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Sunday, September 13, 2009

111) VALIDATION of a meeting!! I'm so excited!

I just have to post here to share my excitement at the latest OBE that I had just this morning...

I do not have the time right now to write it up in detail (but I will!), but suffice to say, I have NO DOUBT in my mind that I met up with an intended person! I have done this a few times, but the intended person would have limited or no recall of the experience except for 'generalized' feelings...

This time, we set up the plan that on the same night we would 'intend' to meet each other in the astral. He was to come to MY house and I was to wait for him here (as I am always flying off to other areas!! lol)

Upon discussing our experiences we have discovered a perfect match in location and events!

Without giving long boring details, I had a number of OBEs last night - and each time I would get out, I found myself experiencing more and more 'physical' sensations and events. This is difficult to explain, but even though I had no doubt I was out of body, I found myself questioning the experience at times because I was able to 'feel' physical textures and bodily sensations that I normally cannot.

In hindsight, I can see now that I was preparing for the meeting that we had set up, because I had 'intended' to have as much physical sensation as possible incorporated into it!

So, to get to the validation, my recall of the meeting starting with gettting OOB and flying around my front yard. I then saw a car drive into my driveway, and somehow knew it was him!! He was driving, and I flew down and entered the car where the 'physicalness' sensations returned!! I could reach out and feel the other person- and it was awesome!

However, it ended very quickly, with only memory of the 'physical'-ness and some conversation.

Upon discussion and comparing notes, the other person flabbergasted me by telling me right out that he was driving a car to see me, and that I entered the car and spent just a 'short time' with him!! To me that's four hits - the car, he's driving, coming to me and being with me, and a short time!

Although there isn't a lot of detail here, it is SO validating for me to even have these same facts that were correlated!

Now many will question this validation, but I have to say - that there is not much in the astral that will be 100% validated by anyone who is NOT a part of the experience! Doubts and questioning of the event is allowed, so I do understand if this is not enough 'validation' for them.

However.......I have NO DOUBT.......:)...........and I'm thrilled to say it was a success in my book! It CAN be done!!!

(See next blog post for the complete OBE!)

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