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Thursday, November 27, 2008

86) Black Hole and a Retrieval


Finally, after many unusual OBEs over the past few weeks, I think I have put together some answers as to why I was having these changes. You will remember that my exits have varied, from the lightest, simplest type feelings to the most heavy, cumbersome sensations with difficulty moving and actual physical ‘touch’ sensations.

Last night (this morning actually) it seems I had a chance to help someone who was unable to pass over completely, as another ‘soul retrieval’. I have been asking many times lately for the chance to help others in this capacity once again; similar to the fantastic OBE I had with Stephanie (see #52 in my blog). However, it when it didn’t happen after many requests, I made other plans last night (intention) to go see JP should I get out.

I DO remember, however, having the thought just prior to sleep that since it was Thanksgiving that it WOULD be nice if I could show my gratitude and find someone to help…so I’m wondering if that thought was put there as an indication of what was to happen!

The first exit I recall was an easy exit, one that I knew I could just climb out and move through the door to my bedroom porch. From there I remembered I had wanted to go visit JP this time, and started to drift upward. I was a bit discouraged though to find myself back in bed, waking up!

So I intended again, and became aware of sensations where I thought I might be able to exit. This time, it was the ‘heavy’ exit, and it literally felt as though I was ‘pouring myself’ out of body, off the side of the bed! I was so ‘thick’ that I could not be certain whether I was actually falling off the side of the bed or exiting!! lol

Getting to a standing position next to the bed, I moved to the door, and upon easily passing through it to the porch, it gave me the validation I was indeed OOB. This time, however, I was amazed at the ‘physical’ touch sensations returning, as I clearly felt the railing of the porch under my hands.

In hindsight, I now know that this exit was very close to ‘physical realm’, hence the ability to be OOB yet have tactile senses, which was necessary for the encounter that followed.

I suddenly found myself back in bed, lying on my right side (as I knew I really was), and felt these big strong arms encircling my chest from behind! My mind was reeling at first, not knowing what was going on, as I knew this was NOT my husband! I remember yelling, ‘No!’ and moving away, yet for some reason I didn’t move far.

I heard a male voice say, ‘But we had so much fun the last time!’ and this again sent my mind thinking ‘what is going on here??!’ I was in a state of confusion, and yet remaining calm (as best I could!), and was given the knowledge that something unusual was happening when I then heard this same male voice say in a child-like quality, “but I’m so afraid of falling into that big black hole!”

It was then that I realized someone was here that needed my help, and I instinctively knew it was a mentally challenged older adult male. Apparently I had been with him before, as he remembered the ‘fun’ we had at another time (probably one of those lost recalls I had!)

Now I realized I had to get him to talk to me and open to the possibility of other seeing other ‘people’ to help him to pass over. (His spirit guides who he cannot see due to his belief and fear of the ‘black hole’). I asked, ‘so why are you so afraid of the black hole?’ as I moved to upright position with him next to me in the bedroom.

There was no answer to this question and I knew right away it was not the right approach. So now I say, ‘so how about we play a game?’ and he was much delighted with this idea. I said this game would involved searching for ‘things’ as I wanted him to get into the mode of looking for things he would not usually be receptive to.

I asked, ‘how about we look for a kitty-cat?’ and he said, no, he didn’t like them. So I said, “well, I know you like puppy dogs, so let’s go look for a puppy dog!” His excitement was obvious, so I added one more idea to his thinking by saying, ‘but the game is so much more fun if we had more people to play with us!’

At this time, I distinctly heard a female voice come from the bedroom door area, indicating she was there and wanted to play with us. (In hindsight, this had to have been his guide, waiting for the chance to be seen – but I did not see anyone, just heard her.) I told the man, ‘look, Mary is here, and wants to play with us!’ and we all started the game of searching for the puppy.

What is odd is that during this entire time of interacting with the male, I was in a darkened room with very limited vision, and really just moved about by ‘feel’. I was not able to see him clearly, but I had the feeling he was a tall, lanky, thin male. I never even thought about asking him his name!

The next recall I have is of this male lying contentedly and happily in his bed, very much similar to the way I last saw Stephanie. I moved next to him, stroked his face with my hand, and told him I was going to tell him a story to help him sleep. It was at this time I was able to actually see his face – long thin large-featured face – with a big smile!

I felt myself transitioning back to fully awake as I sat by him, becoming aware I was in my same sleeping position as I started this experience. Realizing what just happened, I was once again taken in by the awesome feeling of joy and happiness that ended this experience, and expressed my extreme gratitude for allowing me to once again be of assistance to someone who needed some help.

To me, this was the best way to spend Thanksgiving Day!

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