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Saturday, November 17, 2007

28) Increasing Awareness

November 4, 2007 11:31pm

First recall was that it was Christmas time and I was going to show Santa how to fly again, reminding him how to do it, like it was something I did every year! It was then that I realized ‘hey, wait! I actually CAN do this’ so then I took off and I knew I was out.

Next I remember I was in my mother's house with my mother and two brothers standing around talking. Mom was cleaning something, going up high to get cobwebs out of an area near the ceiling, like a bookshelf.

I remember I was all over the room, flying up high, down low, all around, just smiling and enjoying myself because I knew they had no idea I was there but that it was so much fun going around to all different parts of the room.

The whole time I was out and going around the room, I had this ‘knowing’ that I could just ‘think’ in order to maintain being out. I just had to ‘think’ that I’m out so that meant I can do anything!

I remember thinking that because I’m out, I don’t have to ‘walk’ down the stairs, I knew I could just throw myself down the stairs and it wouldn’t matter because nothing could happen to me! It didn’t matter how I got down the stairs, so I decided I’d just jump down on my back because I knew I couldn’t get hurt. So I did!

It was the same ‘thinking’ that was going on while I’m flying around to parts of the room where they were talking, and I was just enjoying the fun and excitement of being out and KNOWING I am out!

At one point, as I ‘flew’ past my mother, I touched her back right calf and she jumped quickly and went “oh!” looking back to see what did that. I remember I was surprised to see that I could create a physical sensation on her!

I never realized I could create a physical sensation on someone ‘still in body’. Mom then attributed the sensation to the fact it must have been one of the cats brushing up against her. Later, I remember seeing one of the cats in the room and ‘skooted’ the cat to make her run quickly past Mom so she would be able to think it really was the cat that did it.

I remember that as Mom was talking to the boys, she got distracted and came down from the ladder from the area she was cleaning. She looked up to the spot and said something about ‘aw look, I didn’t even get all the cobwebs’, and at that point I flew up there and said, ‘don’t worry, mom, I’ll get them!’ I flipped my arm through them, despite knowing she couldn’t hear or see me but I was having such fun flying around and doing things.

This was another 'first' for me in that I was fully 'aware' of being out to the point that I knew I could not get injured. I find there is more 'awareness' of the difference in astral vs. physical being incorporated into my OOB experiences.

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