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Sunday, June 17, 2007

7) Staying in the Near-Physical Again

June 16, 2007 4:41 am

I was awake 2-4am, unable to sleep, so I left my bed and went to the living room couch.

It started off with ‘seeing through closed eyes’, looking at older brick buildings and noticing it was raining. Watching from above, I was looking at outdoor tables/chairs set up for a picnic (long end to end banquet tables, complete with place settings, old cane chairs), outside an ‘institutional’ type setting (like a state mental hospital). I’m thinking “aww, it’s all getting wet, their picnic was cancelled.”

As I start to pull back, I realize I’m OOB and I can see all the buildings of the institution. From there I start moving to other areas of the town - amusement parks, marinas with boats, different buildings, and many other places - enjoying the ability to think of someplace I wanted to see and immediately going there. I felt I was getting like a guided tour of the area.

I thought I was already ‘out’ but then I became very much aware of movement of my ‘astral’ left leg as I lay on the couch and of really strong vibrations, (this time accompanied by a loud noise). This was different to the point where I got slightly ‘concerned’, but then said, “no, just go with it because I know what this is and… oh great! I’m getting out again!”

So I just rolled out, this time again staying in the same room I was physically in. I am thrilled because I know that staying in the near-physical dimension is something I’m eager to do more of. I felt it was more of a ‘slide-out’, ending up on the floor, but then standing to see where my body was back on the couch. I was able to see the blanket covering ‘someone’, and again knew I wasn’t going to push the issue of actually seeing myself for fear of returning.

So I headed over toward the front door/bay window area, because I could remember that I told myself prior to going to sleep last night that if I should again get out in the near-physical realm, I’d like to go outside of the house and see the area. I immediately went ‘through’ the bay window (feeling that sensation, just as I wanted to do!) and outside. I floated up, noticing my glowing hands and then went high enough to feel the ‘pass through’ some tree branches near the house. Once high enough to see the house and surroundings, I said “wow, I have never saw my house from this height before!” It was such a different ‘feeling’ than my previous OOBE’s, but yet, I can’t explain why it felt different.

I then changed scenes to this room full of ‘people’, some whom I recognize as having encountered before in this life. The feeling I got was they were possibly patients I have taken care of before, having now passed on… (I am a nurse). They were smiling and happy, going about their business without a concern for me. There was ONE male that did look up to make eye contact (average height, medium build, grey/white hair with moustache/beard combo) and I felt I knew him well, so I wanted to wave ‘hi!’ The immediate feeling I got was ‘no, not yet, you don’t want to interact with them yet because you don’t want to take on anything more than what you are doing right now’. I said, ‘well, ok’ without thinking twice of it and continued on.

So realizing I need to move on and leave the room, I think, “how could I get out of here?” As soon as I thought it, I knew I had to say “to the door!” and of course, that’s where I went.

Now the door was just an arched opening, leading to a hallway/passageway – but one made of cement/smooth stone that felt ‘old’. As I floated down the hallway, I remember seeing a spider web across the hallway that I knew I’d have to pass through. Expecting to ‘feel’ the web, I was surprised when I didn’t feel any different sensations passing through it (I like to take note of the different sensations of passing through ‘solid’ objects).

Now, I’m heading ‘out’ down the hall, when I realize there is someone right behind me, just off my left shoulder. A young male presence was there and I remember saying, “I know you’re there, tell me your name, come here where I can see you!” I’m laughing, thinking this is so much fun, getting such a GREAT happy and fun feeling from him.

I hear him answer me, and I keep trying a few times to look back over my shoulder to see him. The glimpse I got was that of a good-looking young male, (30’s?), with the name “Phil” or even perhaps he was saying “just some ‘fella’”. I distinctly got the impression that it’s really not important what his name is (knowing myself, I’d probably attach too much significance to the name anyway).

Then I just faded slowly back to the physical, finding myself back on the couch, left with such a good feeling of having had SO much fun! I was smiling for the rest of the day!

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