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Friday, August 15, 2008

69) Easy Exit; Meeting a New Face; Little Man Contact

Here we go again with another really unique OOBE for always, there is something new I learn with every outing!

I moved to my traveling couch at 3 am intending to try to meet up with W. again, but now with the additional information that he associates his ‘self’ with a nickname, so I figure a closer approximation to reaching my ‘target’ would be to use his more familiar full name of G.S. (of course, initials are used here to protect the identity of those who are assumed to be innocent…lol…)

I first became aware of hearing my stepson come home through the nearby front door, and once again, knew this could possibly be a ‘false awakening’ due to the fact that I thought he was already home when I went to bed. So I just continued to lie there quietly, and listened to him turn on the TV and walk over to the couch and attempt to sit down right on top of me!!

I kept my eyes closed, but tried to ‘move’ a little to show him I was there in case he didn’t see me. It was when I noticed that he now was trying to squeeze in between my head and the side of the couch that I KNEW this was a false awakening, as he would NEVER attempt to do this.

Upon this realization, I had probably the strongest vibrations I have ever felt! Knowing this was my startup to the OOBE, I just relaxed into them and amazingly found myself effortlessly floating completely out of body about a foot above the couch!! (Usually, I get a signal that it’s time to roll out when one or two body parts start floating, but this time, it was my whole body!)

The other amazing difference is that there was so much light (not usual darkness) and totally clear vision with clear conscious thinking going on, even more so than my usual initial roll outs. I think to myself, ‘either I’m wide awake and it’s morning or I’m totally out of body!’ Not trying to even decide which I was, I figured I’d just ‘step out’ to see what would happen.

I find myself effortlessly and lightly ‘stepping out’ (no roll out this time) to the living room, feeling so much lighter and less encumbered than I usually do. It was so easy! I even remember seeing the bottom part of my silk pajama legs as I stepped out (probably because I took careful attention when putting them on to notice how they felt).

No heavy sensations, no tugging energy back to my body, no darkness. I wish I could explain how I knew I was definitely OOB, but it’s just so ‘real’ you KNOW it is happening. My thinking processes were also so much clearer, as I ‘felt’ I was wide awake and thinking as I always do.

I float (again, so effortlessly!) to the front door, as I know I will pass completely through it without a problem to the outdoors. However, as I get closer, my ‘physical’ remembrances kick in slightly and I recall I just had to turn slightly to my right so that my left side would pass through the door – just to be sure I was not going to get hit flat in the face with a solid object!! lol

I felt so clear, and I’ve never felt so clear with my consciousness in any other OOBE. I clearly knew what I wanted to do, to meet G.S., and so I took off from the front porch floating up gently with his name focused in my mind. I remember I put my arms up and out, reaching forward, but am not sure for what reason.

About tree top level, I looked down and saw my faithful dog Buddy sitting below, waiting for me. I told him to ‘stay’ this time, and just continued on enjoying the peaceful drifting and floating.

I am not sure what exactly happened next, but after some movement sensations, I was shown a face of a man that I have never seen before. Attached to this face was a brotherly feeling, and I tried to take note of his features as I thought perhaps this related to G.S. in some way.

(Long rather than round face, straight hair, brushed off to left side of forehead, gray (salt & pepper?) or graying darker hair color, square-ish wire glasses, thin (barely there) beard)

The entire experience ended soon thereafter as I remember I gently floated back into my body just as easily as I exited (again unusual as I don’t remember my return to body ordinarily.) I woke completely and recorded this experience, focusing on a good facial description and wishing I had some paper to sketch the face!

As it was only 4:30am now, I attempted to return to that state of consciousness, eager to experience it once again. This time, I wanted to once again ‘just help someone’ so set that as my intention.

I ‘awoke’ hearing loud voices outside the same front door talking animatedly. I recognized the voices as belonging to my son and my stepson. Again, not knowing if this was another false awakening or real life, I just pretended to stay asleep and see what happens. I heard one of them come in the living room, walk to the kitchen, and then over to the end table next to the couch I am lying on! He picks something up and continues on past me to his room.

Meanwhile, I remember hearing my dog Buddy come into the room and curl up next to me on the floor by the couch. (This is all so ‘normal’ for real life actions that I really wonder sometimes how I manage to keep my eyes closed and pretend I’m asleep – but my stepson really was fast asleep the entire time in his room!)

