘send me back there to work – forever’ because I did such outstanding work. I told her that I enjoyed doing it just as much, but felt she already knew that.

She said, “I do want to tell you though that the ‘vegetative one’ (best translation I could make) did ‘move on’ and would not be there” when I went back. But I did such good work and there was so much more do to there. The grateful, appreciative feeling was so immense, coming both from of us during this conversation.

She’s now giving me these papers to read, to take with me, and I remember asking, “am I going to have these when I wake up?” knowing that I was OOB and could not bring them back. I was wondering how I could get this ‘reading’ material back with me when she says, “well, I’m hoping you are recording this”.

Sitting next to her, I knew I had my recorder in my hand, and am trying desperately to put it back together as it had fallen apart in pieces! Now I’m upset that I can’t get it put back together fast enough!!

At some point she’s telling me so many other things, but all I remember is seeing the words to a short little song that I recall knowing from somewhere. She started to sing this short little song to me, in the most wonderfully sweet voice that I have ever heard! It was like ‘soda’(?) names, rhythmic-like words similar to “Thank Pop, Thank God, Thank Rock…..” with another line I don’t remember – it just made me feel SO good!

Off to my right, my best friend comes up and starts talking about how ‘good I am’, how I give so much of my time to others, and such things. She telling this ‘woman’ (and myself) how I do so many things, including things I do that I shouldn’t do – like eating shrimp…(this is a standing joke with my friend and myself – as I am severely allergic to shrimp and can find it in the most unusual places – having a major reaction that she usually has to deal with! lol)

The woman did say I had to take care and be careful about what I do eat. I felt I was being told to be more aware of what I am eating and how I am eating.

The most awesome part of this entire experience is the feelings that I had throughout the experience. Such gratitude, happiness, and peacefulness that surrounded everything just cannot be put into words!

(See next blog post for commentary)

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