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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

78) Finally! Revealing My Guide!


This was an unplanned and unexpected surprise, as I had no direct ‘intention’ or focus on trying to have an OBE last night! So it is even better (to me) that it was totally spontaneous!

I remember lying in bed (not my usual ‘traveling couch’!), feeling like I’m awake, but very relaxed, wondering if it is near time to get up. I realize that it feels like my legs are floating, and in a position that just couldn’t be possible (up off to the right somewhere!)

I think initially, ‘it can’t be my usual signal for OBE because I’m so awake’, yet still, it FELT just like it was! So, not wanting to take any chance (that’s one thing I have learned with this OBE process!), I tell myself I’ll just roll out and see what happens!!

An interesting (and unexpected) twist to my roll out is that I now feel like I’m ‘oozing’ out, and sliding very gently off the side of the bed and hanging. I even remember thinking, ‘wow, if I’m really physically doing this, then my husband (who is sleeping next to me) is certainly going to think I’m strange hanging off the side of the bed in this position!’ It almost felt as though I was actually ‘peeling myself’ out of body!!

So I’m standing by the bed, and have the absolute best clarity of thinking and vision that I have ever had! It was so clear that I thought I was actually physically out of bed! I moved to the door, and was SO surprised to get my validation that I am indeed out of body when my hand and arm go easily through the bedroom porch door!

Thrilled to be out unexpectedly again, and with such clarity of feeling and vision, I take off flying over the yard. I recall seeing everything just as it is for ‘real’, and am just ecstatic that I do my usual aerial acrobatics for fun!

Once again, as with my last experience, I feel someone’s hand on mine. This time, however, I have the clarity of mind to say, “I want to see who you are!!”

We continue on together, and I recall walking along with him in a garden-type area, conversing. He was next to me, but not visible to me, and I don’t remember all we talked about. But I do know at one point I told him I need to ‘see’ him and learn his name!

There was such a light-hearted fun feeling with him, as there always is when I’m with my guide in past experiences. He knew I wanted to ‘see’ him, so he had some fun with me in showing first just an glowing outline of him, and I said laughingly, “no fair, show me more!”

I watched intently as he ‘faded’ in to full form – a young male with medium length straight dark hair, average height, white shirt, dark pants – and a very familiar warm smile!! I remember him from other experiences, having glimpses of him, yet never being sure who he was.

He lightheartedly tells me he’s the one who ‘plays with my feet’ to try to get me to go out of body! There has been many times I have felt hands on my feet at various points of exiting (see my blog), and now I know who my helper is!

We walk toward an elevator and now I don’t even think to ask him his name!! However, he knew I wanted it and had this next encounter arranged so that he would not have to directly tell me his name (as again, I believe I requested this prior to incarnating this life).

As we near the elevator, I am surprised to see a male co-worker (actual nurse, still alive) walk toward the same elevator we are going to. My guide says to him, “Hi T.T., ICU” (in the same intonation manner that T.T. uses in real life here to answer the phone every day at work!).

T.T. answers him, as we all get into the elevator, “Hi Richard!” and I exclaim excitedly to my guide, “It’s Richard! Your name is Richard! Do you know how long I’ve tried to find that out?” (which of course he knows! lol)

He starts talking to me, as the elevator starts to move, about being with me ‘back when…’ and I’m having a hard time focusing as I feel I’m waking. I was left with the impression that he has been with me many lifetimes and will continue to be with me in the future.

I woke with such contentedness and joy, mentally thanking Richard for this revelation, and then surprised to hear his “You’re welcome, Karen!” within my mind while I’m lying there fully awake!

I wanted to add my thoughts about this experience now that I've had a day to digest what happened. Somehow I feel the 'click out' in the previous experience (#77) with my desire to travel to my Higher Self played a role in this meeting.

I have always felt the reason I could not get a name from my helpers is because I had given the request for no direct contact with my guides for this physical incarnation, as it fits my thinking to want to do this 'on my own' if I could...

However, I feel that perhaps the connection with my Higher Self resulted in me giving 'myself' permission for this meeting to occur!! It just seems to 'fit'...I have no way of knowing if this is true, except for what my 'intuition' is telling me!

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Anonymous said...

hello karen , amazing experience ( like all your others ).

I on the other hand am not so fortunate , i'll probably never be able to do this. ( tried alot ) Only way I think be possible would be like Dr. Albert Taylor says to 'yank' someone out of their body's. You'll probably know him , if you don't he's a OBE traveler ( so is his 70-80 old mother , great isn't it ) and says he is able to do that . What do you think?