Now I hear more footsteps and recognize them as my 18 year old daughter’s. I KNOW she is not here in the house currently, so I am now aware it IS a ‘false awakening’ and I go with it.

She comes into the living room, sits on the floor next to me, and proceeds to tell me all about a small problem she needs my help with. She is speaking so softly that I have to tell her to ‘speak louder, I can’t hear you’. She is requesting I write a note for her, and I answer, “ok I will take care of it, not to worry” and she continues talking on and on. I am so enjoying our conversation and ask her to climb up on the couch with me where she curls up into a big hug. Amazingly, (and without any reaction from me at the time!) I notice she becomes younger and younger after I tell her, ‘oh my baby girl, I’m so glad you came to see me!’ (‘Baby girl’ is my pet name for her). She is now my 3 year old daughter from 15 years ago, curled in my arms, yet still conversing!

Now, as I’m talking to her, I once again hear voices on the front porch, but this time they belong to my husband and brother! Despite holding my daughter in my arms, I once again feel I have to ‘pretend’ I’m asleep and close my eyes. However, as this is the third time tonight with these false awakenings and knowing I have my daughter in my arms, I realize maybe I can just ‘stay awake’ to see what will happen next.

Listening to the voice, I now become aware that someone is standing next to the couch, just above my head. (I don’t see him, I sense him really). I ask, ‘is anyone there?’ and hear a small voice answer. I see a small boy standing there, and ask his name. He answers, but it was so softly spoken and knowing I wanted to remember it, I had to ask him a second time.

He answers, ‘Dekshepta’ and I get an immediate visual on the spelling of the name, as if I am to remember it spelled exactly this way or perhaps it was to help me remember the pronunciation.

He moves around to the front of the couch and I ask, ‘where do you live?’ as he answers, ‘oh, anywhere….’ and I realize this line of questioning isn’t going to work. (In hindsight, not a great question to start with!)

We start talking about many things, of which nothing I can recall! However, while we are talking, I am realizing this ‘little boy’ is not a young boy, but an adult in a little body. (His mannerisms were definitely adult-like, and his face was unshaven with a few days facial hair, longer almost shoulder length dark blonde or light brown shaggy looking hair)

He walks around the living room while conversing, and picks up some sort of stick and plays with it as he talks. He was tough, as I felt he was disillusioned and bitter because he spoke so dismally and matter-of-factly with the feeling ‘that this is how things are here and that’s all it will be.’

He walks away toward my side door, and I get the immediate feeling that ‘it’s now or never’ to do something! I say to him, “Listen, have you ever wanted to go someplace that is perfect in every way?” I cannot say that I really used those exact words, because I believe I used more ‘feelings’ to communicate these thoughts than words.

He answers bitterly, “Yeah, yeah…I know…that perfect place that everyone wants you to go to…” I got the feeling others have tried before to get him to go and he wasn’t buying it. I said “that’s fine, but I do want to tell you that I’ve been there and it IS wonderful there….I thought you might like to see it.”

Things then started to fade as he stood by the side door, and I don’t know if telling him that I had been to this ‘perfect’ place finally made him consider it, or if it was another lost attempt to help someone who is stuck within their own made up belief system in this plane. I awoke, recorded this, and noted the time being 5:30am.

I thought I’d also share few notes on my feelings regarding the sequence of events in this two part OOBE.

It is possibly due to the fact that I have been discussing and describing how my OOBE’s are ‘real’ and having to think intently about my responses allowed me to experience a unique ‘clearness’ to really nail home the difference to me as to exactly how the OOBE can feel. (You can read these forum posts at Link to Site)

Also, by not ‘closing my eyes and pretending to be asleep’ I finally learned that I should remain ‘awake’ and more aware of my surroundings within the false awakenings. This allowed me to see the little boy in the room. Watching my daughter ‘change’ in age in my lap allowed me to be able to see the little boy become a man in a little body without a concern.

Once again, if anyone would like to offer additional insight, I'm open to all possibilities. I will have to let you know how the facial description matches when I hear back from the intended contact.

However, I have to remember to not be disappointed should it be no match to G.S., as things in these astral realms are never easy to put into physical description nor do they have to necessarily be a perfect match for this life.

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