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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

197) Sending Love Again

2016.09.16          197) Sending Love Again

So, once again, I realize it’s been forever since I’ve posted any travels, mainly because I do not ‘focus’ on remembering them in detail as I used to.  However, once in a while, I do have an out-of-body experience that I feel could be shared as a learning experience.

The last one a few weeks ago, I remember waking up to a light stage of sleep feeling like I could float.  This memory of floating was enough to make me consciously realized I could change it to an out-of-body experience!  Stating loudly (within my head) “out of body now!” I roll off the bed and find myself standing.  I take off flying, moving to the window and out!  I was so enjoying the flying sensation again when I then realized I had moved into another house.

Instead of flying and floating, I now find a very ‘heavy’ sensation all around me, so heavy I could barely move!  I tried lifting my arms (to assume the Superman pose) thinking that could help me fly again, but to no avail.  Desperate to get moving, and since I couldn’t go up, I put my arms at my side and say, “Down, down down”!

I’m thrilled to be moving again, floating down, down down until I now realize I’m not alone.  There is someone with me, so I ask, “who’s there?” and hear a woman call my name. It was a very familiar voice, so I was not afraid or concerned.

Now I hear two people talking, and I’m trying to determine who they are when one of them moves directly in front of me.  She was so close I could almost ‘physically’ feel her presence.  She said clearly to me, “I want to take to you a fabulous place, the best place ever!” and she tries to hug me.  I ask again, ‘who are you?’ with no answer and at the same time getting a very uncomfortable sensation, fearing for my safety.

I’m thrilled to say that I immediately remembered that whenever I question my safety, I need to “send love” to whatever is causing my concern, and immediately upon doing so, this person dissipates!!  I’m not sure what happened and I fully woke up right after this.

In hindsight, the downward movement could have been moving toward a lower ‘level’ of entities and hearing my name with a familiar voice initially gave me the ability to know I was supposed to be there.  When the ‘uncomfortable’ closeness of another person was encountered, I would like to think that the ‘send love’ energy I gave her was enough to lift her to a better place.  At the very least, it negated any malintent that was intended for me.  Of course, this is all my own interpretation of this meeting, however, as I always tell everyone, there is no one better than the one experiencing it to do the interpretation according to your own perceptions!

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