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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

3) My House OOBE

This is the last of the 'series' of OOBEs I mentioned in the Learning to Dream Walk post:

June 2, 2007 8:30am

As I awaken, I get the feeling I am forgetting SO much yet I just can’t recall details….

I do remember getting out, climbing out of my body easily enough, which was something new to consider since it was never that easy before. I can’t remember exactly how, but it was a smooth transition to another room, walking around looking at things.

I then realized it was a walk through MY house, but my house not as it is today, but as I wanted it to be! Large windows, French doors that opened out to a balcony….and I’m saying ‘wow, I should just go outside and see what’s out there!’ I can remember facing the large doors, and just putting my hands through the glass and feeling the cool outside air.

I then went on out, down into the yard, and feeling its similarity to what it is now, but more beautiful with pools, fish ponds, fountains, and all kinds of wonderful things. There was a big bar-like area in back with people, like a party going on with music and socialization. There was a large cooking area and beautiful stonework where the old patio area is off to the side of my house. I felt so proud of the beautiful house I owned and the way I could share it with my friends.

That is the point where I turned around and felt I left the area to another room, checking it out. This became the library experience I wrote about in my previous post (see Learning to Dream Walk) that ended with the feeling of being ‘Journey One’.

The only other details I remember (from re-listening to my recording of that am) was that just before awakening, I was taking these quizzes, some personality-type quizzes to get to know myself. I’m not sure of many details but was about to start taking a second ‘quiz’ with animals in the first question as I awoke and became fully aware of being back in my body in bed.

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