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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

5) OOB Experience Reflects Life

June 12, 2007 7:32am

Just thought I'd share my latest experience and show how relective of life they can be. For a little background, this has been quite an emotional week for me, feeling very much overwhelmed with all that I have had to do and still need to do. This experience, I feel, reflects those feelings directly yet shows me that 'they' are working with me to help me get through these tumultuous times...just knowing this helps me to cope better!

It begins in my old bedroom at my mother's house where I am socializing and watching movies with friends and family. I am discussing the need for cleaning up the room and getting upset these people were not helping.

My best friend from high school was there (whom I have not seen since high school!) and was `disagreeing' with me about something. I called her 'stupid' as a response to her answer to a question and she stomped off. (I then felt hurt and upset that I said could even say something like that to her!!)

Now I'm looking all over for these guys (they left the room) because I wanted some help 'cleaning up' and to do some work. I was told they were out `playing' with Sue (- a person with whom I had bad emotional dealings with in the past). I was feeling SO upset that they left all this stuff for me to do yet they were out having fun!

They had left the movie running in the 1st bedroom and as I passed by the 2nd bedroom, I could see messes where the dogs pee'ed on floor needing to be cleaned up. As I went half way down stairs, I saw Mom in the 3rd bedroom and that's where I found out where everyone was out having fun. I was SO upset they were leaving me to do fix up everything!

Now I'm back to bed in the first bedroom, fed up, so I went to sleep. I was positioned on my left side, slightly tipped, becoming aware my eyes were closed but able to see the room in detail, seeing the upper edge of room, windows, etc. I knew that if I could see through my eyelids, I must be about to do something.

The next thing I know, I definitely feel the pressure of a hand on my right hip pushing me flat on my stomach. (It is such a real feeling that you'd swear someone was right there!) Now awake and aware, I wanted to see what would happen next.

The hand pushes me over flat, and now I can feel pressure on lower back. There were two pressure points at the base of my spike being massaged, slightly tender but felt good. She drew her hand up my back still holding the pressure. I `knew' they were working on `pressure points' with me and after a little while it eased up.

Then I realized I was still on my stomach, but now moving (levitating) on the bed off to the left side, with my arm hanging off the left side of the bed. As I'm lying there, I can see the shadow of someone next to the bed working on me, but I intentionally looked away because I felt I didn't want to know who it because I'd wake up if I did.

At some point I must have been lifted, because I next remember being placed back on the bed. I slowly became aware of my physical surroundings and then woke up.

This is not like my usual OOBE's where I 'go places', but one where I feel they 'came to me'....I don't know if anyone will get much out of this except me, but I'm very much willing to share my experiences to get some feedback.

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Anonymous said...

As you can tell from this I can now get to your blog.

Once I woke up on my side and definitely felt and also saw in my minds eye a hand on my spine. The hand was white and slightly glowing although I was facing in the opposite direction. There seemed to be some energy coming from the hand to my spine. There was a strong prescence of someone behind me.

Take Care