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Saturday, June 23, 2007

10) Tornado Dream

I was going to use this blog only for my OOBEs in an attempt to keep log of my progress. However, having had such good insight from others as to a dream sequence of 6/20 (see, #9 Dream Sequence Reflects Learning and following comment), I thought I'd share another dream I had just previous to that one.....

June 14, 2007 8:08am

I was in a house similar to my childhood home, but felt it wasn’t really that exact same house. I was near the front door in the area of a ‘closet’ today, but it was just a bare room with walls. Standing in this room, I could see doorway openings in the walls on my right and left. The right doorway lead to the outdoors, and the left looked into a hallway that lead to a bath area where a young child was being given a bath by an older female. I felt the child was my son and the female was related somehow.

I knew a tornado was coming, and I was standing in this closet-room that I knew had four solid walls around me, even though there were open doorways on two sides. I knew I was safe. I also knew the child and female would be safe in the bathroom where they were. The tornado arrived quickly, and I felt it was going to be a ‘direct hit’! I could feel the air spinning outside and my ears popping. (I have never experienced a tornado, so I don’t know if your ears do this with one!)

Oddly, I had a camera with me, and felt frustrated that it was a very ‘slow to work’ camera. Regardless of this fact and hoping it’d still work, I just stuck my arm holding the camera out into the hallway on my right to try to take a picture of the tornado as it passed by me. I felt disappointed when the flash didn’t go off so I would not get to record it!

After the tornado passed, the child came running to me in the closet room, shaking and crying. He was very scared so I had him sit by me where I was able to soothe him, saying ‘it’s ok, it’s over’.

I woke up, recorded the dream, and didn’t really think much about it until I realize this one is probably loaded with symbolism as well! So here it is…..

Let me know what you think…..thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi There Karen,

It's me again (Jean). I've had lots of tornado dreams throughout my life. I've read that they symbolize a torrent of emotion that the dreamer is trying to deal with. I think that's probably true because about 1/2 the times I've had these dreams I'd also been having some emotional things to work through. But that said... I know that in one of my past lives (I can remember pieces from that life) I died in a tornado. So the other 1/2 of the times I've had a tornado dream (when there was no emotional things going on for me to deal with) I believe those dreams were related to that past life.

As for the ear popping... my aunt was in a tornado once and I remember her talking about the pressure in the house dropping which made her ears pop like when you are flying in a plane or traveling up or down a mountain.

It's possible the child in the tub was who your son is now and the lady you saw was you in that past life.

Hope this helps! :)